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IPO DAILY NEWS - available online and e-mailed to Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) members Monday through Friday. It includes a mix of brief items on lawsuits, legislation, inventions, and IPO association activities.

IP Updates - from William F. ("Bill") Heinze

LexisNexis® Patent Law Center - Access and participation on the LexisNexis® Patent Law Center is free of charge.  Stay up to date on emerging issues, news, and cases, as well as network with colleagues by commenting on articles, drafting expert commentary, sharing opinions and expertise, and more.

LinkedIn Patent Updates Group

Micro Updates on Twitter (@IP_Updates) by Sagacious Research

PatForum - News feed, events, and networking for patent and IP professionals.

PATNEWS - News sent out by Greg Aharonian

Quick Patent Updates by Sagacious Research

Patent Analytics by Dolcera - Patent & Market Research Services

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