Here is a listing of links to Vendors Training Web pages. Contributors are encouraged to update this page with current offerings in addition to maintaining their own websites. Editing access to this page is limited to current PIUG members.

See also Specific Training Opportunities.

BizInt Smart Charts

Cambridge Information and Intellectual Property Meeting (CIIPM), Cambridge, UK

GenomeQuest Training

ProQuest Dialog training  

Derwent World Patent Index Training

Fuld & Company/Academy of Competitive Intelligence Seminars

Minesoft training sessions on PatBase, PatentOrder, Minesoft Patent Family Portal, PatentArchive, Patent Viewer, Competitive Intelligence Alerts and other products

Patent Information Specialist training and refresher courses

Patent Resources Group: Bar Review Courses (Classroom and DVD), Workshops, and Advanced Courses (e.g., Art and Science of Patent Searching, Crafting & Drafting Winning Patents, "Designing Around" Valid U.S. Patents, and many others)

Questel Training

STN Training (CAS) - New, interactive web-based STN training calendar of FREE training opportunities in locations across North America.

STN Training (FIZ Karlsruhe)

USGENE Training