This is the main page for content added by the Partnerships and Patent Offices Committee co-chaired by Cynthia Barcelon Yang and Stephen Adams.

The PIUG Partnerships and Patent Offices (PPO) Committee initiated a project in 2017 to create a resource portal available to PIUG members to help them find patent information on online Patent Registers that are not well covered by commercially available resources or that were difficult to navigate. Special thanks to Cynthia Gallagher for volunteering to lead this project.

Our goal was to provide documents with screen shots and translations to help guide a searcher to the information of interest, which could include any of the examples below: 

  1. Is there a copy of the granted patent available? Example search field: Publication Number
  2. Was an equivalent filed in the country of interest? Example search fields: Priority Information  + Assignee/Inventor
  3. State of the Art in the Country of Interest for competitive analysis: Assignee/Inventor + Keywords
  4. Other questions: Legal Status, Fee Payment information, Expiry/Extension information

However, in the course of the PIUG project, we realized that the EPO and WIPO already had resources available to help navigate Patent Registers.  We decided that the PIUG team would focus on building relationships with those at the EPO and WIPO who were working on these projects and use the PIUG Wiki to link to these resources. The PIUG PPO Committee would also act as liaison between these patenting authorities and any future authorities/sources that may be working on this topic to expand coverage of the Patent Registers available online.

This PIUG wiki will be the “central” hub to make all Patent Register data available to all patent information users worldwide. So far, this wiki contains links and high level summaries of the information available on the EPO and WIPO websites. Suggestions on additional quick guides for Patent Registers from other countries and/or patenting authorities of interest to be included in this PIUG wiki page are most welcome. Please contact Cynthia Barcelon Yang or Cynthia Gallagher with any suggestions.

Patent Office  [Link]Search InterfacePortals and Quick Guides
Canadian Intellectual Property Office  [CIPO]Canadian Patents DatabaseQuick guide provided by Michael White

China National Intellectual Property Administration [CNIPA (Chinese)]  [CNIPA (English)]

CNIPA (Chinese)

CNIPA (English)

EPO Searching in databases - China
European Patent Office  [EPO]EspacenetEPO Helpful Resources

German Patent and Trade Mark Office  [DPMA (German)

                                                               [DPMA (English)]

DMPAregister (German)

DMPAregister (English) 

Quick guide provided by Michael White
Gulf Cooperation Council, Patent Office of Cooperation   [GCC Patent Office]Patent Gazettes - Granted PatentsEPO FAQ for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
Intellectual Property India  [IP India] inPASSEPO FAQ for India

Japan Patent Office  [JPO (Japanese)]

                                 [JPO (English)]

J-PlatPat (For English, click on English in top right) 

EPO Searching in databases - Japan
Korean Intellectual Property Office  [KIPO]KIPRISEPO Searching in databases - Korea

Russian Federation, Federal Institute of Industrial Property  [FIPS (Russian)]    [FIPS (English)]

RUPAT (For English, click on EN in top middle)

EPO Searching in databases - Russia
Saudi Patent Office  [SPO]SPO Patents SearchEPO FAQ for Saudi Arabia (SA) 

Taiwan Intellectual Property Office   [TIPO (Chinese)]

                                                          [TIPO (English)]

TWPAT (Chinese)

TWPAT (English)

EPO Searching in databases - Chinese Taipei (TW)
United States Patent and Trademark Office  [USPTO]US Public PairUSPTO Full-Text Databases
World Intellectual Property Organization  [WIPO]PATENTSCOPEWIPO Patent Register Portal

Archival content


  1. The following link will provide collective details of different countries patent offices and domain wise non-patent sources.

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      I invite you to add your link directly both this "Patent Offices" page and, equally relevant, General Patent Resources and Meta Sites. I'll add that I think would be even more useful it the information on it better organized. There is no indication of the author, when it was last updated, and how to provide feedback on the contents. There is another potentially useful page on that site on Patent Coverage, but it looks outdated. If it were maintained, a link to it on bottom of the PIUG wiki Patent Databases page might be relevant.

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