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Previous Meeting/Conference/Seminar 2009

2-3 February 2009

Enschede, The Netherlands

9th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop (DIR 2009)
Higlighted talk: Patent Search: An important new test bed for IR (John Tait, Information Retrieval Facility, Helmut Berger, Matrixware, Keith van Rijsbergen, Univ. of Glasgow, et. al.)

11 February 2009

Cambridge, MA

PIUG 2009 Boston Biotechnology Meeting
Conference presentations are available to PIUG members on the PIUG 2009 Boston Biotechnology Meeting Papers wiki page in the PIUG wiki members-only section.

25 February 2009


WIPO Virtual Webinar
Mr. Matthias Reischle, Deputy Director of the PCT Legal Division, will give an update on PCT matters, in particular, the new PCT Supplementary International Search system. Information will also be provided on a number of developments, including initiatives to enhance services to the PCT community

1-5 March 2009

Venice, Italy

Best Practices in Patent Information Management and Searching Techniques

3 March 2009

Alexandria, VA

USPTO Biotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical Customer Partnership
Patent Term Extension under 35 U.S.C. §156 (Mary Till, Office of Patent Legal Administration, USPTO) (Discusses statutory requirements and USPTO's principle of review; Slide 24 listed useful online resources: Public PAIR has over 300 PTE application and a list of patens which patent term has been extended

22 - 26 March 2009

Salt Lake City, UT

237th ACS National Meeting

26 - 29 March 2009

Albuquerque, NM

23nd Annual AIIP Conference (2009) U.S. Private Company Research: More Sources and Search Strategies Than You Think (Amelia Kassel); Patents 101 (Martin Goffman and Ron Kaminecki); Will All InfoPros be Private Practice? (Stephen Abram)

30-31 March 2009

The Hague, Netherlands

Search Matters 2009 (EPO) Programme Abstacts (Several presentations are linked to e-learning modules: presentation slides synchronized with audio recordings, hosted by EPO's learning management system)
Program Highlights:
Lectures: [How web 2.0 and 3.0 will influence patent information])(L5) (Paul Schwander); Search in machine translation databases - the EPO's experience)(L6) (Richard Frey); Inside the mind of an EPO examiner (L9); Guest speaker: From novelty search to competitive intelligence [Gerard van der Ligt, Director of Business Intelligence, Phillips] (L7); Removing classification bottlenecks (L8)(Heiko Wongel & Oscar Gonzalez Ordonez)
Workshops: Japanese classification schemes (G10); Searching Chinese prior art (G11); Searching Korean and Taiwanese prior art (G12); Lack of unity (Razik Menidjel & Sytse de Jonge)(G13) ; Non-patent literature (Emmeline Marttin & Yves Verbandt)(G14); When to stop a search (Judy Ceulemans & Dominique Winne)(G15); What's new in search? (Bart de Ceulaer & David Mazur)(G16); 1000 ways to name your chemical compound (S18); Search in complex galenics (S19); Parameter claims in the field of polymers (S22); Organometallic compounds (S23); Homogenous catalysts: new technologies and new search tools (S24); Nanotechnology (S25)

18 April 2009

Tokyo, Japan

SMIPS, Society for the Management of Intellectual Properties, Location: Natonal Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Website:

21-24 April 2009

Chicago, IL

2009 SCIP Annual International Conference
Educational Sessions: Beyond News Aggregators & RSS Feeds: Leveraging Internet Primary Sources to Gain Competitive Edge (Chris Hote, Digimid); The Deep Web Unfolded: Effective Use of the Invisible Web Tools for CI (Arun Jethmalani, ValueNotes); CI For Due Diligence (Dan Himelfarb, Geert vanBrandt, nxtMOVE); CI in a Web 2.0 World (Tim Walker, Hoover's Inc.)

23-24 April 2009

Vienna, Austria

East meets West in Vienna 2009
SIPO's machine translation(MT) (Mingyue Yuan, SIPO, China); MT tools for patent searching - a user's perspective(Jane List, The Technology Partnership, UK)
A case study in TK searching (Claudia Finetti, Dragotti & Associati, Italy) [codification of TK (Traditional knowledge) in registers and databases, Indian, Korean and Chinese TK databases; chemical patent search approached from a TK poin of view]; Importance of TK for patent offices(Paul Schwander, EPO) [If the medical use of an herb is a traditional practice, it is considered prior art under EPO regulations.]; IP Philippines: Introduction to the patent system and patent information (V. Aumentado, Intellectual Property Office, Philippines)
Current status of patent search system, JP-NET and JP-NETe (Yuya Sato, Japan Patent Data Service (JPDS)); Indian IP database CIPIS [Patents, Design, Trademarks] (Manoj Pillai, Clairvolex Knowledge Processes Pvt. Ltd.); 2nd Patent Information Retrieval Contest(PIRC2008) (Yoshiharu Nakade, Association for Kansai Patent Information Center) [See also the event's program for presentations from/on Questel, Patbase, East Linden, Evaluserve]
"What industry needs" (Peter Kallas, BASF, chairman of of the PDG working group IMPACT]
Discussions: The future of Asian patent documentation; Recent changes in law; Patent searching in multi-lingual environments; English information on Asian patents; Asian legal status data.
Training: SIPO's free patent databases; Japanese FI and F-terms; European vs. Asian patent systems

27-28 April 2009

Boston, MA

2009 Search Engine Meeting
The Puzzle of Semantic Technologies (Kathleen Dahlgren, Cognition Technologies); The Variety of Goals and Applications of Semantic Approach to Search (Dmitri Soubbotin, Semantic Engines), etc.

Friday, April 24, 2009, 8:30-11 am

New York, NY, USA
Washington, D.C, USA

The Private Law Libraries Intellectual Property Group of the American Association of Law Libraries
Invites New York and Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area Patent Information Professionals to

Structure Searching 101
Chemical Structure Searching for Non-Chemists

If you've ever needed to find chemical information - and wondered how the heck to use a chemical structure...
If you've ever needed to order a chemical search - and wondered what to request....
If you've ever received a chemical search - and wondered if the search was performed properly...
then come to Chemical Structure Searching 101 at the offices of Kirkland & Ellis in New York and Washington, DC.

Presented by David M. Gange, Ph.D. and Sandy Burcham of
The seminar will cover the basics of chemical structures, chemical structure searching, chemical databases, chemistry software, free sources of chemical structure information, and chemical structure search types (including exact, substructure, superstructure, fragment, similarity, and Markush).
The speakers will be in New York and a live video feed will be available in Washington, D.C.
To register please send a message to Paulette Toth,

2-7 May 2009

San Antonio, TX,

PIUG 2009 Annual Conference
Conference presentations are available to PIUG members on the PIUG 2009 Annual Conference Papers wiki page in the PIUG wiki members-only section.

7-8 May 2009

Munich, Germany

PDG Annual Members' Conference (AMC) See Brief Report to PIUG on 2009 (55th) PDG AM) (by Sandy Mullen, Secretary General, PDG)
Round Table session: The Challenges posed by Asian Patent Information (Irene Schellner, EPO); Introducing the Patent Information Users' Group (PIUG) – Twenty Years of Impacting Patent Information and Growing (Cynthia Barcelon Yang, Director Patent Analysis, BMS and current Chair of PIUG); The Future of Intellectual Property Rights and the Patent Information Scene (Mike T. Barlow, British and European Patent Attorney)

11-13 May 2009

Vienna, Austria

Patent mapping and statistics (EPO seminar on visualisation of patent information and analysis of large sets of patent data)
Patent mapping (landscaping) in a global company (Mr Keith J Dilley, Director for the Development of IP Tools & Processes, GE Corporate); Introduction to patent mapping; Introduction to MIMOSA for patent statistics and mapping; EPO PATSTAT

May 11-15, 2009

New Delhi, India

National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resoruces (NISCAIR), New Delhi, India a constitutent establishment of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), is conducting a five days short term course on "Patent Drafting" during 11-15 May 2009. More details can be had by sending an email to or visiting

12-13 May 2009

LaJolla, CA, USA

Comprehensive PCT Training Seminar
Program Highlights: The Comperhensive PCT Seminar will include a review of the "PCT basics" while informing patent professionals on Advanced PCT topics. The course will be presented by expert WIPO consultants Ms. Carol Bidwell and Mr. David Reed. At the end of the course material, Ms. Bidwell will continue with a special module on issues related to filing international applications in the biotechnology field. Dr. Shihong Nicolaou Patent Manager for the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Office of Technology Transfer, will illuminate attendees on strategies she employs as Patent Manager for the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Office of Technology Transfer. Topics of interest to the PIUG user community include: Claiming priority and furnishing priority documents, Discussion of the right of priority in an international application,
Restoration of the right of priority under new PCT Rule 26bis.3 and requirements associated therewith, International search and written opinion of the ISA, Discussion of prior art under the PCT, Unity of invention, Discussion of the contents of the international search report and the written opinion of the ISA, International publication and Internet Resources: International publication: How to prevent and postpone international publication; Effects of international publication, How to use PATENTSCOPE database to search published international applications, What's available on the WIPO Internet site. See URL for full course description and full program agenda. California MCLE credits applied for. The seminar will be held at the Sheraton La Jolla located adjacent Interstate 5. 650 Early Bird through April 14, 2009; $750 After April 14, 2009; $50 discount each for multiple participants in an organization
or firm. Includes continental breakfast and two breaks daily, plus 300+ page manual. See page for additional information. The hotel sits 10 minutes from San Diego beaches, Torrey Pines Golf Course, and UCSD. See page for Hotel Reservations information. Reference "PCT Comprehensive Seminar" for $149.00 rate. Sponsored by the PCT Learning Center. Venue: Sheraton LaJolla. Contact PCT Learning Center at or telephone 571-212-3868 to register or for more information.

13-15 May, 2009

San Diego, CA

AIPLA Spring Meeting
The A-B-C's of Patent Term Adjustment (Patricia Carson, Kaye Scholer, LLP); A Practical Guide to the European Patent System (Jonathan Jackson, D. Young & Co., UK); A Guide to Pharmaceutical Patents and Supplementary Certificates of Protection in Europe (Gordon Wright, Elkington & Fife, UK); Safely Navigating European Novelty: More Draconian than US Applicants Imagine (Timothy Platt, Albihns AB, Sweden)

20 May 2009


Scientific Text and Data Mining: RSC CICAG (The Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group) Meeting....explores the tools and methods for mining chemical information such as text, structures and data
From the Programme: Text Mining with Pipeline Pilot: a Bibliography Platform Example (Stéphane Vellay, Accelrys); Mining scientific information: pitfalls and possibilities (Neil Stutchbury, Consultant)

20-22 May 2009

Sofia, Bulgaria

Trends in the world of patent information (Frédéric Caillaud, L'Oréal, France)
Seminars: Evaluating the inventive step at the EPO , Nanotechnology in European patents
(Victor Veefkind, Examiner, EPO); IPScore (Johannes Schaaf, EPO); Latest developments in MIMOSA (Keri Rowles, EPO) [Online, OPS linking]; Getting to grips with patent information from Asia (Christine Kämmer, EPO) [incl. TW and IN]

23 May 2009

Tokyo, Japan

SMIPS, Society for the Management of Intellectual Properties, Location: Natonal Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Website:

3-4 June 2009

Budapest, Hungary

ChemAxon 2009 European User Group Meeting
What's new in ... Markush storage, search and enumeration. (Szabolcs Csepregi, ChemAxon); Complementarity between Public and Commercial Databases of Bioactive Compounds (Sorel Muresan, AstraZeneca); Universal chemistry searching in text documents (Lutz Weber, OntoChem); IUPAC Naming and (Daniel Bonniot de Ruisselet, ChemAxon) [a free public service that acts as a proxy rendering any publicly accessible website with added chemical annotations to perform substructure searches]

14-17 June 2009

Washington, DC

SLA 2009 (Special Libraries Association) (prelim. program)
Workshops: Diving Into Patents: A Primer for Librarians (Denise Callihan, PPG Industries; Jan Comfort, Clemson Univ.; Michael White, Queen's Univ.); Researching Companies Globally (Sylvia James); Using the Opaque and "New" Web for Competitive Intelligence Research;What Do I Do After I Log Off? (Mary Ellen Bates); Human Source Collection: Research Beyond Published Sources; Social Sites and Networks for the Serious
Researcher(Click University); Blogs, RSS, Free and Low-Fee Web Sites and Services for Competitive Intelligence (Sabrina Pacifici, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency; J.O. Wallace, Latham & Watkins, LLP);Elusive U.S. Private Company Information (Amelia Kassel, MarketingBase ); Survey of Business and Economic Data Analysis Resources and Tools (Bobray Bordelon, Princeton Univ.;Meghan Dolan, Harvard Business School); Text Mining and Visualization for Research (Seth Grimes, Alta Plana Corp.); Back to Basics: Business Research; Basic Legal Research for the Non-Law Librarian; Chemical Information Sources
From the program: Citation Tracking Tools: Evaluation & Vendor Update

16-17 June 2009

Munich, DE

C5 (UK) will be holding its annual Biotech Patenting conference on June 16-17, 2009 in Munich, Germany. The conference will allow attendees to: Capitalize on gene patenting and stem cell related inventions;; Tackle the latest scientific and legal developments within antibodies; and Master the practicalities of biotech patenting in China and India. EPO examiner's perspective: An overview on biotechnology related patentability issues, with particular emphasis on antibodies and vaccines; The changing requirements for inventive step in Europe; Assessing the patentability issues around antibodies; Current threats and challenges in obtaining and protecting biosimilars patents; Round up of developments in India, China and Japan: Quirks in practice; the EPO's efforts to improve quality and the latest developments relating to inventive step, divisional applications and the search and examination phase; Protecting biomarkers and developing patent exclusivity around them; Litigation trends and strategies for biotech patents; Patent term calculation to maximize drug profitability; and New considerations in patenting gene sequences and stem cell related inventions in light of recent case law. The registration fee for the conference is £1399 ($1,845.00), for the conference and workshop £1798 ($2,371.20), and for the workshop alone £499 ($658.08). Those interested in registering for the conference can do so, by calling +44 (0) 20 7878 6888, by faxing a registration form to +44 (0) 20 7878 6896, or by e-mailing complete brochure for this conference, including an agenda, list of speakers, and registration form can be downloaded here.

18-19 June 2009

AIDB Conference 2009 - Trieste, Italy

Italian National Conference on Patent Information
Patent Information for the Competitive Intelligence
June 18 - morning session - workshops
- Extracting Added Value from Patent Information with Intellixir - Case study - Rossella Osella (Questel)
- Patent Information for Competitive Intelligence - Philippe Gatineau (Thomson Reuters)
- Competitive Intelligence through the back door: Citation Searching on STN - Ursula Klemm (STN)
- An introduction to PatBase Statistical Analysis tools - Harithra Chandrapal (Minesoft)
- afternoon session - the AIDB members meeting
- evening - AIDB social dinner on the seaside
June 19 - morning session - institutional information and industry strategy - Chair: Liana Nardone (Area Science Park)
- Role of information obtainable by patents in the competitive intelligence process - Stephen Taylor (Area Science Park)
- Patent information and technology forecasting - Gaetano Cascini (Politecnico di Milano)
- Documentation at the Italian Patent Office and new opportunities given by the EPO Search Report for Italian patent applications - Massimo Piergallini (UIBM)
- STN Analysis and Visualization Tools to improve Competitive Intelligence Information - Heidrun Waldhoff (STN)
- Competitors monitoring as a strategy - Paolo Markovina (Electrolux)
- Extracting Added Value from Patent Information with Intellixir - Rossella Osella (Questel)
- A CI company experience: creation of a new product and new skills - Gaia Brollo (Illy)
- How much don't you know about your competitors' activities? - Thomson Innovation for Competitive Intelligence - Philippe Gatineau (Thomson Reuters)
- Premio Nobile 2009 (an award for dissertations using patent information as a bibliography source) - Consorzio per l'AREA di Ricerca
- afternoon session - patent data features and retrieval tecniques - Chair: Silvia Marcis (Sardegna Ricerche)- EP/PCT/US elements of procedure and legal status - Gilberto Petraz (GLP)
- An introduction to PatBase Statistical Analysis tools - Harithra Chandrapal (Minesoft)
- Tips & Tricks for patent searching for statistical purpose - Petra Gnemmi (Quaestio)
Follows: meeting with the research laboratories of the AREA park
Free of charge registration required -

18-19 June 2009

PATINFO 2009 Meeting

PATINFO 2009 Meeting (31st) (Kolloquium der Technischen Universität Ilmenau über Patentinformation) (Program (Ger., Engl. transl.)
Trademark Search in Design databases- Design research Trademark databases? (Sabine Milde TU Ilmenau); The development of esp@cenet and OPS in the commercial Value Added Services (Johannes Schaaf, EPO);Optimization of patent searches by using descriptors and Citation
Analysis ( Jochen Lennhof, Minesoft); Semantic versus Boolean search in the Patent Information (Caterina DAUVERGNE, LexisNexis), Prevention and counteraction of Patent processes: Consideration of patent searches (Hubertus von Poschinger, Camphausen Grättinger & Partner, Starnberg); etc.

27 June 2009

Tokyo, Japan

SMIPS, Society for the Management of Intellectual Properties, Location: Natonal Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Website:

28 June-July 1 2009

Paris, France

KDD-09 (The 15th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining)
COA: Finding Novel Patents through Text Analysis (presentation slides, vidiolecture, paper)(Mohammad Al Hasan, W. Scott Spangler,, IBM Almaden] (Claim Originality Analysis: measuring the novelty and the impact of key phrases from claims (see also IBM Research Report on COA (2007); ongoing research on "claim robustness analysis")

14-17 July 2009

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ISSI 2009 - 12th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics [The International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI)  & BIREME/PAHO/WHO
Patent Analysis, Session 5c (Chair: Ed Noyons, Leiden University, The Netherlands): A network analysis of inventor collaboration and diffusiveness on patents granted to U.S. Universities (Margaret Clements, SLI, Indiana Univ., Bloomington, IN); [Indian patenting activity in the Biotechnology sector] (Sujit Bhattacharya, Jawaharlal Nehru University & NISTADS, India); A comparative study on the Biotechnology patents of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) (Yunwei Chen, Chengdu Library of CAS, China)
Other papers: Study on indicator system for core patent documents evaluation (Xian Zhang, Chengdu Library of CAS, China)

18 July 2009

Tokyo, Japan

SMIPS, Society for the Management of Intellectual Properties, Location: Natonal Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Website:

25-28 July 2009

Washington, DC

102nd AALL Annual Meeting and Conference [American Association of Law Libraries]
The Changing World of Information Access at the USPTO (Kay Melvin, USPTO); PLL-SIS IP Group Program: Patent Information Vendors Panel Discussion; Trademark Searching, Services and Domain Names (handout) (Kim Martin, Goodwin Procter; Mary Maynard, Fish & Richardson; Rebecca Olson, Alston & Bird);  
Law Librarian: The New Private Investigator (handout) (Howard Trivers , Baker & Daniels LLP)

5-8 August 2009

Beijing, China

2nd Beijing International Pharmaceutical and Chemical IP Forum
website: See the PIUG Discussion Forum invitation and the promotional brochure.

16-20 August 2009

Washington, DC

238th ACS National Meeting (See: Technical Program)
CINF: Linking public and commercial chemical data: ChemSpider and SureChem (Nicko Goncharoff, SureChem); Automated chemical entity recognition in Chemisches Zentralblatt (Valentina Eigner-Pitto, InfoChem GmbH); Federated search. An in-depth introduction (Abe Lederman, Deep Web Technologies); Education and certification of patent information professionals in Europe (Bob Stembridge, ThomsonReuters); PERI Patent Information Course (Edlyn Simmons, Simmons Patent Information Service LLC); CAS databases: Where do we get all that chemistry? (Roger Schenck, CAS); 100 Years of Houben-Weyl and Science of Synthesis (Thomas Krimmer, Thieme Chemistry); NIH public access policy (Neil Thakur, NIH)
CHAL: Careers in patent information (Sandy Burcham); Recent Federal Circuit Court Decisions;
Considering the obviousness standard for chemical composition inventions at the USPTO (Alex Andrus, Genentech, senior patent counsel) [A global, quantitative parameter of homology that integrates comparative aspects of molecular structure, e.g. substructures, functional groups, shape and charge, could be applied using existing database search algorithms];
Other topics: Trade secret vs. patent protection; Recent developments in USPTO patent practice; Introduction to patent litigation in the US Provisional patent applications; Defensive publications; Developments in chemical patent prosecution and protection
COMP: Representation, searching, and enumeration of Markush structures: From molecules toward patents (Szabolcs Csepregi, ChemAxon); Optical structure recognition application OSRA)(Igor Filippov, NCI-Frederick) [open source software that allows recognition and extraction of chemical structure information from journal articles, patent documents, and web-based images of small molecules]; BIDATA: An SAR Knowledgebase for data retrieval and new compound suggestions (Scott Oloff, Boehringer-Ingelheim) (...discussions on how this SAR is compared with patent DB's to identify available IP space)
MEDI: Complete RNAi database (Preethi Reddy, Dolcera) [information extracted from patents and scientific literature]

30 August 2009

Ontario, Canada

3rd Workshop on Patent Translation at Machine Translation Summit XII*;* *Programme*European Machine Translation Programme - Concept, Status and Future Plans (Sophie Mangin, EPO); SIPOs Chinese-English Patent Machine Translation Service (Dan Wang, SIPO); Exploiting Patent Information for the Evaluation of Machine Translation (Atsushi Fujii et. al. Univ. of Tsukuba), etc.

10-11 September, 2009


Europe Asia Patent and Patent Information Conference 2009 (EAP2IC) "Building Business Success with IP"
Selected talks: Accessing Patent Intelligence (Andrew Czajkowski, WIPO) (Free-of-charge Patentscope PCT+national collections): Graphical Analysis-Country, Applicant, IPC, Date; national phase entry, RSS; Patent Landscape/Technology Focus); Using Patent Intelligence (Tracking industry development & competitors' R&D efforts) (Allen Yeo, Thomson Reuters); Introduction to Patent Valuation (_Brett Shadbolt, Censere Group, Singapore); [Patent Landscape for Technology Transfer] (Stanley P. Kowalski, Franklin Pierce Law Center)

13-16 September, 2009

Dalian, China

Fifth International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics (WIS)
Keynote speakers: Mapping Nanotechnology Innovations and Knowledge: Global and Longitudinal Patent
and Literature Analysis (Hsinchun Chen, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Arizona, USA); Patent visualization for competitive technology intelligence (Weiping Yue, ThomsonReuters)
Papers & posters: Universities Patenting Activities in Taiwan (Szu-chia Lo, Taiwan); How Robust Are Patent Based Indicators and What Do They Convey? (Sujit Bhattacharya, India); Identifying Unused Relevant Information in Patent Citation Network (Chang-Pin Lin, Taiwan); Derwent Patent Analysis based on Noun Phrase Extraction (Shengbo Liu, China); Measurement of Indirect Patent Citations with Dynamic Citation Windows (Yi-Shan Sung, Taiwan); A Study on Patent Analysis Method (Wang Xiaoxiao, China); The Visual Layout Analysis On World Patent Resources (Zhongkai Yang,
WISELAB, Dalian University of Technology, China); The exploration of Chinese patent citation in USPTO (Zhongkai Yang, China)

15-19 September 2009

Parsippany, NJ

2009 Pharma CI Conference
Unlocking the Wealth in Abandoned Molecules: A Systematic CI-driven Approach (A combination of scientific, market and patent intelligence)... (Samir Raiyani, CEO, Dolcera)
Gaps in the Diagnostics/Device Information Landscape (Beth Autin, Gen-Probe; Nikki Gainey, General Electric; Kim Szymanowski, Ethicon-J&J; Wendy Ye, Medtronic)
Patent Research/ M&A Analysis/ Technological Trends in Devices and Diagnostics (Sarah Audet, Medtronic, Jeff Beeny,Thermo Fisher Scientific, Richard Traxler, Boston Scientific)

17-18 September 2009

Geneva, Switzerland

WIPO Global Symposium of IP Authorities...will brainstorm the vision for the future on the global IP infrastructure including common tools and databases for facilitating international collaboration [between Patent and Trademark Offices].
Breakout Session 2: Theme 2; Global Patent Infrastructure, Panel 2A (Tools, IPC and International Technical Standards for Data Interchange, particularly focusing on strategies for more effective patent searches))
Panelists: A Representative of the EPO, Minoo Philipp, President of PDG, Mr. Pierre Buffet, (Questel)
Selected Topics: Classification (indexing) versus full text search; the future vision of text search; The future role of IPC and its use with full text search engine; Impact from growing social networks on patent information search; WIPO Citation standards; Associated tools: machine translation, clustering of search key words and electronic dictionary; Inclusion of legal status data and licensing information
The Symposium is open to the public.

21-23 September 2009

Copenhagen, Denmark

Global Patent Congress 2009: "Extracting Intellectual Asset Value through Effective Portfolio Management."
Workshops on 21 September; conference on 22-23 September. Keynote speakers: Reinhard Duscher, Senior IP Law Counsel, IBM Germany; Jan-Piet van de Ven, Director Value Extraction, Philips International B.V., Intellectual Property & Standards; Gilbert Voortmans, Manager Office of Intellectual Property Counsel EMEA, 3M Europe NV; Naomi Abe Voegtli, Director, Global IP Strategy & Standards, Global IP - APJ, SAP.
highlights: Improving your Freedom to Operate Analysis by Monitoring Infringement Risks (Caterina Dauvergne, Director IP Europe, LexisNexis) (using targeted prior art searches and market analysis for assessiing competitive landscape and FTO); [Mapping and rating IP assets against the market and per technology field] (Nitin Chaudhary, Evalueserve)

26 September 2009

Tokyo, Japan

SMIPS, Society for the Management of Intellectual Properties, Location: Natonal Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Website:

30 Sept - 2 Oct 2009

Corfu, Greece

CLEF 2009 Workshop (The Cross-Language Evaluation Forum)
Includes CLEF-IP09 TRACK (Evaluating information retrieval techniques in the Intellectual Property domain)
"The CLEF IP track in 2009 will utilize a collection of more than 1M patent documents mainly derived from EPO sources, the collection will cover English French and German with at least 100, 000 documents in each language. Queries and relevance judgements will produced by two methods. The first is using queries produced by Intellectual Property Experts and reviewed by them in a fairly conventional way. The second is an automatic method using patent citations from seed patents..."
CLEF-IP 2009: Retrieval Experiments in the IP Domain (Overview presentation, working notes) (Giovanna Roda, Matrixware, John Tait, Florina Piroi, Information Retrieval Facility)(Main Task: to find prior art for a given patent & Languague Task; 15 European Participants; Best Results: Humboldt Universität zu Berlin - IDSL); Multiple Retrieval Models and Regression Models for Prior Art Search (presentation, working notes, see p.11 on initial working set) (Patrice Lopez, EPO/HUB-IDSL, Berlin(on sabbatical), Laurent Romary, INRIA Gemo - Saclay, France/HUB-IDSL) (PATATRAS (PATent and Article Tracking, Retrieval and AnalysiS), text (EN,GE,FR) + metadata (same applicants/inventors, ECLA/IPC, patent families, citation tree); [Automatic query generation] (presentation, working notes)
See other CLEF-IP working notes and CLEP-IP Workshop presentations

5-6 October 2009

Bonn, Germany

7th Fraunhofer Symposium on Text MiningText Mining and Indexing: Assessing the results of deeper indexing for patent search (John Tait, IRF, Vienna, Austria); Large scale chemical patent processing(Marc Zimmermann, Fraunhofer SCAI, Germany) Digitalization and chemical entity recognition of Chemisches Zentralblatt (Martin Brändle/Valentina Eigner Pitto, ETH Zürich/InfoChem GmbH Munich); Text mining at Merck KGaA[Luca Toldo, MerckSerono] Tutorials: ProMiner,SCAIView,Luxid, ChemOCR

12-15 October 2009

New Brunswick, NJ

PIUG 2009 Northeast Conference
Conference presentations are available to PIUG members and conference attendees on the PIUG 2009 Northeast Conference Papers wiki page in the PIUG wiki members-only section.

14-16 October 2009

Beijing, China

2009 International Forum for Patent Information Service (2009 PATIS BEIJING CHINA)
Organized by SIPO's Intellectual Property Publishing House. Planned as an annual international meeting to promote use of patent information in China.
Keynote Presentations: National Industrial Recovery Plan and IP protection; Use and dissemination of US, JP, EP and CN patent information; New developments in Chinese patent information; Use patent Information in large Chinese and foreing companies; etc.
Symposium: How information service providers meet demand of enterprise on use of patent information; Establishing an company's early warning mechanism of IP; Developments of patent information use; Foreign patent information; Strategy on patent infringement and protection of a pharmaceutical company; Role of patent information to revitalize of Ten Industries.

17 October 2009

Tokyo, Japan

SMIPS, Society for the Management of Intellectual Properties, Location: Natonal Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Website:

18-21 October 2009

Sitges (Barcelona), Spain

2009 ICIC (The International Conference on Trends for Scientific Information Professionals)
From the Programme:
Pfizerpedia Patents Semantic MediaWiki (David Walsh et al., Pfizer, UK) (Patent alerting: from Excel to Wiki); When does a search in full-text and chemical databases fail? (Monika Hanelt, Agfa Graphics, Belgium) (information hidden in images); Representation, Searching and Enumeration of Markush Structures (Szabolcs Csepregi, ChemAxon, Hungary) (... import in .VMN format from DWPI using MarvinSketch v. 5.3); Chemical Depictions - The Grand Challenge in Patents (Marc Zimmermann, Fraunhofer Institute SCAI, Germany) (Markush definition reconstruction from a formula & text; SCAIView Patent Retrieval); How a Patent Document Resists Searching (Ron Kaminecki, Dialog); Building a Market for Intellectual Property (Look for the haystack, not the needle!)(Frédéric Caillaud, L'Oréal); Evaluation of IR Tools for Chemical Patents (Mihai Lupu, IRF, Austria); [Aggregate Asymmetric Search for patents with fragments from the target structure] (Brian Bartell, et. al, Notiora; Andrew LeBeau, Accelrys); [Chemisches Zentralblatt: Automated Chemical Structure Recognition in Text and Images] (Valentina Eigner-Pitto, InfoChem, Germany); Visualisation of Statistical and Text Mining Results from Large Document Collections (Anton Heijs, Treparel Information Solutions, The Netherlands) (patent trends for different IPC Clusters); [Searching the Web of Chemistry] (Antony Williams, Chemspider, USA) (Chemspider: 0.3 mln unique compounds indexed by CAS; "Lost Chemistry", linked patents; blog search?; complex molecules; InChI & InChI keys)
Questel workshop: Affordable Visualisations for the Extraction of Intellectual Property Intelligence

21-23 October 2009

Saint-Raphaël, France

IPWARE SUMMIT 2009 - International Conference & Exhibition on Software for Intellectual Property
From the programme:
Technical Intelligence for the 2.0 World - IP Knowledge Management (S. Manikandan Balasubramanian, Dolcera LLC); Competitive intelligence tools for patent information - A case study (presentation) (Rahman Hyatt, Minesoft Ltd) [tools for collaborative in-house review of patents]); Software for Processing Patent Claims (presentation) (Svetlana Sheremetyeva, LanA Consulting ApS_) [(AutoKey-P, AutoTrans-C)]; Machine Translation for Patents: From Research to Development (presentation) (_Barrou DIALLO, Head of Research, EPO) ([evaluation of MT from Chinese which is "still in its infancy", slides 14-31, 37 ]); Patent Machine Translation - P&G Experiences (JP, CN & KR)(presentation) (Sandra Bailly & Colin McCarney, Procter & Gamble); A new semantic and machine learning approach to patent valuation (presentation) (Bernd Drapp, Fraunhofer-TEG) [patent descriptors used for patent valuation, Slides 9,12,15&16]

The conference is focusing on all kind of software for Intellectual Property and is targeting IP Software Developers as well as IP Owners, IP Professionals and IP Organizations. The organizers believe that the conference may be of interest for many PIUG members and is offering a special 15% discount on the registration fee. PIUG members may learn the details for obtaining this registration discount on the PIUG members-only wiki page.

26-28 October 2009

Arlington, VA USA

PERI - Patent Information for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries
This is a 3-day workshop on patent law and patent information basics, intended for information specialists and others involved in searching patent information and applying it to corporate decision making. It differs from most patent information training in that it provides an overview of the fundamentals of patents and patent information resources rather than teaching how to use specific tools and databases. Although the focus of examples given in the course is on pharmaceutical patents, the basic principles apply to all technologies. The faculty is made up of experienced patent attorneys/agents and corporate patent information professionals.

For detailed information, check out the posting on the PERI website at

28 October 2009


Should I Really Be Searching Patents: RSC CICAG (The Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group)
From the Programme: Patent myths and misconceptions: – Why Should I Bother? (Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd.); Markush Structure Searching (John Barnard, Digital Chemistry Ltd.) (In-house systems (Torus/Oracle/SMARTS queries), automatic extraction, Markush exchange format, etc., see also Dr. Barnard's lecture)(2007)); Marpat Searching in Context (Stuart Newbold, Astex Therapeutics) (MARTPAT MLE); Searching Chemical Patents/Applications at the IP Office (Chris Archer, UK IPO); Patent Analysis and Mapping (Neil Edwards, Johnson Matthey) (dynamic indicators of commercial activity); Freedom To Operate Searching (Michelle Pratt, Boult Wade Tennant, London) (pharma considerations, claims constuction and interpretation); [Reaxys: patent processing] (Stefan Roller, Elsevier Information Systems GmbH); [Indexing of exemplified compounds by CAS (Yvonne Pope, CAS)

28-30 October 2009

Zhengzhou, China

The 5th International Conference on Corporate Intellectual Property Strategy
The conference is focused on development an up-to-date infrastructure of IP services in support of innovation in China. Co-hosted by IP R&D Center (SIPO), National Science & Technology Infrastructure Center (Ministry of Science and Technology), etc. and logistically supported be East Linden Co, Ltd.
Topics: Development of IP service system in China; Patent information service system in Europe; One-stop IP service platform for small & medium enterprises; Effective utilization of patent information; IP evaluation; Patent portfolio management, etc.
Speakers include: JinSheng Mao (毛金生), Director IP R&D Center, SIPO, Yanhuai Liu, Beijing East Linden Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Thomas J. Colson,, Megan L. DeLuccia, M-CAM Inc.; Connie Wu, Pat. Info Specialist. at Rutgers Univ.(USA); John Tait, Information Retrieval Facility, etc.

3-5 November 2009

Biarritz, France

2009 EPOPIC (EPO Patent Information Conference)
EPO product news (EPO team) (Legal Status: RU,CN added, US assignment reloaded (Peter Paris); GPI (Global Patent Index), user manual (by subscription, replaces ESPACE ACCESS) (Patrick Le Gonidec); Register Plus:secure acess; Biological material (Slide 26), CQL, new help files (Nigel Clarke); PATSTAT: Visualisation of new IPC combinations & patent triples; Use of patent value indicators (in future)) (Johannes Schaaf)); esp@cenet developments 2009 (Nigel Clarke, EPO) (Claims Parser, full-text searching, lift limits on keywords, sort function, highlighting, EP A0); Federated Register search (J. B. Sepers, EPO) (simultaneous search in EP Register and National registers); [Use of Patent Analysis for Management of IP Portfolio] (Frédéric Caillaud, L'Oréal)
Workshops: Understanding DOCDB Patent procedures at the five IP Offices (IP5); In-depth indexing of the EPO's worldwide bibliographic data collection; EPO's web-services; Patent analytics; Superworkshop for expert users
Discussions: EPO's role in patent mapping and visualisation (Aalt van de Kuilen, Solvay, Johannes Schaaf, EPO) (EPO training on patent mapping); The IP5 Common Hybrid Classification; patent intelligence from patent information; TK in patent searches
Tutorials:"Raising the Bar" [for EPO Search Report]; Patent information from India; Global Patent Index; Patent family in the EPO databases

4-6 November 2009

Tokyo, Japan

2009 Patent Information Fair & Conference
This is the patent fair that dwarfs all others - 18,000 patent professionals in 3 days.
Conference: Patent Search Competition 2009 Award Ceremony (Society for the Promotion Kansai Patent Information Center); Current status of patent machine translation (AAMT/Japio Patent Translation Committee; Use Patent Information for investment leverage (Ichiro Kudo, Yasuko Kobayashi, Kudo & Associates (YKS method for correlation between stock prices and corporate growth and business strength index calculated based on patent information, see article and WO/2009/001716), etc.
Exhibitors' presentations: TECRES Patent Maps (INPATEC Co., Ltd); PAT-LIST-CN/WEB, Web services for Chinese patent informatiion in English, presentation, description) (RAYTEC Co Ltd); ATMS / Patent Search services (Fujitsu); [Visualisation of text-mining, "TRUE TELLER Portal"] (article) (NRI Cyber Patent, Inc); Hitachi Case Study - Analysis of the use of patent information - patent research (Hitachi); [Semantic Search of Chinese patents] (Beijing East Linden), Automatic Patent Evaluation (Wisdomain, USA); Intellogist (Landon IP, USA); Innography (G-Search, Ltd.); PatBase (RWS); Questel, ThomsonReuters, etc.

6 November 2009

Hong Kong

2nd International Workshop on Patent Information Retrieval (PaIR'09) (Proceeding) (collocated with CIKM 2009)
Selected papers: Ontologies and semantic mining for bio-technology and chemistry data and patents (Ilkka Havukkala, IPO, New Zealand); On the role of classification in patent invalidity searches (Christopher Harris, Univ. of Iowa, USA); FindCite: automatically finding prior art patents _(Shahzad Tiwana, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA); Phrase-Based Document Categorization Revisited (Cornelis H.A. Koster, University of Nijmegen, Netherland) (use of dependency triples in patent retrieval)

9 November 2009

Frankfurt, Germany

Pharma-Bio-Med 2009
The Search for Strategic Partners: Beyond Key Opinion Leaders (Eve Brignull, AstraZeneca) (Literature searches vs. patent landscapes vs. drug pipelines); Intelligence Decision Support (Monika Giese, ICOCI GmbH, Former Head of Global Competitive Intelligence, Novartis Pharma AG)
Roundtable Discussion Sessions: Text Mining in the Biomedical Domain, Pipeline/Competitor Information and Business Intelligence.

10-11 November 2009

Seoul, Korea

PATINEX 2009(PATent INformation EXpo 2009), 5th
"WIPO's Global IP Information Service and Possible International Collaboration" (Yo Takagi, WIPO)
 Patent Information Usage for Business Expansion in China (James Maccoun, Hewlett-Packard);
Beyond Patent Information Search: Latest Patent Information Search Trend (KIPI); WINTELIPS (WIPS, Korea); New Search Service IP-ONE (SiriusSoft); JP-NETe (JPDS)

9-13 November 2009

Kyoto, Japan

27th Annual Trilateral Pre-Conference and Conference (EPO, JPO and USPTO)
The Trilateral Offices to start PCT Patent Prosecution Highway (A new pilot program utilizing PCT work products (international search reports, written opinions, and international preliminary examination reports)

17-20 November 2009

Gaithersburg, MD

2009 TREC Conference [The Text Retrieval Conference]
Include Chemical IR Track. Discussion of results of TREC-CHEM 2009 Track results.[See Track Timeline]
Test collection include of over 1.2 million full-text patents (IPC A61K and C) and 59, 000 scientific articles RSC journals.
"The aim is to identify how current IR [information retrieval] methods adapt to text containing chemical names and formulas...". Two tasks in 2009: 1. Prior art search. 2. Technology survey (See TREC Chemistry Track Guidelines)
Note: NIST conference was open only for the participants
TREC 2009 Materials: presentation, Report, and an article in the SIGIR Forum, Dec. 2009, pp. 63-70

21 November 2009

Tokyo, Japan

SMIPS Society for the Management of Intellectual Properties, Location: Natonal Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Website:

1-3 December 2009


ONLINE Information 2009 (Program,pdf)
Selected Presentations:
The Next Generation of Search (Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Yahoo! Research) [next generation of web search services; realtime' search engines]; The realtime web: Discovery vs. Search; Twitter 101: top tips for information professionals (Karen Blakeman and Phil Bradley, UK); A Toolkit For Searching The Social Web (Phil Bradley, UK); Competitive intelligence and the evolving internet (Victor Camlek, Thomson Reuters); Finding the key (words) to the hidden treasure (Inbar Yasur, Israel)
Workshop: Turbo-charge your web research(Mary Ellen Bates, USA)
Free Seminars: Mind the gap: awareness of coverage and gaps of [patent] information sources (presentation) (Alfred Wenzel, Head of ESPACE Database and MIMOSA Retrieval Software Development, EPO) (MIMOSA Search Engine: Power Search; EPO Global Patent Index & OPS); Pharmaceutical Information: Key issues and key sources (presentation) (Shaida Dorabjee, UK); Using social media for competitive intelligence (presentation)(Marydee Ojala, ONLINE Magazine, USA); ...Google is not enough (Karen Blakeman, RBA Information Services, UK _); Business research: Web 2.0 is not an option but a necessity _(Karen Blakeman, UK); Ten top tips for finding company information (Arthur Weiss, AWARE, UK)
Free downloads: [Real-Time Search] (Stephen E. Arnold, USA) (,,, Google Blog search,; [Search-based applications for database search] (Raymond Bentinck, Exalead)

9-12 December 2009

Pune, India

Recent Trends in Patinformatics SIS-2009 (26th National Convention and conference of the Society for Information Science, India)
Key-Note Address: The Growing Importance of Patinformatics (Dr. Craig W. Stephens, CAS) (searcher vs. analyst, text mining vs. data mining, STN Anavist (vs. consultant's services), a case study: nanotechnology in drug delivery)
Selected Presentations: The Infolytics Journey: Creating a Global Information Research and Analysis Brand at P&G (Karen Brown, P&G, USA); Patent Intelligence - The synthesis of Intelligent Information from diverse sources (Bob Stembridge, Thomson Reuters, UK); DIFF'RENT STROKES: Implementing Effective Value Added Patent Analysis & Visualization In View of Inherent Variations (Yateen _Pargaonkar, Competitive Intelligence Manager, P&G, USA_); Patent Services (OPS) by EPO: Use and Impact on Patent Informatics (Varun Paramasivam, INREA Research Solutions, Mumbai); The Art and Science of Patent Information Retrieval (Prof. Damon Ridley, Australia); Semantic Utilization of IPC Index as a patent mining strategy: A study of renewal energy sector (P. J. Singh, National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources); White spaces or Black holes - How does Patent Analysis support innovation Management (_Paul Frey, Search-Technology Inc., USA, cf. Alan Porter' related talk); Intelligent patents analysis using a multiview neural-based approach (Jean-Charles Lamirel, LORIA, France, see speaker's 2003 conference paper; IP Landscape for Neglected Diseases (Rashmi Phadnis, CSIR-URDIP); Global patent profile on HIV/AIDS Landscape (Sadhana Srivastava, Indian Council of Medical Research); Analysis of nanotechnology patents in disease diagnosis and treatment in agriculture (Kalpana Sastry, NAARM, see a related talk); Indian Patinformatics Landscape and its Future (Balwant Rawat, Evaluserve); CSIR Initiatives: Patinformatics Research, Consultancy and Training (Raj Hirwani, CSIR-URDIP, Pune)
Training: Patinformatics in support of each stage of the IP Lifecycle (Thomson Reuters); VantagePoint (Search Technologies); Patent iNSIGHT Pro (Gridlogics); Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Patinformatics (Karen Brown, P&G)

12 December 2009

Tokyo, Japan

SMIPS, Society for the Management of Intellectual Properties, Location: Natonal Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Website: