This page contains entries moved from the Patent Information Meetings, Conferences, and Seminars after they have occurred, as well as some new entries for 2012.

Contributors are encouraged to add information to the entries on the past meetings, conferences and seminars. Of particular help would be adding links to conference proceedings and highlighting specific topics or presentations that would be of particular interest to the patent information community.

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Previous Meeting/Conference/Seminar 2012


7 February 2012

Boston, MA

PIUG 2012 Biotechnology Meeting, "Competitive Intelligence: Meeting Current Challenges in Biotechnology," hosted by the Merck Research Laboratories in Boston

8-10 February 2012Canberra, Australia

PCT Union - Meeting of International Authorities under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) : 19th Session (PCT/MIA/19)

11-14 March 2012

Barcelona, Spain

IPI-ConfEx 2012 (International Patent Information Conference & Exposition)

12-14 March 2012Anaheim, CA

LES 2012 Winter Meeting (Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. and Canada), Inc) "Spotlight on Creating Value"

19-21 March 2012

Pune, India

Conference on Patinformatics for Research and Business Planning (Program) (SIS,  The Society for Information Science (India))

23 March 2012Vienna, Austria

CPC Workshop: seminar for external users on the Cooperative Patent Classification (EPO/CPC Implementation Group) (alternatively see e-leaning module)

25-29 March 2012

San Diego, CA

243rd ACS National Meeting (American Chemical Society)

InChI Symposium (CINF) (also, video-recordings (free): Session 1, Session 2) (See InChiKey insertion technique for compound-specific and any-compound proximity search (Stephen Boyer, IBM); Great promise of navigating the internet using InChIs (Antony Williams, Royal Society of Chemistry)); CHAL Symposia
13 April 2012Tokyo, Japan

Trilateral Offices and Users' Meeting 2012

16-17 April 2012

Nice, France

II-SDV  (The International Information Conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualization) (rescheduled from Singapore, March 2011) (Dr. Haxel Congress & Event Management)

19-20 April 2012Vienna, Austria

East meets West 2012: Forum on Asian patent information (EPO)

15-17 April 2012Melbourne, Australia

FICPI World Congress (Int. Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys)
Sessions: "Navigating in Increasingly Crowded IP Waters"; "Offices working together and with Users for a Better IP World

28 April - 3 May 2012

Denver, CO

PIUG 2012 Annual Conference

10-12 May 2012

Austin, TX

AIPLA 2012 Spring Meeting (American Intellectual Property Law Association)

15-16 May 2012

Vicenza, Italy

AIDB Conference 2012
The annual Conference of the Italian Association of Patent Documentalists (AIDB) this year is addressed to Quality of Patent Information, from the origin (Patent Offices) to collectors and organizers of data (EPO, commercial vendors), to special features of patents and utility models to be reminded to get quality information and, finally, how to settle the data inside companies.
Language: Italian, with some talks in English Information.

15-17 May 2012Boston, MA

LES 2012 Spring Meeting (Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. and Canada), Inc) "Spotlight on Life Sciences"

21 May 2012Budapest, Hungary

Markush Forum at ChemAxon UGM Budapest 2012

14-15 June 2012

Ilmenau, Germany

PATINFO 2012 Meeting (34. Kolloquium PATON, Technical University Ilmenau on patent information) “Quality And Quantity in IP”  ("Qualität und Quantität im gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes“)
Selection of presentations:  Quality vs. Quantity (Schmitz , Vice president DPMA);  Are  Quality and Quantity in IP Matters Obvious?  (Beate Schmidt, president German Patent Court);  Quality of Patent Information (Peter Kallas, BASF);  Management of Patent Fulltext (Jochen Lennhof,  Minesoft); Searching for Applicants (Gerold Frers, Siemens);  Cloud Computing and Crowd Sourcing (Arne Krueger, MTC); IP Disputes in China (Elliot Papageorgiou, Rouse Law firm/IPRIGHTS/China IPR SME Helpdesk, Shanghai); Patent information from the ASEAN Countries (NN, EPO); further presentations on trademarks, designs and patent valuation, data vendors short presentations; vendors exhibition; 13 workshops (DPMA, EPO and major data vendors); meeting language is German

2-3 July 2012Vienna, Austria

5th IRF Conference for Science and Technology (Information Retrieval Facility)

7 July 2012Alexandria, VA

USPTO CPC External User Day

13 July 2012Singapore

Europe Asia Patent and Patent Information Conference 2012 (EAP²IC) "IP: The New Currency"

15–18 July 2012Chicago, IL

SLA 2012 (Special Libraries Association)

21-24 July 2012Boston, MA

2012 (105th) AALL Annual Meeting & Conference (American Association of Law Libraries)

30-31 July 2012

Philadelphia, PA

6th National Forum on Freedom to Operate (American Conference Institute) - PIUG will have a booth at the event

19-23 August 2012

Philadelphia, PA

244th ACS National Meeting (American Chemical Society)

Technical Divisions Symposia: Hunting for Hidden Treasures: Chemical Information in Patents and Other Documents (CINF) (Video recordings (fee!): Session 1, Session 2); What You Need To Know About the New U.S. Patent Laws (SCHB); CHAL Symposia

6-7 September 2012

Seoul, Korea

PATINEX 2012 (PATent INformation EXpo 2012, KIPI - Korean Institute of Patent Information) "The Ins and Outs of European IP Information" & "Emerging IT Trends and Utilization of IP Information"

11-12 September 2012

Beijing, China

PIAC 2012 (Patent Information Annual Conference of China, SIPO) "Patent Information Boosts Transforming and Upgrading of Industries"

19-21 September 2012Warsaw, Poland

FICPI/AIPLA Colloquium "What is a Quality Patent Application?" (Int. Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys/American Intellectual Property Law Association) (includes discussion of prior art searches)

11-12 October 2012Munich, Germany

Examination Matters 2012 (EPO)

14-17 October 2012

Berlin, Germany

ICIC 2012   The International Conference for the Information Community (Dr. Haxel Congress & Event Management)

14-17 October 2012Toronto, ON

LES 2012 Annual Meeting (Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. and Canada), Inc) "Connecting + Collaborating"

14-17 October 2012

Orlando, FL

Thomson Reuters’ 2012 IP Solutions Customer Conference
Patent Research & Analysis Track

20-24 October 2012

Seuol, Rep. of Korea

43rd World Intellectual Property Congress (AIPPI-Int. Assoc. for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
See Q229 The use of prosecution history in post-grant patent proceeding

22-26 October 2012New Brunswick, NJ

PIUG 2012 Northeast Conference

25-26 October 2012New Brunswick, NJ

PIUG "Patent Information Fundamentals" Course

25-27 October 2012Washington, DC

AIPLA 2012 Annual Meeting (American Intellectual Property Law Association)

6-8 November 2012

Hamburg, Germany

EPO Patent Information Conference 2012

7-9 November 2012

Tokyo, Japan

2012 Patent Information Fair & Conference

28-29 November 2012Paris, France

Patent Statistics for Decision Makers 2012 (EPO/OECD in co-operation with Eurostat, JPO, KIPO, NSF, USPTO and WIPO)

14 December 2012Alexandria, VA

Second USPTO Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) External User Day