This meeting, the International Information conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualization, has now launched a Call for Papers.

The II-SDV meeting takes place in NICE 16--17 April 2012 for an intensive two days. It provides an international forum for those in the field of tools for advanced search applications, data and text mining, and visualization technology. A significant focus is on the exploitation of patent information, since patents provide a rich field for the application of advanced tools, but the meeting also analyses the requirements of specialists in all scientific and technical information.

The meeting will be of interest to those who wish to update themselves and keep in touch with the leading edge of information search and analysis tools and technologies; it features approximately 20 speakers for the two days. There will be an adjacent, focused exhibition to complement the conference programme.

II-SDV is organised jointly by Infonortics, a specialist technology company, and Dr Haxel CEM that is also well known for its ICIC meetings in the field of scientific, technical and patent information.

The conference site, with links to all details plus the Call for Papers, is at

 Harry Collier - Infonortics Ltd.