I notice that the PIUG space lists to top-level topics that may overlap in the subject they cover: Knowledge Pages and Patent Resources. The example that triggered this for me is the presence of the 'Patent Families' page within 'Patent Resources'. This page might very well fit within the definition of 'Knowledge Pages' as well as in its current location 'Patent Resources'.

For a community driven system like a wiki, it may be necessary to prevent new items being created in the improper location due to the contributor not knowing of the proper location. In case of detection of such potentially overlapping topics, I suggest the to add cross-references to the other pages and a definition what content should be located where, just in case contributors are in doubt.

Gerben Gieling

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  1. Gerben:

    I appreciate your thoughtful posting. The issue for me is that in most cases, there really isn't any "right" answer on where to locate pages. The wiki is a collaborative process. I think we need to call upon the collective wisdom of our PIUG wiki users to improve the page organization.

    I am not the authority on how pages should be organized. I also don't think there is any way for me to "prevent new items from being created in the 'improper' location." I made my best guesses when I recreated pages on the wiki that had been on the main PIUG website. We used to have the KnowledgeBase on the website, but it included all types of information. I divided those pages into several high level sections as well as I could.

    I had the same concern as you did when I noticed your new "glossary of patent terms" page. I would probably have added it under Patent Resources, but I chose to accept your judgment that it was appropriate under Knowledge Resources. At this point, I would suggest you move it to Patent Resources. You can easily do that by editing the page and using the Location function and drag-and-drop. Be sure to check the Minor Change box. You also have the rights to move around other pages and create other top-level pages as you think appropriate.

    I hope you and others will continue this conversation in this ECC forum and will make the wiki better through your contributions and actions.


    Thomas E. Wolff, Ph. D.
    PIUG Wikimaster and Electronic Communications Committee Chair
    email: piugwikimaster@gmail.com

  2. Tom,

    I tried to move the page, but it failed. I tried first in mozilla firefox. Clicking the edit button next to the location, simply reloads the page in edit mode without any change and thus without the option to actually change the location.
    An attempt doing the same in Internet Explorer produced an error 'page does not exist'.


    1. I moved the page in Internet Explorer without any problem using my non-administrative login username. First edit the page, then go to the location section and "move the highlighted page by dragging it to a new position in the tree." I suggest you try the same procedure with a file in the Sandbox. If it still doesn't work, we should take this conversation offline and figure out what the problem is. I am sorry for the difficulties.