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Previous Meeting/Conference/Seminar 2011




9 February 2011

South San Francisco, CA

PIUG 2011 Biotechnology Meeting New Biologics: Proteins & Beyond (hosted by Genentech)
Highlights: Search and Examination for Biotech Applications in the JPO (Takashi Saku, Japanese Patent Office)

9-10 February 2011

San Jose, CA

LES (USA & Canada) 2011 Winter Meeting
Spotlight On: High Technology
In Partnership with: Silicon Valley Chapter, LES (USA & Canada)
Join your colleagues for a unique experience which will alter what you have come to expect in a conference. INTERACTION: Thats what this conference is all about. Tackle todays challenges and opportunities with High-Tech leaders who are driving their companies intellectual property businesses. Engage in interactive panel conversations on Hot Topics in High-Tech, Cloud Computing, Content Online, Mobile Computing, Nanotechnology, Semiconductors, and High-Tech Companies in China with executives from Nokia, Cisco, Venrock, Inrix, Schlumberger, Nielsen, Oracle, Lawrence Livermore, Netsuite, and more. And for the first time at an LES event, using Open Space Technology, you'll be able to take over the agenda to learn and share what interests YOU.
PIUG members are offered a $200 discount when registering for this LES meeting. Find the promo code on the PIUG members-only page and enter it at registration checkout. Click here to register and for more information.

17 February 2011

Geneva, Switzerland

Patent Searches and Freedom to Operate WIPO Workshop
Patent information mining: the basics and how to do “product deconstruction” (Stanley Kowalski, Univ. of New Hampshire School of Law), Hands-on workshop on how to do patent searches for a prosthetic limb product (Stanley Kowalski & Lutz Mailänder, WIPO); What it all means in the context of access and FTO strategies: discussion (moderated by Anatole Krattiger, WIPO)

18 February 2011

Geneva, Switzerland

Access to Medicines, Patent Information and Freedom to Operate A Joint Technical Symposium by WHO, WIPO and WTO program, (background paper)
The patent status of medicines on the WHO model list for essential medicines (Stanley Kowalski, Univ.of New Hampshire School of Law; Comments: Richard Laing, WHO); Understanding the patent status of Antiretroviral Drugs (Ellen 't Hoen, Medicines Patent Pool); Global patent landscape in the field of vaccines (Martin Friede, WHO); A freedom to operate analysis of dengue vaccines (Richard Mahoney, Intl. Vaccines Institute); WIPO experiences on legal status information (Lutz Mailänder, WIPO); Patent information in pharmaceutical procurement (Carmen Pérez-Casas, The Global Fund); Using patent information in managing practical access scenarios (Tahir Amin, I-MAK)
Panel Discussion: Strengthening the information base for access to medicine strategies (Rajiv I. Modi, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Eric Notegen, IFPMA, etc.)

2 March 2011

Alexandria, VA

USPTO Biotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical Customer Partnership Live webcast
Protest (Bennett Celsa, QAS, TC1600) (10:15-11:15); Current USPTO Initiatives (Robert Stoll, Commissioner for Patents) (1:30 - 2:30 PM); Microsoft v. i4i Ltd.: How potential changes in the evidentiary standard for an invalidity defense could affect patent prosecution and litigation (Garth M Daahlen, Birch, Steward, Kolash & Birch, LLP) (2:45 -4:00)

6-9 March 2011

Seville, Spain

IPI-ConfEx 2011 (Programme)
Current Challenges in Patent Information - How the User Community Can Influence the Future Landscape (Peter Kallas, BASF); Post-Grant Patent Disputes:USPTO vs. EPO (Melissa Schneider, TPR International); More Tools for Patent Landscaping are Not Decreasing the Challenges (Gerard van der Ligt, Philips, IP & Standards); Searching the WWW for Chemical and Structure Citations (Suzanne Wassmann, Abbott)
IPI Tutorials: Best Practice and Techniques in Validity Searching (Gerhard Fischer, Syngenta); Use of National Patent Office Information Sources (Gerben Gieling, Synthon)
IPI Masterclass™: It’s a Jungle Out There; Encountering Exotic Species in the World of IP (Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd.)

8 March 2011

Cincinnati, OH

CincyBIO 2011: The Bioscience Event for Innovators and Intellectual Property Professionals
How Statements to the FDA Can Create Some Real Challenges in Patent Prosecution and Enforcement (Tom Irving, Finnegan, Henderson) (interplay between pre-IND and IND submissions, patentability, and Rule 56 (Duty to disclose information material to patentability)); Biosimilars Legislation and the Biosimilar Approval Pathway (Kevin Noonan, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, LLP) (discouraging patent infringement litigation); FDA Regulation for Medical Devices (Elsa Abruzzo, ARAC, LLC)
Exhibitor: PIUG

14-15 March 2011

The Hague, Netherlands

Search Matters 2011 (Flyer, Programme)
Lectures: L1 EPO search tools (Kevin Douglas); L2 EPOQUE – principles to improve prior art search (_Marc Adriaenssens); L3 Espacenet gets a new look (Nigel Clarke); L4 Common Hybrid Classification (Pierre Held & Jesus Goya); L5 Free patent searching in web sources – a changing landscape (Georg Schiwy); L6 The European Patent Register (Nigel Clarke); L7 Quality in search (Milena Lonati); L8 Searching for “Clean Energy” – The Y02 classification scheme (Victor Veefkind & Stefano Angelucci); L10 Many eyes are better than few – crowdsourcing for patent validity (Ray Felts, Article One Partners); L11 Machine translation – from dream to reality (Barrou Diallo)
Selected workshops: G12 Japanese classification schemes; G13 Finding prior art on the internet; G14 Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese prior art; G16 Impact of substantive patent law on searchers; G17 When to stop a search; G18 The problem solution approach (PSA): a powerful search tool; G19 Inside the mind of an EPO examiner; G20 Searching using ICO codes; G21 Complex applications - or when is a search not a search?; S24 Disclaimers during search; S25 Image/video compression standardisation documents as prior art; S28 Genetic diagnostics; S29 Searching biotechnological method claims; S30 Sequence search strategies in biotechnology; S31 Free life science searching in PubMed; S32 Search strategies in medical technology; S33 Biomaterials and related polymers; S34 Second medical use claims; S35 Traditional knowledge
Notes: Live webcast would be available lectures and G13, G17-G18 workshops (Registration deadline 07.03.2011)
Many recorded presentations of Search Matters 2011 would be available at the Event section at open-access modules at European Patent academy e-learning (see there an archive of selected talks of Search Matters 2007-2010)

21-23 March 2011

Washington, DC

Computers in Libraries 2011
Google Books (James Crawford, Google Books) (...To date, more than 5 million books, containing 5-billion-plus pages have been scanned and indexed.)
Information Discovery & Search track: Super Searcher Strategies & Tips (Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services, Inc); Search Engine Update (Greg Notess, Montana State Univ.); [Searching “real-time” material in searchable real-time content] (Ran Hock, Online Strategies; Gary Price, INFODocket; Marcy Phelps, Phelps Research; Tasha Bergson-Michleson, Google, Tamas Doszkocs, NLM)
Workshops : W1 Searchers Academy(Mary Ellen Bates, Ran Hock, Greg Notess, Marcy Phelps, and Gary Price) (Hidden Tools & Features of the Major Search Engines; Cost-Effective Searching; Searching the Social Web; Subject Search Round-Up); W18 – Digging Into Public Records (Anne Mintz, DeskSet Intelligence) (what is knowable about a person or organization)

23-24 March 2011

Hong Kong

Online Information Asia-Pacific New Event
(Event Overview, Conference, Seminars)

27-31 March 2011

Anaheim, CA

Spring 2011 ACS National Meeting
CHAL Symposium: What Can Patent Information Do For Scientists? (Organizer & presider: Sunny Wang, sanofi-aventis): The good, the bad, and the ugly of patent information (Ronald M. Kaminecki, Dialog); What can patent information do when a “patent” is not a patent? (Edlyn S Simmons. Simmons Patent Information Service); Using patent information to track globalization (Yali Friedman. thinkBiotech);Chemical information in the new world of patents (Chris McCue, CAS); Patent information for research strategies and activities (Sunny Wang, sanofi-aventis)
Other CHAL talks: What patent searchers need to know from patent attorneys (Michael D Mullican, Science IP, CAS); Key sources for pharmaceutical and chemical literature and patent searching (Elaine N. Cheeseman, Science IP, CAS); [Chemical catalyst] platform technologies and [patent] picket fences (Mark Trimmer, Materia, Inc.); Recent case law on non-obviousness of patented chemical inventions (Justin Hasford. Finnegan Henderson); Overview of post-KSR chemical patent cases on compounds, enantiomers and polymorphs (Alex Trimble. Townsend and Townsend and Crew); Declaratory judgment actions (Don Lewis, Lewis Kohn & Fitzwilliam); Patent eligible subject matter determinations (Iona Kaiser. McDermott Will & Emery); Gene patents under attack: What now? (Gilberto Villacorta, Foley & Lardner); Challenges of litigating process patents (Krista Bianco, Finnegan Henderson); Joint inventorship and chemical compounds (William Evans, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear)
CINF presentations: Efficient core structure searches using various fingerprinting methodologies (Stefan M Furrer, Givaudan Flavors Corp, David J Wild, Indiana Univ., Bloomington, IN); CAS Registry: Maintaining the gold standard for chemical substance information (Roger Schenck, Content Planning, CAS); Traditional medicine patents (John Zabilski, Content Planning, CAS); Anatomy of a PubChem project (S. Joshua Swamidass, Washington Univ. in St Louis); Hosting a compound centric community resource for chemistry data (Antony J Williams & Valery Tkachenko, ChemSpider, RSC, UK); Visual search in scientific research data (Irina Sens, Ger. Nat. Libr. of Science and Technology, Germany)
MEDI: Extraction and organization of chemical information from public sources (Juan M Betancort, Mark R Hansen, Hugo O Villar. Altoris, Inc., La Jolla, CA)
BIOT: Development of follow-on biologicals: Challenges and opportunities (Karthik Ramani, Biocon Limited, India)
From Expo: InfoChem GmbH (Booth: 1026) Chemisches Zentralblatt Structure Database; "The ‘Mining for Chemistry’ (an initiative for automated extraction of chemical compounds from unstructured data and images); SPRESI (through SPRESIweb) (a database of 8 mln compounds and 4 mln reactions)

7 April 2011

Utrecht, Netherlands

WON General Meeting, 66th (WON, Dutch Society for patent information specialists)

7-10 April 2011

Vancouver, WA

AIIP 25th Annual Conference (Association of Independent Information Professionals)

10-12 April 2010

Orlando, FL

P&HT Spring meeting 2011 (SLA Division Of Pharmaceutical And Health Technology)
Medical Devices: Current Events and Use in Pharmaceuticals (Sandra Baker, UBM Canon); Pipeline Database Town Hall (John Chu, Gilead Sciences)

14-15 April 2011

Vienna, Austria

East meets West in Vienna 2011 (Programme)
IP5 and common working tools: Machine translation, Classification & Documentation matters (representatives of Asian offices)
Country focus: Singapore: introduction to the patent system and patent information; An update on the Indian patent information system (representatives of IPOS and IPO)
Discussion Rounds: Cross-language searches - do they work (yet)?; Common Hybrid Classification - what does it mean for searching Asian data?; Legal status from Asia; Patent mapping - possibilities for and in Asia
Training: Retrieving Indian patent information from iPairs; Advanced features of free Asian databases

18-21 April 2011

Dublin, Ireland

ECIR 2011 (33rd European Conference on Information Retrieval)
Call for Papers: ...Other domain-specific IR (e.g., Genomic IR, legal IR, IR for chemical structures)
Poster: Simple vs. Sophisticated Approaches for Patent Prior-Art Search (Magdy, Walid, Lopez, Patrice, Jones, Gareth, Dublin City University,Humboldt Universit¨at zu Berlin)

4-6 May 2011

New York, NY

LES (USA & Canada) 2011 Spring Meeting
Spotlight On: Life Sciences
The 2011 Spring Meeting is a highly targeted event that will focus primarily on the breaking developments and hot topics facing IP, licensing and business development professionals in the Life Sciences Industry. The Meeting will feature the best networking and education opportunities with leaders in the Life Sciences sector, including a panel of senior licensing executives from Baxter, GSK, Pfizer, and Becton Dickinson, who will share the keys to long-term career success in the licensing and tech transfer business.
PIUG members are offered a $200 discount when registering for this LES meeting. Find the promo code on the PIUG members-only page and enter it at registration checkout. Click here to register and for more information.

9 - 13 May 2011

Orlando, FL

2011 SCIP Annual Conference (Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals)
Clorox Open Innovation Network (Roger Lee, Clorox) (A must do in CI: Systematic data mining of patent product literature & scientific literature); Patent Analytics: Critical Insights for Practitioners (Robert Schrott, Director, Competitive Intelligence, LexisNexis) (insights available through patent filings; integrating patent analytics into CI processes)

11 - 12 May 2011

Pula (Sardinia), Italy

AIDB Conference 2011 - Semantic & family - Risks and/or opportunities of automatic tools for human patent searchers. Free of charge. Italian/English with simultaneous translation service. Information: /
The annual Conference of the Italian Association of Patent Documentalists - Program: Workshops of international providers (May 11), Scientific session about different subjects including image retrieval, semantic web, pdf searching, chemical search (May 12, morning). Unique "Semantic Contest" with comparision of features and results of prior art searches carried out by using some semantic tools available today on a same subject, provided by patent searchers' independent test (May 12, afternoon).
Location: Sardegna Ricerche , Pula (Cagliari, Sardinia), Italy - Accomodation: Is Molas Golf Resort - Travel: Cagliari Airport

12 - 14 May 2011

San Francisco, CA

AIPLA Spring Meeting (American Intellectual Property Law Association)

19 May 2011

Budapest, Hungary

ChemAxon Markush Forum
Session Chairs: Szabolcs Csepregi, ChemAxon and Steve Hajkowski, Thomson Reuters

19-20 May 2011

Düsseldorf, Germany

57th PDG AMC 2011 (Patent Documentation Group Annual Member Conference) (Open to PDG Member companies only)

21-26 May 2011

Cincinnati, OH

PIUG 2011 Annual Conference
Theme: “Best Practices Beyond Free-text: The Value of Indexing and Classification when Searching and Analyzing Patents
Talks on new technologies: Embodiment-Based Indexing and Classification (Daniel J. Henry, Accupatent) (Fully Automated Patent Analysis; see US20090138466 and related patent applications: both inventors, the speaker and Michael R. Bascobert, an Accupatent's owner, are patent attorneys); Indexing Patent Literature Using Semiotic Fingerprints (George M. Garrity et al., NamesforLife, LLC) (see authors' WO/2010/081133 & a poster on a N4L name-resolution technology and a paper on trends in US patenting of use of genetic materials under the CBD); Patent Space Exploration: an application of Markush structure enumeration and search (Timea Polgar, ChemAxon Ltd.) (See ChemAxon/Thomson Reuters news release on Thomson Reuters' IP Data Feed – Markush Structures database, and also "Try Markush online now!"); Search The Way You Think (Arleen Malley Zank, Coronado Group, Ltd.) (see a speaker's blog); Machine Translation and Multilingual Search for the Patent domain: European research efforts and perspectives(Mihai Lupu, IRF, see a CLEF-IP project page)

23-25 May 2011

The Hague, Netherlands

The unitary patent (See: European Parliament's NLE/2010/0384 procedure file) on "Enhanced cooperation in the area of the creation of unitary patent protection")
IP rights in China and India (Joost Bekkers, Philips IP & Standards); Performing live searches for your customers with shared browsing (Heiko Grund, PATLIB centre Darmstadt); How EPO examiners classify (André Mucs, EPO); Existing gaps in Espacenet and other EPO products (Fenny Versloot-Spoelstra, EPO)

29 - 31 May 2011

Hong Kong, China

Global IP Exchange™ Asia-Pacific

31 May - 1 June 2011

Shanghai, China

2nd China Patent Counsel Conference

6 June 2011

Vienna, Austria

2nd IRF Conference – The IRF Scientific Forum
Topics Include: Applications of IR (Patent processing for IP, Scientific Paper Search, Biomedical Information Search, etc.)

7 - 9 June 2011

Vienna, Austria

4th IRF Symposium
Biomedical entity recognition as a playground for named entity recognition applied to patents (Patrick Ruch, BiTeM, Univ. of Applied Sciences Geneva, CH); Patent Image Retrieval based on Concept extraction and Classification (Stefanos Vrochidis, Informatics and Telematics Institute, Greece) (search for figures of different category (i.e. flowcharts, circuits, etc) or high level concepts (e.g. capacitor, resistance, laser beam, etc.) - IP Commentary: Dominic DeMarco, DeMarco IP, US; Trademark & Design Search - potential synergies for patent search (Pierre Buffet, Questel, FR); Interfacing Demonstrations: EzDL (Sascha Kriewel, Universität Duisburg-Hessen, Germany) (direct manipulation of queries, result sets and documents, extraction common terms, concepts, authors, or sources from result sets, etc.); Reflections about demonstration results (Anthony Trippe, 3LP Advisors, US); Learning from E-Discovery: Lessons from the TREC Legal Track (Douglas W. Oard, Univ. of Maryland, USA); Potential synergies for patent search (Simon Davies, D Young & Co, UK)
Symposium Wrap-Up (Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd., UK)
PatOlympics 2011 PatSports: ChemAthlon : Chemical IR; CrossLingual Retrieving : Cross Lingual IR (FR/EN/DE)

9 - 10 June 2011

Ilmenau, Germany

PATINFO 2011 Meeting (33. Kolloquium der Technischen Universität Ilmenau über Patentinformation) Limits of IP Protection ("Grenzen des gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes“)
Current Global Legal Status Information: Status and challenges (Peter Kallas, BASF); From Patent landscape analysis to the legal status monitoring of large patent portfolios (Frank Langlotz, ip search, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Berne); In-house preparation for patent infringement lawsuits (Rolf Einsele, Meissner Bolte & Partner, München); Protection of biotechnological inventions and its limitations (_Anna Wolters, Bird & Bird, Düsseldorf); Recent developments: MT and patent information (Richard Flammer, EPO); Numerical search in patent databases (Jeremias Gromotka, FIZ Karlsruhe; Elke Thomä, TU Ilmenau/PATON); Utility model in Chinese Patent Litigation (Elliot Papageorgiou, Rouse Law firm/IPRIGHTS/China IPR SME Helpdesk, Shanghai); Patent information from the ASEAN countries (Irene Schellner, EPO); The SIGNO patent valuation standard (Wolfgang Müller Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Infothek); Automated Patent Valuation based on bibliographic data (Andreas Zagos, IPR Systems, Berlin)
Workshop: XPAT Patent Information System (Kramer & Hoffmann); DEPAROM User Group Meeting (German Patents & Worldwide Patent Monitoring/Moving Targets Consulting GmbH)

12-15 June 2011

Philadelphia, PA

SLA 2011 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO (Special Libraries Association)
From the program: Extreme Structure Searching: Organics, Organometallics, Polymers, and Markush (Denise Callihan, PPG Industries, Judith Currano, Penn); Finding Drug Information Sources Online (Bonnie Snow); Drug Pipeline Vendor Update; Mining Public Records (DBridget Gilhool, Jennifer McMahan U.S Department of Justice); Text Analytics, Semantics, and Search (Seth Grimesn, Alta Plana Corp.); Ontologies and Semantic Web (Denise Bedford Kent State Univ., Donna Slawsky, Time, Inc.); TechZone Course: Social Media Toolbox (APIs, open source development tools, and cloud-based computing apps) (Ken Sickles, Ryan Whiteside Dow Jones & Company) (Top 10 Free tools for information management, identication of experts, trends analysis, etc.)

4-8 July 2011

Durban, South Africa

ISSI 2011 - 13th International Society of Scientometrics and Informetrics Conference
Topics include: Patent analysis, Citation and co-citation analysis, etc.

23 - 26 July 2011

Philadelphia, PA

104rd AALL Annual Meeting (American Association of Law Libraries)

28 Aug. - 1 Sept. 2011

Denver, CO

Fall 2011 ACS National Meeting
CINF: Secondary Informational Resources (Call for papers: Roger Schenck, CAS)

September 2011 (TBA)

Beijing, China

PIAC China 2011 - Patent Information Annual Conference of China

September 2011 (TBA)


Europe Asia Patent and Patent Information Conference 2011 (EAP2IC)

19-22 September 2011

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Intellectual Property Evaluation Campaign (CLEF-IP) at CLEF 2011 Conference
Evaluation Tasks:Prior Art references to a given patent application; patent documents or images relevant to a given patent document with images; patent documents classification by IPC system (based on information retrieval in large data collection of EP patent documents (in EN/FR/GE) containing images)

September/October 2011 (TBA)

Seoul, Korea

PATINEX 2011 (PATent INformation EXpo 2011) (TBA)

October 2011

New Brunswick, NJ

PIUG 2011 Northeast Conference

5 - 7 October 2011

Sanremo, Italy

SPECIAL PIUG membership offer: 15 % discount on registration fees!
(IPWARE SUMMIT II will provide a forum for the entire IP profession community including management, patent attorneys, patent information specialists, patent examiners, IP software developers and vendors. The event is of special interest for IT managers and IP administrators working in corporations, patent attorney companies and academic or government organizations. During the whole conference vendors will have the opportunity to exhibit, demonstrate and market their software.
IPWARE SUMMIT II will have two focus areas:

  • Software needs and availabilities for the IP profession/IP owners
  • How to organize the IP activities to maximize the benefits of Intellectual PropertyIPWARE SUMMIT II will feature outstanding experts in the IP domain as keynote speakers, and presentations of both invited and submitted papers including but not reduced to the following issues:
  • IP software for: IP Management; Case handling; Patent translation (human, machine, machine-aided); Patent search, analysis and composition; Trade mark processing; and Other IP relevant activities
  • Ways to maximize IP benefits Attending the 2010 IPWARE SUMMIT II is a perfect way for the IP information professionals to stay on top of their expertise and get an outstanding possibility to network with their colleagues and potential customers/vendors.

16 - 19 October 2011

San Diego, CA

LES (USA & Canada) 2011 Annual Meeting
The 2011 Annual Meeting, which builds upon the theme "Creating Opportunities in Turbulent Times: Tools and Strategies for Success," will feature interactive plenary discussions and single sector and multi-sector workshops taught by experienced leaders from global organizations. The meeting will be attended by over 1,000 IP, Licensing, Tech Transfer and Business Development Professionals from the life sciences, high tech, government, university, consumer products, and chemicals/energy/environment/materials industries.
PIUG members are offered a $200 discount when registering for this LES meeting. Find the promo code on the PIUG members-only page and enter it at registration checkout. Click here to register and for more information.

18 - 20 October 2011

Kilkenny, Ireland

EPO Patent Information Conference 2011

20-22 October 2011

Washington, DC

2011 AIPLA Annual Meeting (American Intellectual Property Law Association)

20-24 October 2012

Incheon, Korea

43rd World Intellectual Property Congress

23 - 26 October 2011

Barcelona, Spain

ICIC 2011 The International Conference on Trends for Scientific Information Professionals

15-17 November 2011

Alexandria, VA

Patent Statistics for Decision Makers 2011 (Coorganizers OECD & USPTO)

15-18 November 2011

Gaithersburg, MD

2011 TREC-CHEM Workshop at 20110 TREC Conference [The Text Retrieval Conference]
Chemical IR Track TREC-CHEM 2011
2011 tasks: Prior Art (PA) task; Technology Survey task (TS) restricted to bio-chemistry; Image2Structure (I2S)
Note: Organizers (IRF and Fraunhofer SCAI) are committed to work with PIUG members "to ensure relevance of this track to the industry")

29 November - 1 December 2011

London, UK

Online Information 2011

6 December 2011

Tokyo, Japan

NTCIR-9 & EVIA 2011 Final Meeting

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