The ECC met on Wednesday evening, May 6, 2009, at the PIUG 2009 Annual Conference. Present were Tom Wolff, AJ D'Ambra, David Gange, and Christoff Haxel. Alex Belinskiy could not attend.

ECC members were provided the list of action items reproduced below. Committee members should update this page as appropriate including status on items. Other PIUG community members are welcome to join our efforts and contribute at any level. Participate on this page and/or contact Tom Wolff, Committee Chair, directly.

Possible Goals for the PIUG Wiki

The committee brainstormed goals for the PIUG wiki. Here is what we came up with. No endorsement of these goals is intended (yet), although I believe our committee generally seemed to accept these goals as reasonable.

  • Gaining new PIUG members
  • Foster communications among patent information community including with other patent organizations including PDG, CEPIUG, affiliates of PIUG
  • Educations and Knowledge management - to learn and share information
  • Collaboration - committees, information, reports
  • Connecting providers with consumers of patent information services and products
  • Generate revenue for PIUG
    • Sell PIUG products
    • Advertising and paid promotion, e.g. banner or page placement ads (need usage statistics; make David a site admin; look for plugins)
    • Product reviews - don't post free unless included in sponsorship contract

ECC Action Items First Developed in April 2009

Please edit and/or update these items directly on this page. Add comments to this page or add new ECC Forum topics to discuss broad issues. People who do not consider themselves members of the ECC are still very welcome to contribute to the conversation and action items. That is why this is an open forum and not hidden away in a closed committee space!

  • Remove member access to people who were members in 2008 but haven't renewed their memberships in 2009. (completed May 12, Tom Wolff)
  • Contact all people who were members in 2008 but haven't renewed their memberships in 2009 and invite them to renew so that they can get access to the PIUG 2009 Annual Conference presentations in the members-only wiki section. (April 27 and > May 6, Tom Wolff)
  • Post Annual Conference presentations to the members-only section (completed 5/12/09 except for a few whose permissions are pending) in a manner similar to the Boston Biotech meetings of 2008 and 2009. Post the 2008 Northeast Conference presentations (done). Going back further probably is too much work and too little value. Uploading many presentations is most efficient and sends far fewer email notifications using WebDAV which works again.
  • Set up an open page/section for the PIUG Business meeting presentation and other PIUG business content. Decide if the root page in the wiki should be called PIUG Business or something better. (completed 4/22/09)
  • Move the Bylaws and History (done 5/1/09) to the new PIUG Organizational Matters section. The current wiki pages on Guidelines for Commercial Participation and Internet Disclaimer & Copyright Notice are linked from but not moved to the PIUG Organizational Matters section. Each page moved from the website has been "replaced" by a link from the website header to the corresponding wiki page. Official PIUG Organizational Matters pages on the wiki these would have edit restrictions to admins, Board of Directors and other appropriate personnel only.
  • Personal spaces - people have empty or otherwise unhelpful personal spaces. Many don't include any contact info, not even an email message. Such empty personal spaces are worse than none at all because without a personal space, links on people's names would go to their personal profiles that do list email addresses. Tom doesn't want to delete any personal spaces but would recommend each one edited with at least minimal information, preferably by the personal space owner but by an ECC team member if necessary. Tom had sent a message to team leaders on the subject but few acted on the request. Eventually, it would be good to increase the numbers of personal spaces and the networking potential of the wiki. (Looking for volunteers to lead this effort).
  • Photos - a small percentage of wiki users have posted photos. Many do not have photos on LinkedIn profiles either. The goal would be to have a high percentage of wiki registrants add photos to their profiles. There would be some effort at the annual conference and then post-conference. (Looking for volunteers to lead this effort).
  • Northeast Conference Committee 2009 wiki space - work with Adrienne to get this ready for her to use. Set up forum and preload with documents from 2008 that would help the folks in 2009. (David Gange will work with Adrienne. Tom has added David to the Confluence administrators group — 5/8/09. Tom set-up Northeast Conference Committee 2009 space and northeast-committee-conference group — 5/13/09)
  • Set-up Boston Biotech Meeting Committee 2010 space (completed 5/13/09, Tom Wolff)
  • Work with Mark Hutcherson to migrate Newsletter archives and current matters to the wiki into open and members-only pages as appropriate.
  • Work with Stephen Adams to build up the Patent Offices pages.
  • Establish what content should remain on the website and what else should be moved to the wiki. Migrate other pages and content from the website as appropriate.
  • Continue to augment the Site Admin space.
  • Continue to augment the PIUG Space Wiki Admin forum and ECC forum.
  • Add Twitter RSS feeds to wiki pages: one covering just PIUG postings (or those with the #PIUG tag) and another that is watching everything that PIUG on Twitter is watching. Roy Smith will load java application developed by Tarun Bansal for retweeting PIUG relevant tweets. After loading, Tarun will test and then write up instructions on its use on Twitter for PIUG (Tarun, Roy Smith, Tom; May 2009).
  • Work with Adaptavist to develop PIUG member validation each time users login to the wiki and therefore automate validation for access to members-only pages on the wiki. (Roy Smith)
  • Evaluate Confluence wiki page usage tools in anticipation of proposing and developing wiki advertising (David Gange)

Tom Wolff and Roy Smith, IT Customer Support analyst at HQ, met at Technical Enterprises Inc. offices in Oak Creek, WI, on May 13, 2009 and reviewed this document of website, wiki and ECC objectives. Roy now has full access to the PIUG website control panel and content, is a PIUG wiki admin, and has full access to Adaptavist customer support. Roy has begun downloading the full contents of the PIUG website and will set up a demonstration website for testing and comments before migration and upgrading. Roy has ideas on how to update the old look-and-feel of the website. Roy to indicate his progress on electronic media issues by editing this document.

  • Migrate the website from the current web host, Total Choice Hosting (TCH). All pages will be copied but the ECC team to decide on how to deal with archival, i.e. inactive, web content and pages. HQ (TEI) uses Windows servers which aren't necessarily optimized for php pages that are generally on Unix servers such as TCH's. There will be some testing of functionality and consideration of moving to asp pages (instead of php pages).
  • Improve website design, perhaps making the design of the website more consistent with the wiki. Possible areas include header design to dropdown boxes at main level, getting rid of yellow background and maybe blue background of the members-only pages.
  • Optimize website to Windows servers.
  • Add shopping cart functionality to replace CartManager. Start with Video and DVD purchase.
  • Set up all membership functionality and validation for website members-only section.
  • Determine feasibility of completely coordinating login processes for wiki and website, i.e. each user having one username and password for access to both the wiki and website.
  • Remove membership to PIUG LinkedIn group to people who were PIUG members in 2008 but haven't renewed their memberships in 2009 (completed May 12, Tom Wolff)
  • Is member validation possible? The only scheme I know about is for Stanford Alumni for which an email address using is required. Do we have any other options? Can HQ help? Right now I do all validation manually. The advantage is that I send out semi-personal rejection messages to non-PIUG members that invite them to join PIUG and signup for the wiki. (Roy and Tom)
  • No issues at the moment other than reading RSS feeds via wiki page (see above).
  • Close PIUG-L by the end of May. Wiki participation seems to have leveled out, although we'll get a few more via the Annual Conference presentations posted in the wiki members-only section. Otherwise, the numbers of wiki registrants seems totally adequate. We will use the facilities of the website hosted by TEI to send email to PIUG members. We could send email addresses from lapsed PIUG members via separate personal email or via HQ if we seed their database with that lapsed member information. We could also provide HQ with email addresses from PIUG-L before we deactivate it. Get Board approval, although a simple proposal ought to be adequate.
PIUG-L Archives
  • Determine if it is feasible to copy PIUG-L archives from Questel to our own HQ-run webserver and carry out if feasible (AJ, Roy, Tom)


  1. Now that they are involved, TEI would like to be addressed as PIUG Headquarters Staff instead of TEI. (If you're looking for easier typing, you can substitute HQ.) As Scott Sherer, CEO of TEI, said at our Board meeting, "We are you." It is an example of their commitment and general philosophy when they take on a new client. I believe they already have a dedicated phone number for PIUG, but that can be confirmed in a phone call to their office. Or should I say our office?

    1. Ken,

      What is TEI and what do they have to do with PIUG?  And what do you mean by "PIUG Headquarters"?



      1. Elyse,

        At the business meeting, it was announced that the Board signed a contract with Technical Enterprises Incorporated as the Association Management firm hired to function as our headquarters.  They will provide management support initially including hosting of our web site, membership system and other administrative tasks such as providing a phone number, customer care and other administrative tasks as directed by the Board.  After the 2010 Conference, they will also be providing meeting planning in place of Experient.

  2. Tom,

    Could I comment on personal spaces. Is it possible to pre-populate profiles (as in some professional networks) with some basic information from PIUG membership directory: affiliation/position, e-mail address. In this case, when member joins, the basic information would be there (which he/she would be able to opt out). I think that some minimum information about the member posting comments should be required: contacts, for example.


    1. Alex:

      This is a very good suggestion. I thought I had done as much of that as is currently possible in Confluence. However, I just determined that I had not actually set up the default correctly for personal spaces, only for other new spaces. I have now corrected the matter so that a new personal space will contain by default the user's email address and any personal information they had already put into their personal profile. I do not have the facility at this time to collect other information from the PIUG membership roles. We'll see how this goes.

      We still have the issue of existing personal spaces that are blank or nearly blank and don't even include an email address, which is less than the default personal profile. I would like the ECC team to work individually with people to get these blank personal spaces augmented. In some cases, the admins might just have to edit personal spaces themselves to get them to a minimum level of utility. I hope we can also get people to upload personal photos. Thank you for the feedback.