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Previous Meeting/Conference/Seminar 2010




16 January 2010

Tokyo, Japan

SMIPS, Society for the Management of Intellectual Properties, Location: Natonal Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Website:

19 January 2010

Atlanta, GA

SCIP Atlanta Chapter Meeting
Patent Information to Enhance Your Corporation's Competitive Intelligence Programs (Jackie Hutter, JD, Chief IP Strategist, the Hutter Group)

25-29 January 2010

Geneva, Switzerland

Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (WIPO)
Preliminary Studies: Dissemination of Patent Information (SCP/13/5 and SCP/14/3); Opposition Systems (SCP/14/5) and Exclusions from Patentable Subject Matter and Exceptions and Limitations to the Rights (SCP/13/3)
Certain Aspects of National/Regional Patent Laws (SCP/14/6 Annex I) (prior art, novelty, inventive step (obviousness), grace period, non-patentable subject matter, etc.) (Annex II to Report on the International Patent System (Report SCP/12/3 Rev.2 (Feb. 2009))

27 - 30 January 2010

La Quinta, CA

AIPLA 2010 Mid-Winter Institute
Strategic Uses of Patent Prior Art Research in View of Budget Constraints (Christopher E. Kondracki, Specialized Patent Services, Arlington, VA)

8-10 February 2010

Geneva, Switzerland

International Patent Classification (IPC) Workshop (WIPO)
From provisional program: Simplification of the revision and publication procedures of the IPC; New publication platform of the IPC on the Internet; Common Hybrid Classification project of IP5; Use of the IPC in the industry; IPC and commercial databases
The event will be open to the general public

8-10 February 2010

Geneva, Switzerland

Meeting of International Authorities under the PCT, 17th (PCT/MIA/17) (WIPO)
See meeting documents Third Party Observations (Proposal allows cite prior art, informaly via web-form, free-of-charge, anonymously ['community-based review']); Input into the Study on the Future of the PCT (also includes: Making International Search and Preliminary Examination More Useful; Collaborative Search and Examination; Accessibility of Int. Search and Preliminary Examination); Informal Clarification Before Search (when no meaningful search can be made)

10 February 2010

Cambridge, MA

PIUG 2010 Boston Biotechnology Meeting: "Managing Biosequences: Retrieval to Results". Hosted by Amgen.
Speakers: Rob Austin (FIZ), Jim Brown (FIZ), Gin-Yun L Eggerichs (CAS), Jennifer McDowall (EBI), Seth Mendelson (Novartis), Ashish Nawani (Evalueserve), David L. Osterbur (Harvard University), Adrienne Shanler (Shanler Info.), Joop Swinkels (Merck), Sunny Wang (Sanofi aventis), John Willmore (BizInt)
"Patent Law Basics for Patent Searchers" (11 Feb 2010)

13 February 2010

Tokyo, Japan

SMIPS, Society for the Management of Intellectual Properties, Location: Natonal Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Website:

28 February-2 March 2010

Philadelphia, PA

2010 NFAIS Annual Conference (National Federation of Advanced Information Services)
Quality: The Key Value Factor in Professional Information (Sabine Bruenger-Weilandt, President & CEO, FIZ Karlsruhe) (Quality criteria: current and comprehensive databases with transparent content selection; sophisticated and transparent retrieval and reporting tools; information competent searches)

7-10 March, 2010

Lisbon, Portugal

IPI-ConfEx 2010 - "Best Practices in Patent Information Management and Searching Techniques"
2010 Program Highlights: IPI MasterClass™ Presentation - Trials for the Patent Searcher - an Introduction to Litigation Sources (Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd)
Presentations: Current Practices in Searching for Asian Patent Documents (Christina Winzek, Syngenta); [Formulation Patent Searching] (Aldo Burton, GSK); Recent Developments Concerning the IPC (Antonios Farassopoulos, WIPO), etc.
Posters: [Patents on Essential Drugs in Less Developed Countries] (Josh Duberman, NIH), etc.
IPI-Tutorials™: Best Practice and Techniques in Validity Searching (Gerhard Fischer, Syngenta); How Text Mining Is Changing the Way You Search (Wolfgang Thielemann, Bayer Schering Pharma AG); Patent Analysis Using Visualisation Techniques; [National Patent Office databases vs. Inpadoc] (Gerben Gieling, Synthon)

10-12 March, 2010

Washington, DC

2010 SCIP International Annual Conference
Interactive Breakout Sessions: The Death of the CI Professional: The Changing Paradigm for Competitive Intelligence Functions and Practitioners (Facilitator: Ken Sawka, Outward Insights); Using CI to Enter Foreign Markets (Raoul Farcot, Cipher Systems); Using Patent Intelligence to Benchmark Against Competitors (Ric Snead, Thomson Reuters)
Pre-Conference Workshops: Technology Mapping, Competitive Technical Intelligence and Strategic Decisions (Gary Oosta, Patent Insights, see also workshop leader's other presentations: RNAi Technology Trend Mapping Highlights and Competitive Technical Intelligence Workshop)

11 March 2010


DWPI Webinar: Supercharge your patent research (Presenter: Bob Stembridge, Thomson Reuters)
Learn how the world's most trusted source of patent information, Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI℠), can help you gain insights that you would otherwise miss - and make you more confident in your decisions. Two sessions will be given at 10:00am GMT (London) and 2:00pm EST (New York). Free registration is available at

13 March 2010

Tokyo, Japan

SMIPS, Society for the Management of Intellectual Properties, Location: Natonal Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Website:

21-25 March, 2010

San Francisco, CA

Spring 2010 ACS National Meeting (Online Technical Program
CINF Symposiums: Visual Analysis of Chemical Data, Future of Scholarly Communication
Selected presentation: Chemical entity extraction and interpretation (Daniel Lowe, Peter Murray-Rust, Univ. Cambridge_) (OSCAR, under investigation in EPO); Extracting and analyzing compound names and images from [patent] documents (Hugo Villar, Altoris, Inc) (desktop software ChemDox, see application note)(COMP)
CAS Registry (Matthew Toussant, CAS); CWM Global Search ( Withdrawn) (Alexander Kos, AKos GmbH) (see also descriprtion; IUPAC InChI project: A status report (Steve Heller, Alan McNaught, InChI Fathers); Integrated language for chemical publication (Peter Murray-Rust, Univ. Cambridge); Chem_BLAST (Chemical Block Layered Alignment of Substructure Technique) (Talapady N. Bhat, NIST); Visualization and analysis of bioisosteric analogs generated with BROOD (Joseph Corkery, OpenEye) (see BROOD)
Tools for the scholarly communication lifecycle (Alex Wade, Lee Dirks, Microsoft) (see also project web-page, incl. Libra Academic Search, FacetLens, etc.); Challenges facing the STM industry (Martin O'Malley, Elsevier, see also 2009 ICIC talk)
Contextual visualization of biological and chemical networks using linked open life science data (Dazhi Jiao, Ying Ding, David Wild, Univ Indiana Bloomington) (also talks on Aggregative Web Services for drug discovery, Chem2bio2RDF (see also Chem2bio2RDF project )
CHAL Symposiums: Changing The Landscape of Patent Law (Inequitable conduct, "internationalization" of infringement issues; US patent reform); In re Bilski (method of treatment claims, Bilski-related invalidity issues); Careers in Patent Law; Other topics (On-sale/publication bar; utility models v. patents, German IP practice; provisional patent applications; global chemical patent prosecution; strategic use of printed publications; Biofuels patent protection; Nanotechnology patent law); Current profile of "green" intellectual property in the chemical arts (Stuart Soffer, IPriori, Inc)
Exhibitors Workshops: Pipeline Pilot (Accelrys); DiscoveryGate (Symyx Technologies); Reaxys (Elsevier)
ACS Short Course:Practical Approaches to Patents and Other Forms of Intellectual Property

28 March, 2010

Milton Keynes, UK

The 1st International Workshop on Advances in Patent Information Retrieval (AsPIRe'10), in conjunction with ECIR 2010: The 32nd European Conference on Information Retrieval
From the program: Identifying Retrievability-Improving Model Features to Enhance Boolean Search for Patent Retrieval (Richard Bache and Leif Azzopardi, Univ. Glasgow, UK) (see summary in the workshop report); Quantifying the Challenges in Parsing Patent Claims (Suzane Verberne, Univ. of Wolverhampton, NL); Synthesis, Comments and Discussion (Barrou Diallo, Head of Research, EPO) (acknowledged problem with quality of early-OCREd documents); A New Metric for Patent Retrieval Evaluation (Magdy W. and G. J. F. Jones, Dublin City Univ.) (PRES, based on recall and user search effort vs. recall-based MAP)
Workshop Report (Allan Hanbury, IRF, Veronika Zenz and Helmut Berger, Matrixware, Austria)

11-13 April 2010

Philadelphia, PA

P&HT Spring meeting 2010 (SLA Division Of Pharmaceutical And Health Technology)
Semantic Search Engines for Health Information (Tamas Doszkocs, NLM), see also NIH Library AllPLus Search powered by HealthMash; PDR (Pharma Documentation Ring) (Henning Nielsen, NovoNordisk/ President, PDR); Pipeline Database Town Hall

12-13 April 2010

The Hague, Netherlands

Search Matters 2010 (EPO Patent Academy) (Program & abstracts) Targets patent information professionals from industry with at least 2 years experience
Lectures: EPOQUE - principles to improve prior art search (L2)(Marc Adriaenssens); Common Hybrid Classification (L4) [IP5 project ] (Pierre Held & Jesus Goya); Free patent searching in web sources: a changing landscape (L5) [Web 2.0 and 3.0] (Paul Schwander); EP RegisterPlus (L6) (Nigel Clarke)[toward Pan-European legal status data exchange and searching]; Limiting the search to the "technical" features of the invention (L7) (Leonardo Alonso Goikolea); [Raising the bar [on patent quality] (L8) (response to objections raised in the Search Opinion is required as a prerequisite of the substantive examination process); What's new in Search? (ESSR, Extended European search report and ESOP, European Search Opinion)
Workshops: Japanese classification schemes (G12); Chinese prior art (G13) ; Taiwanese & Korean prior art (G14); Non-patent literature (including Google Scholar, Scirus, Google Book Search, etc.)(G15); Proving publication dates [for documnets published electronically] (G16); When to stop a search(G17) [pointers which can be used to determine the end of a search]; The problem solution approach (PSA): a powerful tool at the search stage(G18) [key notions: Inventive Step, Closest Prior Art (CPA) and PSA]; Inside the mind of an EPO examiner(G19); How to handle disclaimers at search stage (G20); Searching complex applications (no search" or an "incomplete search")(G21); Searching in broad-ranging technical fields (incl. non-unity and complex applications) (G22); The Telecom classification jungle (S23); Computer-implemented inventions (CII)(S24); Genetic diagnostics (S26); Finding the RNA in the haystack (S27); Searching biotechnological method claims (S28); Sequence search strategies in biotechnology (S29); [Pubmed Search]); "At-the-desk" exchange with an EPO examiner

12-14 April 2010

Washington, DC

Computers in Libraries 2010
Trends in Search & Search Engines (Joan Goodbody, ASRC & Laura Hjerpe, Stanley Assoc - both Search Strategy Experts at USPTO) (Deep Web; semantic search, visualization, federated search, human-powered and real-time search)

20 April 2010

Utrecht, The Netherland

WON Seminar on Text mining (used in patent analysis) (Dutch Patent Information User Group)
Text Mining: An introduction (Wolfgang Thielemann, Bayer Schering Pharma); How text mining is changing the way you search (Phil Hastings - Linguamatics); Text mining in Patent Analysis (Piet van Zanten, Philips IP&S, retired) (Philips IP&S experience in use statistical SVM-based text-mining) ; Treparel’s Text Mining solution KMX (Anton Heijs, Treparel) (advanced classification and clustering algorithms providing high precision & high recall search results)

22-23 April 2010

Vienna, Austria

East meets West 2010 (Program - CANCELLED (due to flight disruptions caused by the volcanic ash cloud) (see also East meets West" virtual forum pre-meeting discussions)
Progress in Asian patent data collections (EPO, commercial sector, users as change drivers); Country focus: Malaysia (S. Nadiah Syed Sheikh ,MyPO) (see also MyPO patent search); Update on IP India (Sameer Swarup, Indian Patent Office) (see also IPIRIS); Emerging markets China & India: a comparison) (T. Moga, Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P)
Discussion Forums: What industry needs; Asian patent documentation; Common Hybrid Classification for searching Asian data; Cross-language searches; Patent mapping; TK; Legal status from Asia; New Chinese patent law in practice
Poster Session. Product Presentations. "Heurigen" evening.

29 April - 2 May 2010

Cleveland, Ohio

AIIP 24th Annual Conference [Association of Independent Information Professionals]
Workshop: SEC Filings [source on biographies, executive networks, trusts, etc] (Marge King, InfoRich Group, Inc.)

1-6 May 2010

Baltimore, MD

PIUG 2010 Annual Conference: "Moving Targets: Current & Future Best Practices and Opportunities for Patent Information Professionals." Conference presentations are available to current PIUG members.

4-6 May 2010

Boston, MA

2010 Accelrys North American User Group Meeting
Pipeline Pilot Track/Text Mining: "Mine patent databases to establish “freedom to operate” and identify gaps in IP coverage" (See Text Analytics Component Collection, Chemical Text Mining (in patents) webinar (Andrew LeBeau, Sept. 2007))

6-8 May 2010

New York, NY

AIPLA 2010 Spring Meeting
Search firms-exhibitors: Exponent (Menlo Park, CA) (Prior art research, Technical due diligence for investors); Landon IP (Alexandria, VA); Nordic Patent Institute (Denmark) (commercial searches by PCT Patent Examiners); WIPS Co. (Korea) (responsible for Pre-prior-art search for KIPO)

19 May 2010

London, UK

RSC CICAG Meeting "Chemical Information for the Chemist and Non-chemist" (Royal Society of Chemistry Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group)
What Makes Chemical Infomation Different (David Walsh, Pfizer, UK) (example of Diazepam naming); ChemSpider (Jan Davies, Chemspider/RSC) (Thalidomide search example); Reaxys (Sandy Lawson, Elsevier);Chemical Structure Drawing Packages (Don Parkin, Chemical Database Service, Daresbury Laboratory) (Interfaces & Tools; Extras/Add-ins: Nomenclature, Import/Export, 3D, etc., 61 slides)

20-21 May 2010

Darmstadt, Germany

56th PDG AMC 2010 (Patent Documentation Group Annual Member Conference)
Brief Report on 2010 AMC

26-27 May 2010

Genoa, Italy

AIDB Annual Conference 2010 (Italian Association of Patent Documentalists, AIDB, Associazione Italiana Documentalisti Brevettuali))
PATIRIS : the patent database of the Italian research (Maurizio Sobrero, Univ. of Bologna); European patents valid in Italy : facts and numbers (Antonio Scutiero, Fildi Ltd.); Patent information at the Max Planck Society (Terraced Hermann , Max Planck Soc.); The Role of Patent Inf. Specialist at the Corporate R&D (Edlyn Simmons, Simmons Patent Info. Services, USA)
Shareholders' Meeting: [Report on WG on use of Italian Patent applications in EPO Search Report (Claudia Finetti, Dragotti & Associati); Greetings from PIUG (Edlyn Simmons)

31 May - 2 June 2010

Dresden, Germany

PATLIB2010 Annual Conference of European Patent Information Centers (See presentations hyperlinked for all talks)
Program Highlights: Channel A "Tools": Ontology-based research: what could it mean for the future of patent searchers? (Michael Alvers, Transinsight, Germany)
Channel C "Patent & IP practice" IP5, SPP, raising the bar: what does it all mean? (Gareth Lord, EPO) (p.4 SPP milestone: All new search tools 2012); Patenting software (Falk Giemsa, Examiner, EPO); The London agreement and its impact on users (Daniel Shalloe, EPO); The EU patent (Jean-Luc Gal, EPO)
Seminars: A3 PATSTAT (Johannes Schaaf, EPO); C1 Similarities and differences in patent procedures at the IP5 presentation Summary Table (Irene Schellner & Luise Zimmermann, EPO); C2 How does the EPO decide when to stop a search? presentation (Falk Giemsa, Examiner, EPO); How does the EPO classify? (Falk Giemsa, Examiner, EPO); C3 TM VIEW European-wide trademark register presentation (Sabina Rusconi, OHIM) (searchable free-of-charge database of trademark records from 8 European, OHIM and WIPO registries)
Workshop: New The Global Patent Index (GPI) Tutorial (Patrick Le Gonidec, EPO, see also Exhibitor presentation)
From Exhibitors List: XPAT (Andreas Hofmann, Interhost, see also)

31 May - 4 June 2010

Vienna, Austria

IRF Symposium Overview of the Event
Session: Chemical patents: Towards genuinely effective searching? (Chairs: Peter Willett, University of Sheffield and Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd.): Searching the Atoms and Bonds in Chemical Patents presentation video (John Barnard, Digital Chemistry Ltd, UK); Structure-Based Approaches to the Indexing and Retrieval of Patent Chemistry presentation video (Tim Miller, Thomson Reuters, UK); Dirty (Data) Dancing presentation video (Nicko Goncharoff, SureChem); Panel discussion
Session: Image retrieval: Light at the end of the tunnel?! (Chairs: Monika Hanelt, Agfa Graphics and Stefanos Vrochidis, Informatics and Telematics Institute, Greece) Review of ITI Approach for Searching Non-Text Information in Patents presentation (Jane List, Dialog, UK); Evaluation of Patent Image Retrieval presentation (Gerard Ypma, ASML,NL);
Session: Cross-lingual patent retrieval and translation: Dreams and reality (Chairs: Jian-Yun Nie, Univ. of Montreal and Karim Benzineb, Simple Shift) - Machine Translation of Asian Patent Data and Cross-Language Patent Retrieval presentation video (Jong-Hyeok Lee, Postech, KR); Needs in Multilingual Patent Search: A Practitioner's Point of View presentation video (Emmanuel Jelsch, Katzarov, CH); Panel discussion
Session: Interfacing: Breaking the cycle of command line use? (Chairs: Joemon Jose, Univ. of Glasgow and Anthony Trippe, 3LP Advisors) - A User’s Perspective presentation video (Gerhard Fischer, Syngenta, CH);Panel discussion
Session: Evaluation methodologies: Towards a quality standard (Mark Sanderson, Univ. of Sheffield and Teresa Loughbrough, Unilever) Patent Search Applications and Open Source IR Toolkits: The Great Divide! presentation video (Wim Vanderbauwhede, Univ. of Glasgow, UK); Quality measurements of patent data & definition of a quality model video (Linus Wretblad & Joni Sayeler,Uppdragshuset, SE); [Discussion of 2009 CLEF IP trac] (Giovanna Roda, AT, see also 2009 CLEF IP Report; Information Retrieval in E-Discovery: Lessons learned from the TREC Legal Track research project presentation ("efficacy of Boolean searches vs. other search approaches") (Jason R. Baron, Dir. of Litigation, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration); More than One Way to Skin a Cat - Difficulties in Establishing Standards for Patent Information Retrieval presentation (Anthony Trippe, 3LP Advisors); Q&A video (incl. Cynthia Yang & Stephen Adams questions)
IP wrap-up (Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd.); IR wrap-up (David Hawking, Funnelback)
Workshop_: The workflow paradigm Visual workflows for IP specialists: visual pipelining instead of command line searching); The "Leonardo" Framework (a sophisticated search interface builder)
PatOlympics-"Interactive evaluation platform where prototypes of state-of-the-art patent retrieval systems will be tested and driven to their limits by patent retrieval professionals"
Awards in two PatSpots: 1) ChemAthlon: BiTeM Group (Univ. of Applied Sciences, Geneva, Switzerland); 2) CrossLingual Retrieving: Spinque (Netherlands) (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica's spin-off]
Referees: Teresa Loughbrough, Tony Trippe, Henk Tomas, Monika Hanelt and Pierre Buffet
Strategic Seminar
Assessing patents to measure the effectiveness of R&D (Holger Ernst, WHU & Otto Beisheim School of Management) (Patent Asset Index); [Emerging IP marketplace, IP valuation methods] (Anthony Trippe, 3LP Advisors); Best Practices: Landscape search – beyond result lists (Gerald Landl, voestalpine, Austria); Pfizer, Patenting and Democratization (David Walsh, Pfizer, Sandwich, UK) ("... the position of fee based [chemistry and patent] databases used to assess novelty is under threat from a large number of free to use patent collections")
IRF Scientific Conference, overview
Keynote: The Evolution of Information Retrieval presentation (David Hawkins, Funnelback Internet and Enterprise Search, AUS); Is this document relevant? Errr it’ll do presentation video (Mark Sanderson, Univ. of Sheffield, UK); Knowledge Modeling In Prior Art Search presentation video (Erik Graf et. al. Univ. of Glasgow, UK) (based on IPC); Exploring Contextual Models for Chemical Patent Search presentation video (Jay Urbain, Milwaukee School of Engineering)
Posters: Automatic Extraction and Resolution of Bibliographical References in Patent Documents (Patrice Lopez, INRIA, Fr.); Abstracts versus Full Texts and Patents: A Quantitative Analysis of Biomedical Entities (Bernd Müller, Fraunhofer SCAI); Logic-Based Retrieval: Technology for Content-Oriented and Analytical Querying of Patent Data (Iraklis Angelos, Univ. of Glasgow)

9-11 June 2010

Stockholm, Sweden

Nanoformulation 2010
From the program: Patenting Trends in Nanoparticles (Ilian Iliev, Quentin Tannock, CambridgeIP, UK)

10-11 June 2010

Ilmenau, Germany

PATINFO Meeting (32. Kolloquium der Technischen Universität Ilmenau über Patentinformation) Methods and tools against obstacles and backlogs in IP (Program - Engl. transl.)
Highlights: Recent developments in the patent information: "Patent Intelligence" (Ferdinand Rudolf, EPO); Patent value measurement - Patent Analysis and Patent Asset Index (Nils Omland, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management); Boundaries of the classification of the Patent documents by Patent Attorney (Andreas Feichtner, Munich); Text Mining and Visualization for Patent Information (Ingo Mierswa, Sebastian Land Rapid-I, Dortmund); Free and paid Patent monitoring compared (Gabriele Kirch-Verfuß, WissensWert Unternehmensberatung)
Advanced opposition proceedings (Frank Weihrauch, Dr. Weihrauch & Haussingen); Possibilities and limits of device search (Sabine Milde, TU Ilmenau/PATON); An unregistered Community Design (Detlef Schennen, Harmonisierungsamt für den Binnenmarkt, Alicante); Designs and brands: Possibilities and advantages of the combined online research (Yves Asaert, Questel-Edital, Brussels) (Note: Google German-English translation has been used)

13 - 16 June 2010

New Orleans, LA

SLA 2010 Annual Conference ""Entering SLA's Next Century: Let the Good Times Roll!" [Special Library Association]
Program Highlights:
Workshops: [Finding Information about Medical Devices] (Sandra Baker, Canon Communication; Patrick Clapp, QIAGEN; Marlene S Bobka, FOI Services, Inc.); Emerging Markets: India, Asia Pacific (Gayle Gossen, Dow Jones; P.K.Jain, Institute of Economic Growth, India; Robin Bew, EIU, UK); Emerging Markets: Africa/Middle East/Russia/Latin America (Jamie Davies, Business Monitor Int., UK; Pat Wynne, AstraZeneca); Chemical Information Sources (Dawn French, Millennium Inorganic Chemicals)
Industry Research (Jennifer Boettcher, Georgetown Univ.); Business Research (Ann Cullen, Harvard Business School; Eileen Abels, Drexel Univ.]; Basics of Financial Statements (Karen MacDonald, Atlanta, GA)
Social Sites and Networks for the Serious Researcher (Robert Berkman, The Information Advisor); Human Source Collection (CI Certificate Program)(Cynthia Cheng Correia, Knowledge inForm, Inc.)

15-18 June 2010

Tokyo, Japan

The 8th NTCIR Workshop[NTCIR (Japan NII Test Collection for IR Systems) Project]
Patent Mining Task (Research Papers Classification [in terms of IPC], Technical Trend Map Creation];
Patent Translation Task (Translation Subtask; Retrieval Subtask (invalidity search task), topics in English, target Documents in Japanese]
Overview of the Patent Mining Task at the NTCIR-8 Workshop

16 June 2010

Geneva, Switzerland

WIPO Seminar Series on "The Economics of Intellectual Property Series"
The Quality Factor in Patent Systems (Paper, video) (Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Université Libre de Bruxelles and Bruegel) (Comparison of USPTO v. EPO v. JPO, incl. quality of Identification of prior art and search reports, see a paper, pp.14,15 & 19-21)

1-2 July 2010

Vienna, Austria

1st ICIC Summer School - Seminar [Dr. Haxel Congress and Event Management GmbH]] - CANCELLED
The ICIC Summer School aims to introducing newcomers to the area of Professional Information work. Enterprises use many different tools to share and to acquire information (e.g. traditional databases, intranet, web search engines), but often they do it in a very inefficient and very cheap, but time consuming way.

10-13 July 2010

Denver, CO

103rd AALL Annual Meeting [American Association of Law Libraries]
Selected workshops: What's a "Reasonable Royalty Rate"?: The What, Where, Why and How of Patent/Intellectual Property Technology Licensing Research (handout) (Frank X. Curci, Hope Porter); 60 IP Sites in 60 Minutes (handout) (Kimberly Martin & Jacqueline Grossman); “Securities 101” (Handouts: 1, 2 3) (Deborah Rusin, Molly McKenna, Jane O’Connell); The Future of FOIA handout (Susan Nevelow Mart, Miriam M. Nisbet, Anne Weismann) (Note: workshop's abstract pages are linked to mp3 recording available for purchase)

19-23 July 2010

Geneva, Switzerland

33rd Annual ACM SIGIR Conference [ACM Association for Computing Machinery/ SIGIR Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval]
Poster: Search System Requirements of Patent Analysts (Leif Azzopardi, James Kelly, Wim Vanderbauwhede (University of Glasgow), Hideo Joho, University of Tsukuba) (Based on PIUG/CEPIUG-sponsored survey, see a released report at the IRF website)

22-26 August 2010

Boston, MA

FAll 2010 ACS National Meeting[American Chemical Society]
Cheminformatics and search-realted topics: Importance of Markush structure searching for chemical entities (Elaine Cheeseman, CAS); Representation of Markush structures: From molecules toward patents (Szabolcs Csepregi, ChemAxon Ltd., Hungary); Semantic analysis of chemical patents (Dave M Jessop, Peter Murray-Rust, Robert C Glen, The Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, University of Cambridge, UK) (extraction of chemical reactions from experimental paragraphs); Extraction and integration of chemical information from [patent] documents: oral/CINF (IUPAC names conversion integrated with chemical optical character recognition) + poster/MEDI (identification "difference between [chemical] patent disclosures and published information"(!?)(Hugo O Villar, Altoris); Status of the InChI and InChIKey algorithms (Stephen Heller, NIST) (...InChi is now used by major publishers to enable link from their pproducts to and other chemical information available on the Internet); [ChemSpider] (Antony Williams, RSC); Recent IUPAC recommendations for chemical structure representation (Jonathan Brecher, CambridgeSoft); Tautomerism in chemical information management systems (Wendy A. Warr, UK);[An application WENDI (Web Engine for Non-obvious Drug Information) for Mining and visualizing chemical compound-specific chemical-gene/disease/pathway/literature relationships] (Qian Zhu, David Wild, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN) (see WENDI)
Patent law topics: Recent developments in USPTO patent practice (Charles Van Horn, Finnegan Henderson); Hot topics in chemical and pharmaceutical patent law (Justin Hasford, Finnegan Henderson); Recent case law affecting chemical research (Michael Siekman. Wolf Greenfield & Sacks) (incl. patent term extensions and Hatch-Waxman); Hatch-Waxman [litigation] (Ali Ahmed. Winston & Strawn); Non-obviousness of chemical inventions (Sarah Hasford. Connolly Bove);How arguments on patentable subject matter affect anticipation and obviousness (Jonathan Goodman. Marshall, Gerstein & Borun); IP due diligence: ... [where relevant information can be located] (C Hunter Baker, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks); Patenting solid forms (Eyal Barash, Aptuit, Inc.);
A Small Business Guide to Intellectual Property including Information disclosure in a U.S. patent application (Benjamin Rothermel, H.C. Park & Associates); Rising risks of false marking [for chemical, pharma, and biotech firms]
IP law career options for researchers (C Hunter Baker, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks)

6-7 September 2010

Vienna, Austria

Asian patent systems and free databases
Common aspects and differences in the European and Asian patent systems (granting procedures, time limits, opposition and invalidation procedures, deferred and accelerated examination, the extension of patent terms); Basic features of free Asian databases; Advanced features of free Asian databases (legal status, payment of annual fees, the electronic file, additional text data, use the Japanese, Chinese or Korean interfaces to minimise possible gaps in coverage)

8 September 2010

Vienna, Austria

Understanding the world's major patent classification schemes
Brief history of the development of classification schemes at the EPO, USPTO and JPO; Basics of IPC, ECLA, USPC, FI, F-terms; Revision & Reclassification; Search examples

8 September 2010

Alexandria, VA

USPTO Biotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical Customer Partnership (Meeting was webcasted)
From the program: Best Practice for § 156 PTE (Mary Till, OPLA, USPTO) (Hatch-Waxman; interim extensions; multiple applications for PTE; Combination Products; eligibility of an enantiomer, a previously approved active ingredient; several patents could be extended for a product with multiple regulatory reviews (slides 12, 13 and 20 & 21)); Section 101, Utility and Patentable Subject Matter in the Discovery Arts ([i.e. biological arts]) (Benjamin Borson, Borson Law Group, LLP)

8-9 September 2010

Beijing, China

PIAC China 2010 - Patent Information Annual Conference of China - An International Communication and Application Paltform for Patent Information
Program highlights: [The third amendment of Chinese patent law] (_Song Jianhua, Dir. of Legal Affairs Dept., SIPO); To Make Effective Use of Patent Information for Supporting Industrial Restructuring (Ma Weiye, Dir. of Dept. of Patent Admin., SIPO); The Patent Information Services in SIPO (Zhang Dongliang, Dir. of Automatic Dept., SIPO and Deputy Dir. of Chinese Assn. for Development Strategy); World Traditional Medicine Patent Database (Yanhuai Liu, Beijing EastLinden); Patent information Resources and Their Impacts on the Emerging Corporate IP Marketplaces (Anthony Trippe, Dir. IP Analitics, 3LP Advisers and Chairman of PIUG) (also an Update on PIUG and PIUG Chinese Chapter (est. in 2009, with over 100 members))
Development of Patent Information Dissemination by JPO (Ken Moritsugu, Dir. of Patent Inf. Policy, JPO) (...Future: free-of-charge bulk data and development by 2014-15 for free public use of new search tool (equivalent to examiner's one); access to BRIC and other foreing patents); [Canon's IP Strategy and effective use of patent information] (Kazuo Tanami, professor of Osaka Inst. of Technology, former Head of Contract & Lictnsing, Canon Inc.) (Patent searches only in in-house installed patent databases[EAGLE/PASⅡ]: third-party searches for projects and products selection, researchers and internal patent info staff searches during R&D); Patent information training in Ricoh (Yasuhiro Tabata, Ricoh Company, Ltd.); Patent information service in Japan (Kimito Ogawa, Property Co., Ltd.(Questel agent in Japan)); JP-NET:Patent information analysis and watch (SATO, Yuya, JPDS) (Citation map, Patent map statistics, IPC/FI statistics, Technical distribution map & SDI checker)
Unlocking Asian Patent Content (Martine Massiera, LexisNexis Univentio) (MT Full-text & Concept Search); The breadth and trends in patent-derived chemical substance information in the CAS databases (Matthew J. Toussant, SVP, Editorial Operations, CAS)

13-14 September 2010


Europe Asia Patent and Patent Information Conference 2010 (EAP2IC)
Conference: Patent Landscapes [to promote innovation and technology transfer] in the Area of Climate Change (Lutz Mailänder, Head, Patent Information Section, WIPO); WHY Legal Status - Avoiding Pitfalls in Business (Pierre Avedikian, Director Publications, EPO) ("Legal status is, with the technical knowledge contained in the patent documentation, a major pillar of Patent Information...")
Workshop: Patent Mapping Case Study – Use of Patent Mapping to Show Technology Trends in the Hybrid Car Industry (Mike Lloyd, IP Management Consultant, Griffith Hack, AU) (Introduction to Network Patent Analytics, Optimice & Griffith Hack); An introduction to Patent Mapping Search and Analytic Feature [using PatSnap as a platform](Jeffrey Tiong, PatSnap); Putting Patent Mapping into Practice – Hands On Session (Mike Lloyd, Jeffrey Tiong; Konstantinos Karachalios, Scenarios Analyst, Public Policy Issues, EPO) (Analyzing technology trends, top assignees and top inventors; Citation Map Analysis; Patent Landscaping (visualization); Spreadsheet analysis; Reporting)

16 September 2010

Boston, MA

Markush Forum at ChemAxon 2010 US UGM
Discussion the Chemaxon software development for Markush [in-house] searching using MMS Markush Structures provided by Thomson Reuters.
Open session: Establish use cases (Analysis of Markush structures from patents, Creation of Markush databases, Markush outside of patents); Understand the users (computational chemists, Bench chemists & IP experts); In-house versus online use of patent data
Breakout Session, by invitation only (hosted by Thomson Reuters): Background on MMS data and ChemAxon Markush tool development; product demo (Instant JChem); User experiences so far; Gap analysis + discussion; Next steps
(See also a presentation and video on an introduction to Markush DARC support by ChemAxon)

16-17 September 2010


Second WIPO Global Symposium of Intellectual Property Authorities (See also presentations of the first Symposium (2009))
From the Program: Overcoming language barriers in patent information search (Daeshik Jeh, KIPO) ( [XML-tagged] patent document section-specific MT protocols (sl. 21-22); examiners MT tools: KOMPASS, K-PION); An approach to process multilingual patents corpora (Barrou Diallo, Head of Research, EPO) (MT quality assessment; cross-language patent retrieval; visualization of patent queries); A commercial perspective from Thomson Reuters (Robert Willows, Thomson Reuters) (lost-in-translation examples, sl. 30-34; on-fly DWPI translation to other languagues); presentation of (Peter Vanderheyden, Global IP, LexisNexis)
[Use of the Vancouver Group [IP offices AU, CA and UK, est. 2008] WIPO's CASE infrastructure for collaboration on search and examination] (handout) (John Alty, _IPO UK) (*C*entralised *A*ccess to *S*earch and *E*xamination; could be opt-in to other offices); Examination procedures in small IP offices: IPOS, Singapore, Israel and Jordan; Users' views on IP5 Foundation projects AIPPI (Michael Brunner) & FICPI (paper) (Jan Modin); Patent information - promoting innovation through co-operation (Richard Flammer, Principal Director, Patent Information, EPO) (...reorientation of patent info centres - providing tools for search (incl. shared browsing) and visualisation, portfolio management, invention valuation, sl. 18; EPO MT program; problems with patent description teaching function)

20-22 September 2010

Copenhagen, Denmark

Global Patent Congress 2010
Program Highlights: New ways to manage IP information [patent dashboard workbench framework] (Lakshmikant Goenka, Dolcera, India); Identify opportunity areas for new innovations through examination of existing patent portfolios (Nitin Chaudhary, Evalueserve, India)
Workshops: Understanding patent information and patent documents in Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea (Jutta Haußer, Asian Patent Information Specialist, EPO); The Economic Value of your Patents – Methods and Practical Techniques for Valuing Patents (David Hetzel, Director, IP Licensing Team, Mobile Devices Business Motorola, USA)

20 - 23 September 2010

Padua, Italy

CLEF-IP'10 Workshop at t CLEF 2010 Conference) (Conference on Multilingual and Multimodal Information Access Evaluation)
Applying the KISS principle for the CLEF-IP 2010 Prior Art Candidate Patent Search Task (Walid Magdy and Gareth Jones, Dublin City Univ.); Experiments with Citation Mining and Key-term Extraction for Prior Art Search (P. Lopez, L. Romary, HUB-IDSL, Berlin); myClass: A Mature Tool for Patent Classification (Jacques Guyot, University of Geneva, Switzerland)
CLEF-IP'10 overview Tasks are planned for 2010: (1) Prior Art Task: find patent documents that constitute prior art to a given patent application. (2) Classification Task: classify a given patent document according to the IPC and/or ECLA. 12 participants have sent submissions to the two tasks in 2010.
CLEF 2010 paper: Examining the Robustness of Evaluation Metrics for Patent Retrieval with Incomplete Relevance Judgements (Walid Magdy and Gareth Jones, Dublin City Univ.)

21-22 September 2010

Parsippany, NJ

Pharma CI Conference 2010
The Automated Discovery of Strategic Business Meaning From Research Repositories (C. David Seuss, Northern Light) (meaning extraction for strategic business research); Innovative Analytics to Track Competitor Landscape & Trial Developments (Laura Farmer, The Larvol Group); Scientific Intelligence in a Comprehensive Competitive Intelligence System (Roslyn Potter, Vertex Pharmaceuticals); Leader Research in Competitive Intelligence (Michael Hay, Sagient Research Systems) (BioMedTracker + MedPredict); Challenges of doing CI in emerging markets (Moderator: Alok Aggarwal, Co-founder and Chairman, Evalueserve); Tracking Technologies and Trends in Technologies, Technology Licensing, and Technology Deals/Collaborations; Unlocking the Competitive Intelligence Potential of Social Networks and Social Media (Beth Elliott, Europe,Fuld & Co.)

3-6 October 2010

Paris, France

AIPPI 42nd World Intellectual Property Congress (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
Program highlights: Working Questions: Q213 The person skilled in the art in the context of the inventive step requirement in patent law (The role in the process of granting or invalidating a patent, claim construction and in applying the doctrine of equivalence)
Workshops: Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) and other patent term extensions (Elisabeth Thouret-Lemaître, Cabinet Lavoix, France); The protection of regulatory data containing IP information (Trevor Cook, Bird & Bird, UK); Selected patent issues regarding pharmaceutical inventions (Lawrence T. Welsh, Eli, Lilly and Company) (second medical use, enantiomers,crystalline and amorphous forms, sustained release forms, etc.); IP tool box (protection of various IP rights: patents, design, TM)

4-5 October 2010

Bonn, Germany

Text Mining Symposium 2010
Text Mining in a Chemical Context: Learnings and Expectations (Sabine Frietsch and Heinz-Gerd Kneip, BASF)

11-15 October 2010

New Brunswick, NJ

PIUG 2010 Northeast Conference
From main conference (Oct. 12, 2010) program: [Nano-enhanced Solar Cells Innovation Forecast] (Alan Porter, & Ying Guo, Georgia Tech, see also paper1 & paper2) (10-step framework that combines empirical analyses with expert opinion: "Cross-charting", "patent mapping" & "innovation pathways"); [emerging IP marketplace and IP valuation methods] (Anthony Trippe, 3LP Advisors); IP Searching for Out-Licensing (Corey Bucher, Kimberly-Clark Corp.); [Use of Inherent Anticipation in invalidity searches] (_David M. Gange, Chemistry Patent Search) (based on recent CAFC decisions); Update on European Patent Practice (Noël Akers, N.J. Akers & Co.); [Best Practices for FTO Searches] (Donald Walter, Thomson Reuters); [Quality Checklist for Patent Search Report] (Matt Fornwalt, CAS); Expanding the Scope of Structure Searches (Kimberly Miller, Novartis_); [Search on Biofuels in US patents (Susan Taylor, Wolters Kluwer)

14 -15 October 2010

New Brunswick, NJ

PIUG "Patent Information Fundamentals" Course
This course is, offered the first time by PIUG "is an expanded version of the well known PERI Patent Information Course, which has been offered since 1989. It provides an overview of the patenting process, sources of patent information and the various means of answering patent information requests pertaining to chemical, electrical and mechanical technologies. The basics of U.S. and foreign patent laws, patent search techniques and resources, and the importance of exclusivity and patent term extension will be discussed".
Course Director: Edlyn Symmons. Registration Link

17-20 October 2010

Detroit, MI

Thomson Reuters IP Solutions Customer Conference New Event
The IP Solutions business of Thomson Reuters is hosting a Customer Conference from October 17 – 20, 2010, at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center for patent research and analysis customers of the following products:

  • Aureka
  • Delphion
  • DWPI (Derwent World Patents Index)
  • PatentWeb
  • Thomson Innovation
  • Thomson Data Analyzer
    Early bird registration price is $300; save $200 by registering before August 31.

    Highlights of Patent Research & Analysis Track (abstracts & speakers bios are linked to the program):
    [Prior art patent search focusing both potential obviousness AND novelty rejections] (Stephen Sampson, Caterpillar); Using Citation Analysis to Find Critical Patents (Bob Stewart, Thomson Reuter & Keith Walker, Charles River Associates); Beyond Patents: [integrating patent data with analysis of scientific literature and business information] (Nancy Lee & Stacy Olkowski, Thomson Reuters, and Ada Nielsen, LES President);
    DWPI Presentations: An Insider’s Look at the Creation of a DWPI Document (Bob Stembridge, Thomson Reuters); Use of Asian patent data (JP, CN, KR, TW, SG & PH) for market analysis (Rob Adams, Thomson Reuters & Thomas Marlow, Fairchild Semiconductor); Chemical-Structure Research using DCR, fragmentation and polymer codes (Steve Hajkowski, Thomson Reuters); Customer Success Stories (Bob Stewart);
    [IP-Related Decision Making: Tips & Tricks fot Thomson Innovation & DWPI] (Ric Snead & Mark Bauer, Thomson Reuter); [Use ThemeScape for patent landscaping] (Ed White, BEng MIET, IP Consultant, Thomson Reuters); Patent Portfolio Audits (Susan Cullen, Thomson Reuters, Jeffrey J. Farah, Director - Patent Licensing, Sales and Portfolio Analysis, AT&T);
    [Legal Research From Prosecution to Litigation: the combined power of Westlaw Patents + Thomson Innovation] (Richard Baum, Thomson Reuter)

18-19 October 2010

Munich, Germany

4th Annual Forum for SMEs-Information Workshop on European Bioinformatics Resources EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute-EPO
How the EPO searches prior art in Biotech; Biotech patentability (Titus Vogt, EPO); EMBL-EBI Patent related services (Jennifer McDowall, EMBL-EBI); EMBL-EBI Literature Services and Applications (Jo McEntyre, Head of Literature Services, EMBL-EBI); EMBL-EBI text mining tools and mapping of targets/pathways to disease (Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann, EMBL-EBI); ChEMBL databases and tools: Support of target selection and validation ChEMBL databases and tools: Support of target selection and validation (John Overington, EMBL-EBI); Knowledge Management for Scientific Intelligence with BioXM, (Klaus Heumann, BioMax Informatics AG, Munich) (BioXM) (Note: copies of presentations would be available after the event)

19-21 October 2010

Lausanne, Switzerland

EPO Patent Information Conference 2010
Highlights of the Programme:
Presentations: Panel discussion on quality (incl. Minoo Philipp, PDG); Role of the EPO - past, present and future (in building and maintaining the largest prior art collection) (Paul Schwander, EPO); Quality: time to take action (Peter Kallas, BASF); Implementing the Single Patent Process (SPP) and its relevance for patent information (Kevin Douglas, EPO; Gerhard Fischer, Syngenta); Big changes in classification in the pipeline (IP5, Harmony, IPC 2011) (Heiko Wongel, EPO); Some thoughts on the use of classification in patent searching (Bernd Wolter, Siemens AG); Is there a future for the corporate information professional? (Paula Juckes, UCB Phama); What's in INPADOC legal status (P. Avédikian, EPO); The new design of esp@cenet (N. Clarke, EPO)
Focus on Asia session: An update on the Indian patent information system (Sameer Swarup, Indian Patent Office); Patent practice and enforcement in China and India (Thomas Moga, patent attorney)
Discussion Rounds with EPO experts: Users needs in ASEAN region (K. Rowles, I. Schellner); Best practices in searching Asian information (I. Schellner); EPO's new visualisation tool (J. Schaaf); IPscore for portfolio evaluation: a case study (J. Schaaf, M. Noé); Quality in patent information (Beat Rauber, Hofmann-La Roche, T. Nyfeler, Swiss Patent Office); Super-workshop for expert users
Tutorials: An introduction to divisionals at the EPO (L. Zimmermann); Using Web services to retrieve Register data (D. Lingua)
Training sessions: An introduction to the world of patent information; Understanding the world's major patent classification schemes (IPC, ECLA and FI/F-terms); Comparison of patent procedures in IP5; Understanding DOCDB ( incl. DOCDB simple patent family versus INPADOC extended patent family); SmartSearch's expert mode for esp@cenet and Register Plus (a command line and CQL query language); Advanced access to DOCDB with GPI (choosing from amongst the 100 search criteria); EPO Patent analytics tools: patent statistics and visualisation; Patent valuation with IPscore; The Problem and Solution Approach to assessing inventive step
Exhibitors seminars: Foreseeker (Dimitris Giannoccaro, Swedish Patent and Registration Office) (How to simulate technology progress using patent data; [a method of correlation between market trends and an increase of patent applications]); Automating Patent Processes ("new breed of patent quantitative analysis that predicts the real litigation cases") (Dr.Gang Qiu, (Two patent appications US2009276421A1 & US2009276420A1 are pending); INTELLIXIR System: patent facts and trends detector (Jean-Michel Careil, INTELLIXIR); PATENTSCOPE 2.0 in action (Iustin Diaconescu, WIPO)
From the Exhitors list: infoapps; IPR-Systems: PatentExplorer

21-24 October 2010

Washington, DC

2010 AIPLA Annual Meeting
From the Program: Patent Mapping as a Strategic Tool in Patent Representation and Portfolio Analysis; Comparison of Opposition Procedures in Canada, Mexico and Europe; Chemically Complicated: Effective Arguments to Combat “Obvious to Try” Rejections

23-24 October 2010

The Hague, Netherlands

Examination Matters 2010 (European Patent Academy)
Workshop WS 16: What is a publication date? (prior art that has been published electronically: proof of the exact publication date and the content made available at a particular date)

24-27 October 2010

Vienna, Austria

2010 ICIC, "The International Conference on Trends for Scientific Information Professionals" (Infonortics and Dr. Haxel Congress and Event Management GmbH)
Highlights of the Program: Search and analysis of chemical formulations – from complex recipes to innovative dosage forms (Maik Annies, Syngenta, Switzerland); ChemProspector: Advanced Mining and Searching of Chemical Content in Patent Documents (Valentina Eigner-Pitto, InfoChem, Germany); Interactive Text Mining Techniques for Patent Search and Mining (David Milward, Linguamatics, UK); Semantic technologies in a chemical context: quick wins and the long-term game (Sabine Frietsch & Heinz-Gerd Kneip, BASF, Germany) (incl. patent- specific issues); The Challenge for Service Providers of Integrating New Information Tools with Patent Data (Pierre Buffet, Questel, France); Where are all those small molecules coming from? What the data reveal (Paul Peters, STN, USA), Patent Dashboard Workbench (Lakshmikant Goenka, Dolcera, USA); Techniques for Evaluating Conflicting Information in Multi-Database Patents and Drug Pipeline Reports (Diane Webb, BizInt Solutions); Trends in Patent Valuation (Frédérick Caillaud, L'Oréal, France); Update on the PIUG Patent Analysis Working Group Knowledgebase (Nils Newman, Search Technology); MarVis: A Visualization Tool for Patent Markush Structure Representation and Analysis (Wei Deng, Hoffmann-La Roche, USA); Open Innovation: a New Challenge to Effective Management of Patent Information and Patent Portfolios (Bob Stembridge, Thomson Reuters)

26 October 2010

Toronto, Canada

3rd International CIKM Workshop on Patent Information Retrieval - PaIR'10 (collocated with the CIKM 2010 in October 25-29, 2010)
The objective of the workshop is to provide a forum for Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management scientists as well as Patent Retrieval experts from industry to study the next generation of patent search tools. Keynotes by: Mary Carman, CIPO and Marti Hearst, USPTO
From the program: PatentsSearcher: A Novel Portal to Search and Explore Patents (Vagelis Hristidis, Florida Int. Univ.); Comparison of IPC and USPC Classification Systems in Patent Prior Art Searches (Christopher Harris, Univ. of Iowa); Automatic Creation of a Technical Trend Map from Research Papers and Patents (Hidetsugu Nanba, Hiroshima City Univ.); Preliminary Study into Query Translation for Patent Retrieval (_Charles Jochim, Univ. of Stuttgart)

27 October 2010

Mountain View, CA (also by Webinar)

The IP Summit 2010 The Power of IP for Business Success
Program Highlights: Keynote by Dan McCurdy, Allied Security Trust;
Panels: Technology to Assist in IP Analysis & Management (Matthew Rappaport, IP Checkups, and Samir Raiyani, Dolcera); Due Diligence When Acquiring Companies & Technology (Efrat Kasznik, Foresight Valuation Group, Irving Rappaport, IP Checkups)
Selected panelists and moderators to other sessions: M: Ron Laurie, Inflexion Point Strategy, Mark Lemley, Stanford Univ ("IP Strategies"); Mark Blaxill, 3LP ("The Value of NPE's [non-practicing entities]"); Vincent Pluvinage, Intellectual Ventures ("IP Licensing & Revenue Case Studies"), etc.
PIUG Members are offered a 25% discount. Early Bird Registration expire Sept. 24, 2010

30 September 2010

Seoul, Korea

PATINEX 2010 (PATent INformation EXpo 2010), 6th "Future with IP and Innovation" A conference and exhibition bringing together IP professionals and business communities from all around the world
Session: "IP and Open Innovation": Patent Information as an enabler of Open Innovation (Berthold Rutz, EPO Scenarios Analyst); IBM Patent Patent Portfolio strategy and Open Innovation (David Walters, IBM), etc.
Session: "IP and Essential Patents": Essential Patent Strategy in Nokia; Effective Use of Essential Patent using Patent Pool [in ULDAGE (JP)], etc. (Note: "The term "essential patents" is usually defined as patents that contain one or more claims that are unavoidably and necessarily infringed by the implementation of a specification or standard for which they are essential" Managing IP, July 1, 2010)

31 Oct.- 4 Nov. 2010

Denver, CO

AMTA 2010 The Ninth Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
PLuTO: MT for Online Patent Translation, (John Tinsley, CNGL, Dublin City Univ.) About EU-funded project: Initial languague pairs EN <=> (DE, FR, ES, RU, NL and SE), By March 2013, the system would cover all 23 official European languages and "will also have an indexing engine, ... a complete tool for prior art search by professional patent searchers and inventors" (PluTO Consortium also include Dutch Patent Information User Group (WON) and IRF. See related PLuTO presentation and poster at EAMT 2010

7-10 November 2010

Seville, Spain

Pharma-Bio-Med™ 2010 Conference & Exposition
Program Highlights: [New Innovative In-House for Competitor Information] (integrates information from drug programmes, products, clinical trials and patents, internation on the web and human intellegence) (Helena Perrin, Competitive Intelligence Manager, Respiratory & Inflammation Research Area, AstraZeneca); Competitor Analysis Tools Covering Integration, Text Mining, Visualization, Presentation and Delivery – Painting the Research Landscape to Aid the Discovery Process (Andrew Davis, Competitive & Scientific Analyst, Novartis) (..."Searching and finding information is fairly easy. A key skill for an analyst is merging information that comes from multiple sources"...); The Information Trade Off: Automation vs Human Selection (Eve Brignull, Information Scientist , AstraZeneca) (...automation of information provision: when it is appropriate to automate and when it is not); Managing, Monitoring, and Mining the Literature (Andrew Carver, QUOSA)

8-11 November 2010

Vienna, Austria

4th EPO Patent Information Advanced Seminar
Peculiarities in the patent systems of EPC member states and the USPTO; Opposition and appeal procedures; Classification (IPC & ECLA); Worldwide patent family and legal status information (espacenet, OPS); ESPACE databases and MIMOSA software; Patent statistics for business use; Fit for Asia (Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea); Pharmaceutical Patents

10-12 November 2010

Tokyo, Japan

2010 Patent Information Fair & Conference
Conference: [Trends in International Patent Information]
Program Highlights: Patent Search 2010 Competition Awards Lectures: The need for professional standards in the work of the patent searcher (Stephen Adams, Chair, Training & Education WG, CEPIUG and and a former Director-at-Large of PIUG, Magister Ltd.); The Development of Certification of Patent Information Professionals (Bettina de Jong, Chair, Certification WG, CEPIUG and chair of the Dutch patent information user group WON, Shell International B.V.)
JPO activities for Industrial Property Information (Minami Takakazu, JPO); [Use IP information for business intelligence] (Suzuki Motoaki, JIPA, ex-JFE Techno-Research); Survey on the patent information service in china (Peng Maoxiang, China Patent Corporation, SIPO); The KIPO's plan for extending the global use of Korean patent information (Byeong Soo Yun, KIPO); [Use of FTO Opinion and patent searches for risk management of patent infringement during product launches in USA] (Michael V. Solomita, Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP)

16-19 November 2010

Gaithersburg, MD

2010 TREC-CHEM Workshop at 2010 TREC Conference [The Text Retrieval Conference]
Include Chemical IR Track (TREC-CHEM).
CHEM-TREC tracks considered by organizers in 2010: Prior art search; Technology survey; Image recognition; Entity retrieval; Passage retrieval; Interactive retrieval (see 2009 TREC-CHEM report)
Note: TREC Conf. open only to TREC Tracks participants

15-19 November 2010

Washington, DC

28th Annual Trilateral Pre-Conference and Conference (EPO, JPO and USPTO)

17-18 November 2010

Vienna, Austria

Patent Statistics for Decision Makers 2010 (A conference organised by the EPO and the OECD)
From patent to product : how patent analytics can reveal innovation strategies (Jean-Yves Legendre, L'Oreal, Fr.)
The quality factor in patent systems (Bruno van Pottelsberghe, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium); Assessing Indicators of Patent Quality :Complex vs. Discrete Technologies (Justus Baron, Mines Paris Tech, Fr.); Patent value: seller and bidder perspectives (_Elisa Ughetto, Politecnico di Torino, It.); Towards a value-adjusted patent count (_Torben Schubert, Fraunhofer ISI, Ger.); Citation clustering coefficients as a focused indicator of technological dependence (Tetsuo Wada, Gakushuin University, Japan); Japan Science and Technology Agency's approach of linking academic papers and patents (Mari Jibu, JSTA, Japan)
Pre-conference workshop: EPO PATSTAT user meeting

30 November - 2 December 2010


ONLINE Information 2010
Online Information Conference Tracks: Delivering Value - Information Professionals demonstrating and proving their worth (keynote: Prof. Blaise Cronin, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the ASIST); The Social Web; The Semantic Web