Members of the socialmedia (Barbara Hampton, Ken Koubek, Kristin Whitman, Admin - Tom Wolff, and Valeria L. Hunter) discussed in its teleconference today improving the PIUG Wiki Dashboard page. This was discussed in the context of directing eyeballs to PIUG media with the hoped-for increase in active participation and new members. We plan to use LinkedIn and Twitter to drive interest to PIUG.

To where exactly should we be driving e-traffic? The PIUG website homepage? The PIUG Wiki Dashboard? The PIUG Space home page

Kristin Whitman advocated for the PIUG Wiki Dashboard. The committee seemed to agree, as do I, though we all recognize my bias as PIUG Wiki founder and developer. I can make similar changes on the PIUG Space home page even if we intend the PIUG Wiki Dashboard to be the main destination of new traffic.

Kristin's reason to drive users to the PIUG Dashboard is that it includes interesting and intriguing discussion and blog posts as well general information about PIUG and what PIUG has to offer. Overall wiki-based discussion should increase as we gain new wiki registrants and new PIUG members. So the point of this discussion topic is to collaborate to improve the content and layout under Welcome to the PIUG Wiki. I made some changes already based on input from the Social Media Committee. The current content is copied below.

I welcome all to make changes directly on this page; don't worry me being concerned that content is being changed. You can think of this forum topic as a draft document for all to work on. We don't have "track changes" or version control as you might in a Google or Word document. If you think it is important to have others know you made the suggested changes, just put your name in parenthesis as appropriate. If you leave the "Notify watchers" box checked, users watching this page, this forum or the PIUG Space will get an alerting email message that clearly indicates who made the edits. You may also add comments to get your points across. Someone will then put your points on the page if appropriate. I expect I will continuously improve the Dashboard and PIUG Space home page as your ideas come in. Have at it, one and all.

Thanks, Tom


Welcome to the PIUG Wiki (edited to conform to TW's updates on Dashboard - BJH)

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  1. Thank you, Tom, for getting the indents in the navigation bar consistent with the respective page's hierarchical position.

    I posted some organizational ideas for the "Welcome" section; before our next meeting, I'll try to spin some "marketing" language to build enthusiasm for participation & membership. I haven't heard from Christine Geluk, our chosen LinkedIn author for December. Is anyone else available? I did one LinkedIn content post linked to a PIUG-DF post, be it has generated the discussion I had hoped.

    I like blue for the members-only pages (rather than, say, red), but the blue generic color and the brighter blue probably are too similar.

    The job posting pages, the patent meetings page, have few or no recent postings (and many aged ones) and others would benefit from some fresh contributions as well. There are two "Training (onsite)" pages, neither with newer events than 2013. Maybe someone with good connections for each of  those could get us some 2016/2017 events and postings. 

    1. Hi Barbara,

      For discussion to be generated, the posts on our LinkedIn page have to have an audience - do we have any stats on what our reach is? Perhaps Valeria L. Hunter can help.

    2. Barbara:

      Thank you for your good ideas.

      I have incorporated most of your suggestions into the Welcome to the PIUG Wiki column on the Dashboard. I left out some of the information explanations in consideration of the limited space available; i.e. readers are only going to want to read down the page so far. I didn't include your color coding. I think the bullet point hierarchy should do the job adequately. Let me know what else you think I should change.

      The Job Posting Forum is quite active. The other pages that you mention are not. I think it is still useful including the Situations Wanted Forum to highlight it as a forum people could use. I don't know what you intended to be done with the other stale pages. I don't think they should be listed on the Dashboard just to hope people use them or to gain volunteers.


  2. I noticed this morning that the details of the members only discounts are only viewable to members on the members only page of the wiki.  I strongly recommend that those details be available with other marketing information as well so non-members can see them as an incentive to join.

    1. Suzanne:

      We have to be careful about the details. In some cases, knowing the details is enough for non-members to get the discounts. I agree that marketing information should be seductive, but we generally have to keep the details to our members-only. We can deal with this on a case-by-case basis, but for that I would welcome more detailed input.


  3. I agree with Tom's points about undercutting the discounts (which would also undercut the value of the PIUG connection for vendors). Also, the specifics of discounts may change (vendor, offer) or be a limited-time offer. Duplicating the specifics on the public pages would require two (or more) updates each time. I think we can make a better (but still generic) "tease" on the public pages:

    PIUG members enjoy member pricing for professional conferences and educational programs, including PIUG and other U.S. and international professional patent organizations, discounts on subscriptions to professional journals and databases, 

  4. I think listing a couple of the journals and databases where non-members can see them, without giving the details, would be better then nothing. Or could anyone contact World Patent Information and just say they are a PIUG member and get the discount?  If so then we have a problem with how the discounts are given out that needs to be fixed.