The STN-international website has undergone a drastic change. 


For example the patent kind codes table was previously available.  It is apparently still available on the stn-international.de website.


If you need the detailed technical content that used to be on the STN-international website, then you need to go to


I am told that the techical content will be moved to the new website.



  1. Dear Sandra,

     all technical information that was availble on the stn-international.de website has been moved to http://www.stn-international.com/

     For example the patent kind code table is located under training center - user documentation - patents, the direct link is http://www.stn-international.com/fileadmin/be_user/STN/pdf/search_materials/patents/pkcodes_us.pdf

     It might take some time to get familiar with the new website, but all the technical information is still available. However, please use the new website, since the old website (stn-international.de) will be removed end of February.

    Best regards,


  2. Dear Sandra,
    when we created the new STN website which has been released on December 2, 2008, our intention was to improve the navigation and search features and give the site an up-to-date look. The search capabilities were extended and the new technology makes it much easier to handle all the content and to update it more efficiently. All information material and user documentation available so far on the old website has been made available on the new website too. We feel that the new architecture and logical structure enable existing STN customers as well as new users to find information more easily.

    We will be happy to receive feedback about the new website and will be pleased to implement suggestions that help improve the website even more.

    Until January 31, 2009, we will keep the old version of the website, available with http://www.stn-international.de, in parallel to the new version, available with http://www.stn-international.com. After that date, both URLs will lead to the new website.

    With best regards,

    Ruediger Mack

    Head of Staff Unit Communications