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Previous Meeting/Conference/Seminar



2006 (see information on at PIUG website on for a listing of 2006 patent information meetings)

28-29 October 2006

Seoul, Korea

International Trend of Patent Analysis
Strategic Use of Patent Information (Andy Gibbs, PatentCafe); Mining Patent with Research Publication Information to Improve Technology Management: With Nano Illustrations (Alan Porter, Search Technology)



2007 (see information on at PIUG website on for a listing of 2007 patent information meetings)

24-27 June 2007

Madrid, Spain

ISSI 2007 - 11th biennial International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics [The International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI)]
Patent Analysis (Chair: Bart Thijs, K.U. Leuven, Belgium, see also): Research and Application of Patent Map Analysis (Shu Fang, Chengdu Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, PR China); A Bibliometric Analysis of siRNA Fundamental Research and Patent Activities (Weiping Yue, Thomson Scientific)
Poster: Patent Indicators of Genetic Engineering Research of EU Countries (Szu-chia Lo, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan)

9-10 August 2007

Chicago, IL

Intellectual Property Scholar Conference 2007 (IPSC 2007)
Search for Tomorrow: The Patent Office's Growing Reliance on Technology to Locate Prior Art (Andrew Chin, Univ. of North Carolina School of Law) "... the rapidly growing reliance on keyword full-text search has reduced the breadth and diversity of patent prior art and, perhaps ironically, increased reliance on the U.S. Patent Classification System" " Power Point Audio Podcast Video Podcast Paper

13 - 14 September 2007


EAPIC 2007 (Europe Asia Patent Information Conference 2007) (Synopsys and Speakers) "Mining Patent Databases for Intelligence - Patent Information for Better IP Management"
Sophisticated Use of Patent Information and the Role of Patent Professionals in New Product Development Projects (Nguyen-Truong Le, Fraunhofer Technology Development Group TEG) ["Cross industry innovation approaches" identification technical solutions or experts beyond their industry boundary];
Patent Statistics for Business Use :[IP Score] (Lone Hartung Nielsen, Danish PTO); Prof. Casey Chan, WizPatent [pitfalls in interpreting statistics and show how patent information can influence the decision making process]
Workshop: Searching in Commercial Databases (Geert Pauwels, chemistry specialist working on a new search engine, the EPOQUE-team, Directorate Applied Research and Development, Documentation Department, EPO)

30-31 October 2007

Seoul, Korea

PATINEX 2007(PATent INformation EXpo 2007)
Stratigic use of patent information
Learn how to identify relevant firms and technologies in your target space (Steve Lee, OceanTomo); Patent Information in the commercial world (Stephen Adams, Magister LTD); The use of patent information in the technology forecasting process (Dr. Dirk Holtmannspotter, VDI-TZ, Germany, see also a speaker's book chapter: Indications of Market Potentials in Patent Data [Nanotechnology]); Valuation of IP & Management consulting (Koji Tanaka, IPB, [Intellectual Property Bank Co., currently Patent Result Co., Ltd.)

8-9 November 2007

Vienna, Austria

IRF Symposium 2007
"...the first solution-driven, cross-cutting international dialogue between patent experts from global corporate industry and information scientists from the fields of text mining, natural language processing and information retrieval (IR)"
Keynotes: A GOLDMINE of PATENTS: IP+IR (video only)(Keith van Rijsbergen, Chairman of the IRF Scientific Board, Univ. of Glasgow); "50 million patents further and we are still searching like 28 years ago" (video) (Henk Tomas, IP Search Services, Germany)
Selected presentations: Data quality: OCR Errors in Patent Full-Text Documents (video) [formulations, compound/chemical names, drug actions, etc.] (Wolfgang Thielemann, Bayer Healthcare AG); [Improving search results inspite of OCR errors] (video) (R. Manmatha, Univ. of Massachusetts) [Stephen Adams' comment: prospects of use N-Grams to clean assignee and inventor indexes];
IPR System error! (video) ((Linus Wretblad & Joni Sayeler, Uppdragshuset AB) (Stephen:"Some of patent databases are data dumps")
Language gap: [K2E-PAT cross-lingual retrieval system] (video) (Minah Kim, KIPI, Korea)
Corpus enrichment: Semantic Categorization in Japanese Patents (see slides 37-58) (video) (Key-Sun Choi, KAIST, Korea) (Patent section-to-section comparison in semantic search; 74% improvement for the search comparing uncategorized full-texts. Also see published article); From patent searcher's wish list - searching in all different patent segments (video) (Monika Hanelt, Agfa Graphics NV); A Picture speaks a thousand words... (video) (Jane List, The Technology Partnership plc, UK); Representation and searching of molecules in chemical patents (video) (Prof. Peter Willett, Univ. of Sheffield) (see slides 10 and 16 & 17: use of fingerprints for structure searching; reduced graph representation of Markush structures, used in CAS MARPAT); Term Semantics by Association (video) (Prof. Peter Bruza, Queensland Univ. of Technology, AU) [Query-by-Navigation (USPTO pilot study); Semantic space: automatic query expansion, patent obfuscation, knowledge discovery]; Extracting Problem Solved Concepts From Patent Documents (video) (Daniel J. Phelps, DJP Info. Consulting Services, LLC) [Patent Mapping for R&D Stategic Planning; Innovation Machine, Accelovation, etc.]; Automatic Concept Identification (using linguistics models) (video) (Gregory Grefenstette, CEA List, France); [Need for quantitative evaluation of search recall] (video) (Piet van Zanten, Philips IP&S); [Evaluation in IR, need for test collections] (video) (Mark Sanderson, Univ. of Sheffield);
Tools for information professionals: Evaluation of [sequence of searches] rather than queries (video) (Kalervo Järvelin, Univ. of Tampere, see also published speaker's ECIR-08 presentation); Hadling [patent] search results (video) (Antoine Blanchard, Syngenta Crop Protection AG) [Pre-evaluation (landscape search), evaluation (patentability & FTO searchers), enhanced retrieval & delivery]; Interfacing with search results ("clever system" vs."clever human") (video) (Ian Ruthven, Univ. of Strathclyde, UK, see also the publication)
Tools for management & research: [Patent analysis for Freedom-to-Lead] (video) (Haydn Evans, GE Healthcare); PATExpert (patent paraphrasing and summarization framework) (video) (Prof. Leo Wanner, ICREA and Pompeu Fabra Univ., Spain) (see PATExpert); Patent mapping and visualization: what is the state of the art?(video) (Anthony J. Trippe, CAS); [Review of Information Visualization in IR] (video) (Prof. Matthias Hemmje, FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany)
[Concluding Remarks] (video only) (Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd.) (Chronic Infection in patent searching [use of outdated tools], call to IR and IP communities to work togerther, meeting highlights)

4 December 2007

Alexandria, VA

USPTO Biotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical Customer Partnership
Issues in Small Organic Molecules (Michael Hartley, USPTO) (Discusses complexitity Markush claims, search strategies slides 17-25 and examination principles; see comments in slide notes)



2008 (see information on other 2008 meetings at PIUG website)

7-8 April 2008

Geneva, Switzerland

Symposium on Public Policy Patent Landscaping in the Life Sciences (WIPO, FAO) (Programme)
Focus: 1. Patent information as a tool of public policy [Policymakers seek stronger empirical basis for their assessments on the role and impact of the patent system in relation to key areas of life sciences technology] 2. Improved analytical tools and access to patent information
Life Sciences Public Policy Landscaping:
Public Policy Patent Landscape in the Life Sciences (MP Matsoso, WHO Secretariat Public Health Innovation and IP) [Patent search project on essential medicines in developing countries]; Patent landscaping in the field of medicines: policy and technical options [Prof. Frederick M. Abbott, Florida State Univ. College of Law, consultant WHO ETH) [Associating patents with medicines: third-party researchers could be chartered to establish and maintain database [slide 12],  mixed public-private database [slide 14]; Publicly-accessible database of FTO analyses [slides 16-20]; Health-related patent landscaping: patent information needs  (Pascale Boulet, Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines, édecins Sans Frontières (MSF))[see MSF ARVs patent landscaping; drug patent oppositions in India]
[Metodologies of patent landscaping]: H5N1 Influenza virus (Ben Prickril, PIIPA [Public Interest Intellectual Property Advisors, Inc]); Vaccines (Martin Friede, WHO); [TK and biodiversity] (Paul Oldham, ESRC CESAGen, Lancaster University
WIPO-FAO Patent Search Project on PGRFA[Plant Genetic Resources]: Sequence-Based Patent Landscaping: The Rice Genome Landscape (Kerry Fluhr, CAMBIA, BIOS); Panelist:Kyle Jensen, Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture (PIPRA) [Kyle was a speaker on gene patenting at 2005 NE PIUG Meeting]; The potential use of patent landscapes for the FAO multilateral system (Muriel Lightbourne, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
WIPO's patent information services and tools for patent analysis and landscaping (William Meredith, Head,  Patent Information and IP Statistics Service, WIPO)

1-5 June 2008

Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands.

ICCS 2008 (The 8th International Conference on Chemical Structures)
Keynote: Challenges/opportunities for chemical structure databases in the 21st century (Sandy Lawson, Elsevier Information Systems). Posters: Opportunities for integrating Markush patent searching with drug discovery (John Barnard, Digital Chemistry Ltd); Representation, searching and enumeration of generic structures - From molecules towards patents (Szabolcs Csepregi, ChemAxon); Towards Automated Searching of data in Internet Chemical Databases (Xiaoxia Li et al., Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) CLiDE Pro: A chemical OCR tool (Aniko Valko, Keymodule Ltd.); An infrastructure for data mining public chemical & biological information; (David Wild, Indiana University) [...mining of information in chemistry journal articles]; SPECTRa-T: Machine-based data extraction and semantic searching of chemistry e-theses(J Townsend et al., Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, Cambridge, UK)

9-13 June 2008

Bologna, Italy

Summer School "Economics and Management of Intellectual Property Rights" (University of Bologna) [EvPat Project: to review, improve and validate analytic models for the economic valuation of patents] Lectures: The Analysis of Patent Information (Davide Lingua, EPO) [basics; patent maps; patent statistics]; The Use of Patstat and Other Patent Databases (Davide Lingua, EPO) [PatStat is offline version of EPO DOCDB for academic and intergovenment research (ab)] Creating Patent Indicators with Multiple Information Sources (Grid Thoma, Univ. of Camerino/CESPRI) [Algorithmic matching assignee names with business directories listings] (see CESPRI Working Paper)
Student papers Competitive intelligence using patent information: an application within Automatic ID Domain" (Giorgia Fregnan, Univerisità di Bologna) (see also thesis (it.), SCIP workshop)

26-27 June 2008


EAP²IC 2008 Europe- Asia Patent and Patent Information Conference "Putting IP & Information Assets to Work" [EPO & Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)] [Annual (6th), conference, formerly EAPIC] ...focus on the practices and processes in the strategic application of patents and patent intelligence.
From the program:
- Establishing an In-house IP Intelligence Team [What does it mean to be an IP information specialist? What are the skills the team needs and how do you put in place an intelligence team that would meet your needs].
- Searching Intelligently and Not Mindlessly [...How to align search results with business strategies];
- Analysing the Patent Landscape: Water Technologies [Casey Chan, WizPatent/National University of Singapore]
Workshops on searching in free and commercial patent databases in 2 emerging technological fields: energy and water; "Applying the Results: How to Use the Search Results"

29 July - 1 August, 2008

Berlin, Germany

Fourth International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics (WIS)
Papers: Scientometric study of patent literature in medicine [Patents in Medline] (Mohammad Hossein Biglu,Tabriz University, Iran); Constructing a Patent Citation Map Using Bibliographical Coupling and Co-citation: Solid State Lighting Technology (Chen Dar-Zen, IIP NCCU, Taiwan); Timeline and Crossmap Visualization of Patents [DVD optical pickup technology]  (Sun Taotao, National Science Library, CAS, China; ; Steven A. Morris, Baker Hughes/INTEQ,USA); Top ten highly cited patents in USPTO (Yang Zhongkai, WISELAB of Dalian University of Technology [DUT], China); Comparison of Patents Studies between China and Abroad (Yin Li-chun, WISELAB, DUT, China)

7-8 August 2008

Boston, MA

ChemAxon 2008 US User Group Meeting [Report by Dr. Yvonne Martin]
Combinatorial Markush at ChemAxon: from drawing to analysis (Szabolcs Csepregi, ChemAxon); Representation, searching and enumeration of Markush structures-from molecules towards patents (Szabolcs Csepregi et al., ChemAxon)
Using ChemAxon for Swift Structure Search of the World's Patents(Nicko Goncharoff, SureChem) [SureChem's contains the full text of 8.6 million patents that contain 8.9 million unique structures but 500 million occurrences of structures. It is available as a patent search portal or as a web service that can be integrated into other tools]

17-21 August 2008

Philadelphia, PA

236th ACS National Meeting (American Chemical Society)
CINF Symposium: Datamining and Textmining Approaches to Drug Discovery: [Finding drug information in PubChem and DiscoveryGate] (Svetla Baykoucheva, Univ.of Maryland); [Integrating cheminformatics with chemical structure recognition in text and mages] (Valentina Eigner-Pitto, InfoChem GmbH, Germany); Automated extraction of chemical structures in large text corpora [patents, journal articles, in-house text collection] (Nicko Goncharoff, SureChem, Inc.); Optical structure recognition application [OSRA, an open source project; patents and scientific publications] (Igor V. Filippov, NCI-Frederick) ; Introducing CLiDE Pro [Chemical Literature Data Extraction, approach for interpretation of generic structures] (A Peter Johnson, Univ. of Leeds, UK); [ChemSpider] (Anthony J. Williams, ChemZoo Inc.)
Rise and fall of British Chemical Abstracts (1926-1953) (Helen Cooke, GSK, USA)
COMP: Representation, searching and enumeration of Markush structures: From molecules toward patents (Szabolcs Csepregi, ChemAxon Ltd, Hungary); Text analytics applied to large-scale pharmaceutical databases (Stephen Boyer, IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences, San Jose, CA) [The long-term vision is to build a database of every patented molecule for pharmaceutical use]; Recore (Christian Lemmen, BioSolveIT GmbH, Germany) [3D ligand scaffold replacement tool for design around patented structures]
CHAL Strategic patent searching in life sciences industry [Impact of In re Seagate for setting comprehensive search programs][Jonathan Sick, McAndrews. Held & Malloy LTD, Chicago, IL); Patent Law 101 [US, emphasis on the chemical arts] (Jared Bunker,Knobbe Martens, Irvine, CA) The law of selection patents in Canada [A second patent for a patented compounds] (Beatrice T. Ngatcha, Ridout & Maybee LLP, Ottawa, ON, Canada); Generics [impact for patenting and marketing strategies] (Teresa Lavoie, Fish & Richardson); How obvious is obvious (Susanne H. Goodson, Fish & Richardson)
POLY: Polymer patents (Donald Walter, Thomson Scientific) [...prophetic disclosures]
PETR: Innovation enabler tools and methodologies in fuel chemistry domain (Samir Raiyani, Dolcera, India) [allows very fine categorization, multivariate analysis and white spaces visualisation]
PROF:[Using Google Tools in company research] (Jennifer L. Petoff, Google Inc.)

6-11 September 2008

Boston, MA

AIPPI's (the Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle) 41st World Intellectual Property Congress
Q202: The impact of public health issues on exclusive patent rights (Summary Report)
Examination of national and international legislation and case law with regard to limitations of the exclusive rights conveyed by a patent for medicines or other medical or biological products (experimental use exceptions, the Bolar-type exception, parallel importing, individual prescription exceptions and compulsory licenses, right of government authorities).

22-25 September 2008

Vienna, Austria

12th EPO Patent Information Beginners Seminar

29-30 September 2008

Bonn, Germany

6th Fraunhofer Text Mining Symposium 2008
Patent-Mining: A Review of European and Global Research Initiatives (Barrou Diallo, Head of Research, EPO); Mining for Chemistry in Text and Images (Valentina Eigner-Pitto, InfoChem GmbH, Munich); Text Mining at Boehringer Ingelheim beyond Protein Interactions (Jasmin Saric, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pharma GmbH & Co KG, R&D Licensing & Information Management, Bieberach, Germany) [no presenation is available]

8-11 October 2008

Florence, Italy

11th FICPI Open Forum (The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys) (links to presentations, summaries)
Patents: 2.2 Inventive Step. 2.5 PATENT PROSECUTION HIGHWAY: Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell? [USPTO, the JPO and the Canadian, German, UK and Korean Patent Offices] (...How is quality of search and examination maintained and controlled "on the highway"?)
Trademarks: 1.4 Trademark Search Strategies [on-line trademark databases and search products, search and clearance strategies] (Keith Hodkinson, Marks & Clerk, UK, slides; Steve Stolfi, CT Corsearch, slides); 1.6 The scope of registered design protection

19-22 October 2008

Nice, France

ICIC 2008 [The International Conference on Trends for Scientific Information Professionals] (Infonortics) Semantic Searching (Peter Vanderheyden/Brian Elias, LexisNexis); Chemical Non-Patent Literature Searching in E-journals and on the Internet(Maik Annies, Syngenta, Switzerland) [see also article; Finding SMEs as Partners[using patent & news sources] [Ann Perry, Unilever, UK]; [...Public PAIR Feedback and Requests] (Kay H. Melvin, USPTO); Text Mining, Gisting [to Improve Literature and Reference Comprehension] (Martin Griffies, Ariadne Genomics, USA); Visualization and text mining of patent and non-patent data (Anton Heijs, Treparel, The Netherlands); Complementarity Between Public and Commercial Databases of Bioactive Compounds (Christopher Southan, EMBL, UK) [GVKBio, compounds from patents & journals vs. WOMBAT,PubChem, etc.]; [Evaluation Of Markush Structure Enumeration Technology (for identification of relevant prior art)] (Anton Fliri, Pfizer, USA); [Thomson Innovation: searching DWPI full-text] (Steven Hajkowski, Thomson Reuters, UK); [Searching CN, JP and KR patents in original language databases] (Irene Schellner, EPO); An A to X of Patent Citations and Searching (Jane List, The Technology Partnership plc, UK)

23-25 October 2008

Washington, DC

2008 AIPLA Annual Meeting
Session: Everything an IP Lawyer Needs to Know About FDA Law: Overview of the FDA: NDAs, BLAs, PMAs (Gregory H. Levine, Ropes & Gray, LLP, Washington, DC), Non-Patent Roads to Market Exclusivity: Data Exclusivity, Orphan Drugs, Pediatric Indication, New Products (Mark H. Shapiro, Hyman Phelps & McNamara, PC, Durham, NC)
Exhibitors (specialised patent search firms): Cardinal Intellectual Property (Evanston, IL) ("the largest and leading patent research firm in the world"); Danish Patent and Trademark Office (Denmark); Dolcera (San Mateo, CA); Express Search, Inc. (Alexandria, VA); Harbor Consulting IP Services, Inc. (Portsmouth, NH) (STN sequence searches); Landon IP (Alexandria, VA); Technology & Patent Research (San Diego, CA)

24-29 October 2008

Columbus, OH

2008 ASIS&T Annual Meeting "People Transforming Information - Information Transforming People"

28-30 October 2008

Stockholm, Sweden

EPO Patent Information Conference 2008

5-8 November 2008

Vienna, Austria

IRF Symposium 2008

5-7 November 2008

Tokyo, Japan

2008 Patent Information Fair and Conference (Japanese; English Translation)

9-13 November 2008


The Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Information Conference & Exposition 2008 (International Institute of Information Professionals)

10-13 November 2008

Vienna, Austria

3rd EPO Patent Information Advanced Seminar

11-12 November 2008

Seoul, Korea

PATINEX 2008(PATent INformation EXpo 2008)
Current Status of Comprehensive Patent Search System, JP-NET and JP-NETe(JPDS);The Legal System of the Intellectual Property Protection in the P.R.C (He Yuefeng, SIPO) Are There Hallmarks of Important Patents (Don Walter, ThomsonReuters) ; Patent Information in Corporate IP Protection Strategies (Edlyn Simmons, P&G) Utilization of Patent Information to promote business intelligence and technology transfer (William Meredith, WIPO); Patent & Standard (Byung-Nam Lee, ETRI)

3 December 2008

Alexandria, VA, USA

Biotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical Customer Partnership
The biotechnology, chemical, and pharmaceuticals (BCP) technology groups at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has quarterly customer partnership meeting.
From the program: Searching in Applications Containing Bio-Sequences (Ram Shukla); TC1600 Chemical Non-Statutory Double Patenting Examples; Personalized Medicine, etc.
How to Read and Understand Case Law:The new training module for USPTO examiners (65 slides)(see also:

2-4 December 2008


ONLINE Information 2008

16-19 December 2008

Tokyo, Japan

NTCIR-7 Meeting and EVIA 2008
Cluster 3: Patent translation and mining