Here is a listing of all the "Knowledge" pages and a handy search box which finds results only within these pages.

These pages complement the information that is more specifically patent oriented on the Patent Resources pages.

Most of these pages were originally prepared by Elyse Turner and other acknowledged below for the PIUG website before the PIUG wiki was developed and the content moved to it. Because this is a wiki, your wikimasters and colleagues welcome edits and additions by members of the PIUG wiki community. 

  • Expiry Data
    • US - Created by Neil Walden
  • Extensions
    • US - contributed by Kenneth Allison, Anne Backman and Edlyn Simmons
  • Legal Status - Created by Neil Walden
  • Offices - this page duplicates ones maintained by others, e.g. WIPO's Directory of Intellectual Property Offices.
  • Software Tools for Analyzing Patents - Created by Tony Trippe
  • Summary of Costs of Paper PCT Applications - based on email from Greg Aharonian





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