I'm looking for a Chinese patent on behalf of a staff member that was listed in Chemical Abstracts. I apparently can't copy and paste it here, but the information provided follows:

Abstract #  157 402094s (Issue 21 of CA Selects: Forensic Chemistry)

Title: Forensic Molding Apparatus Box and Method for Extracting Footprint In Snow Surface

 Authors Guo, Wei; Luo, Yaping; Chang, Ran; Feng, Xiaoyuan; Wang Aifeng; Yang, Liming (Chinese Peoples Public Security University; Yanqing County Public Security Bureau, Peop. Rep. China

Stuff I don't understand: Faming Zhuanli Shenqing CN 102,642,239 (Cl. B28B1/14), 22 Aug 2012, Appl 10,098169 6 Apr 2012; 12pp (Ch.)

A colleague suggested I try The State Intellectual Propert Office (SIPO) of The People's Republic of China and more particularly their search engine but everything I tried there yielded nothing except the Application Date(question) of April 6, 2012 and the Class(question) (Cl. B28B1/14). The date returned a small set of hits, none of which came close to matching the title and the class returned a set of several hundred hits, which seemed an awful lot to scroll through.  I tried to contact the people in charge through their Contact Us link, but my email system wasn't able to deliver the message.

What I'm trying to determine first of all is if it is possible to obtain an English language copy (or even an abstract that provides more detail than what Chemical Abstracts published) of this patent and then how much it would cost. If we could get it for free, that would be lovely, but I'm not holding my breath.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me at Susan.B.Wright@usdoj.gov or 202-648-6074.


    1. Mikk,

      Nice job with the machine translation. How did you generate such an easy to view and read format from the Google engine? Did you OCR the initial Chinese document, upload the file, and then follow up with lots of manual page insertions? If you did it in some type of automated fashion, please share your secret!

      Hyperlinks to the Google Translations via the EPO are relatively easy to embed in reports or emails, but I have no idea how you did this one.

      1. google "drive", open the paper you "uplode" and click the "translate document..." from the drop - down menu of "tools".

  1.         Yes that's it! Thanks so much!