This page was created to encourage PIUG wiki participation in sharing knowledge about various tools and techniques relating to patent analysis, mapping, and visualization. The entries are in alphabetical order and are maintained in the brief style of other pages under the Patent Resources pages. Please leave details and marketing phrases to the websites to which the entries are linked.

CandorMap - Using Big-data, text mining technology CandorMap created a global semantic map of patents and scientific articles according to their contextual similarities. The system pinpoints any query (description of technology, product or patent on its location), helping to understand its technological, IP and business significance. Users can navigate the map and retrieve all relevant information for each query and its neighborhood, from which insights, recommendations and call for actions can directly be drawn.

Clearstone FTOClearstone FTO is an end-to-end freedom-to-operate and patent clearance management platform. The web-based application is an interactive hub for dynamically connecting product information, patent analysis, reporting, and workflow management. Integrated patent analysis tools for efficient claim-by-claim assessment and multi-dimensional analytics bring unprecedented insight and best practices to the murky world of FTO. Conceived and pioneered by patent attorneys; based in California.

Derwent Data Analyzer - A desktop software solution for managing and extracting business-critical insights from patent and scientific data within in-house or commercial databases. It provides an easy way to analyze trends, profile competitors, avoid or uncover patent and copyright infringement, and identify strategic development opportunities. It provides simple tools to import data from any structured database, clean data to ensure accurate results, effectively analyze data with a variety of tools and quickly create various custom reports.

Derwent Innovation - A single, integrated solution that combines intellectual property, scientific literature, business data and news with analytic, collaboration and alerting tools for business decision support across the IP lifecycle. It enables searching of full text patent data from major patent authorities including English-language Chinese, Japanese and Korean information together with the editorially enhanced and indexed patent summaries of DWPI. Analysis capabilities include Themescape mapping to provide interactive technology landscape maps and clustering, charting & citation mapping tools for both patent and scientific literature.

IPriori IP Analytics Dashboard (IPriori) - Current statistics and graphs on US patent litigation, reexamination, Top Patents In Suit by Class, Recent Actions, Soffer Charts - Patent Landscape Timeline for patents in suit, Ocean Tomo IP auctions. Statistics is based on IPriori's ePriori IP Knowledgbase.

InnographyInnography provides better answers to questions about intellectual property to help organizations improve their business results. Innography’s proprietary software suite combines unique correlation and visualization technologies to enable users to quickly gain valuable insights for managing, extending and exploiting their patent portfolios. Founded in 2007 and based in Austin, Texas, Innography is the winner of two 2014 CODiE awards, including Best Legal Information Service. Learn more and see demos at

INTELLIXIR System - A web application that provides patent and non-patent literature analysis. Used by large companies in various sci-tech domains, this application allows you to get innovative statistical analysis, detect weak signal, highlight collaboration networks, identify experts in technological fields and a lot more. Everything is illustrated by numerous interactive graphical representations, all linked to the actual records, helping to select the most relevant ones.

InnovationQ is a powerful, user-friendly search, analytics, and valuation platform that helps bring the research interests of organizations together to optimize the value of their intellectual property.  It allows you to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues, outside counsel, R&D, and portfolio managers to accurately and rapidly conduct IP research, analysis, valuations, competitive intelligence, prospecting, and profiling.

ktMINE - ktMINE collects, organizes, and connects transactional and Intellectual Property data to help quickly and confidently perform research. ktMINE then takes that data and turns it into real, actionable insights. Learn more about ktMINE at

Leximancer - Enables information visualization of textual information including patents, scientific literature and business articles. Leximancer is text-mining software that can be used to automatically analyze the content of collections of textual documents and to visually display the extracted information in a browser. The information is displayed by means of a conceptual map that provides an overview of the material, representing the main concepts contained within the text and how they are related. Video demonstration here.

LexisNexis PAIR Watch  - PAIR Watch monitors the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Public PAIR website and sends alerts via email regarding updates to the Image File Wrapper, Continuity Data or Transaction History. Checks can be performed monthly, semi-monthly, weekly or daily. Law firms have the option of billing back their clients for any watches done on their clients’ behalf.  PAIR Watch is automated to offer monitoring for a single application or across an enterprise. Find out more here.

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor - Is a data-driven patent prosecution strategy tool that provides a systemic approach to crafting an effective prosecution strategy and managing an IP portfolio. Helps users understand why certain patent applications take longer than others to reach a notice of allowance. The only patent prosecution tool that has a predictive measure, ETA, for timing and cost of prosecution. This knowledge can aid users to devise better strategies, create customized views of portfolios and chart best course of action for stalled patent applications. See video here.

LexisNexis PatentOptimizer- This software automates and streamlines the process of drafting high-quality patent applications. Search patents, including design patents, with text-to-image viewer. Includes exclusive patent thesaurus and master index of parts. Ability to generate a comprehensive, configurable error report that reduces drafting and review time. View brief article on improving patent quality in the AIA era.

LexisNexis PatentSight is an analytics solution that helps companies gain valuable insights into the strength, quality and relative value of patents and patent portfolios. PatentSight provides decision makers and patent experts with advanced analytics in the fields of benchmarking, R&D strategy, finding trends, M&A, licensing and portfolio optimization. Benefit from great efficiency, profitability and fun to use.

LexisNexis TotalPatent One - This tool features the most complete patent database with over 100M full-text documents in English from patent authorities across the globe. It includes the ability to view images, high-quality translations into English, citations, legal status and patent family collections. Makes researching patent documents easier and faster with name normalization. Watch this brief video for an introduction to TotalPatent One. 

Matheo Patent - Software designed to search, retrieve and analyse patent data from the USPTO and the European Patent Office's Espacenet services. Matheo Patent has a wide range of uses for patent searching and exploration, innovation detection, competitor and technology monitoring, patent survey, business evaluation, competitive intelligence, etc.

Max-Insight is a suite of tools that is offered by MaxVal for patent professionals. The tools are designed to help with routine tasks that can consume a lot of a patent professional’s time. This package includes Patent Term Estimator, Patent Family Tree, Claim Chart Generator, IDS Generator, USPTO Widget, Claim Set Comparison, PAIR Uploader, Litigation Checker, Patent Assignment Tracker, Public PAIR Alerts.

PatBase Analytics - PatBase Analytics combines high quality patent data from over 100 authorities with in-built analytics for visualising and interpreting patent data. PatBase Analytics is fully integrated online and available at no extra cost to PatBase/PatBase Express subscribers. Extract meaningful insights from data sets of up to 100,000 patent families at one time, straight from your search results. Interactive graphs, advanced text clustering, assignee groupings and a customisable Analytics dashboard produce powerful results. PatBase is developed by Minesoft in partnership with RWS Group.

Patent Dashboard - Developed by Dolcera, groups patents based on the user determined taxonomy. This interactive, browser-accessible, patent dashboard enables the user to sift through large sets of patent data quickly., enables distributed teams across an organizations to collaborate, allows users to rate and tag each document which is found to reference and bookmark for future use, and is interactive i.e based on the user clicks, the data is rendered on the screen.

Patent iNSIGHT Pro - A comprehensive patent analysis, mapping and visualization software with powerful text mining based capabilties. Patent iNSIGHT Pro includes specialized text mining algorithms to bring out those insights in minutes which would erstwhile take days for a researchers. Powerful charting and mapping capabilities, support for almost all free and commercial databases and a powerful easy to use interface are some of the many capabilities of the solution. A Visual Analytics solution called VizMAP is also available with Patent iNSIGHT Pro for users who seek advanced 2D spatial visualizations for semantic exploration within large sets of patent data. The solution is available as a desktop, Enterprise and as a online web based service.

Patent Integration - An imaging tool in an integrated platform providing patent search, analysis, visualization, and collaboration. It seems to be a high-productivity patent search solution, not provided by other patent search systems. It is currently open as a beta version: download the application and register to get user id and password to explore the feature.

Patentswatch is an automated patent application monitoring software for both law firms and industry. It monitors USPTO PAIR, EPO, WIPO, and DPMA patent applications, search patterns and keywords, and tracks office actions, transaction history, documents, continuity data, patent family, claims, and much more. You are immediately notified of any changes by email, and new documents can be directly downloaded.

PatMedia - A Hybrid Retrieval Engine for patent multimedia content developed by the Multimedia Knowledge Laboratory at the Informatics and Telematics Institute. This search engine is capable of retrieving content as in four modes: patent browsing, text retrieval, visual search, and hybrid retrieval.

Patsnap - PatSnap’s mission is to empower users to retrieve the most relevant patent documents and extract the most valuable Intellectual Property intelligence.

Questel IP Business Intelligence Module - Web based patent analysis software integrating the Orbit Prior Art search module with a powerful suite of patent analysis visualizations, designed to give answers to key business questions. Unique normalized data source, lightning fast processing time, active data interrogation, custom data normalization option, award winning graphical representation, and 3-D patent landscaping tool.

Relecura - A web-based patent and portfolio analysis platform that uses a knowledge discovery framework to support and simplify workflows at various stages of the IP lifecycle - ranging from prior-art search, landscaping, to licensing. It incorporates features to deliver IP intelligence in an easy and intuitive manner for various strategic business initiatives such as IP commercialization activities and R&D planning and prioritization. A mobile app and API options provide opportunity to tailor the tool as per specific business requirements.

See-The-Forest - Advanced patent research, analysis and visualization supported by IPVision. Provides Free, Registered and Premium account levels of the IPVision Advantage Patent Analytics platform. All provide access to patented analysis, clustering and visualization techniques pioneered at MIT in support of early and growth stage innovations, entrepreneurship and commercialization -- i.e., addressing common weaknesses of traditional keyword and semantic search. Additional information and free registration is available online.

SooPAT - Database for searching Chinese Inventions, Utility Models, Appearance (Design Image Search) and Authorized Inventions. Patent Family search feature provides layout of the patent world. The integrated analysis tool provides good visuals of bibliographic information of the search results. The world search feature provides single interface to search patents from nearly 60+ patent authorities. It is offered only with a Chinese-language interface but Google Translate works well for global users.

SOPHIA's Semantic Search Tool - Offers a means of discovering knowledge easily either through conventional descriptions or exemplar documents by searching by context and meaning, not keywords. SOPHIA facilitates the browsing of semantic neighborhoods of documents, making it easy to understand which companies are working in specific areas, thus helping to identify competitors/collaborators. The algorithms organize and returns documents into topical or thematic folders. Each folder represents a different context for the query enabling easy navigation to the topic(s) of interests.

STN AnaVist - CAS’ powerful interactive analysis and visualization software for information professionals is free to STN LoginID holders. AnaVist enables you to visualize patterns and trends in research; analyze patent landscapes for who, what, where, when, and why; track competitive intelligence; and determine whether particular areas of research are on the rise, steady, or declining. Users import document answer sets for visualization from STN Express or STN on the Web. AnaVist is cost-effective: unlike other tools, STN AnaVist does not require pre-purchase of the data to be analyzed. Databases supported include CAplus, Derwent World Patent Index, PCTFULL, USPATFULL (incl. USPAT2), and EPFULL. Training and support is available at

KMX by Treparel  - KMX Patent Analytics allows organizations to strengthen their innovation process and improve the ROI on their patent portfolio. KMX provides Patent Information Specialists a unique integrated Visual Landscaping and Patent Classification solution for analyzing and visualizing large sets of patents, research information, business news and more. The datasource independent solution is available for independent IP analysts, IP management teams and allows integration via the KMX API. Visit our website for a free trial or read our blog with compelling Patent Analytics use cases.

VantagePoint - VantagePoint is desktop text-mining software that helps analysts quickly navigate through large volumes of structured text to see patterns and relationships within the data. It can be used with data from nearly 200 commercial databases, as well as custom spreadsheets and XML formats.  VantagePoint includes many tools for importing, cleaning, analyzing, and reporting.  These tools can be automated using VantagePoint scripts to create analytical machines that are customized to the analyst's requirements.

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