The USPTO is breaking new ground and invited PIUG to participate as an invited speaker for the upcoming Software Partnership Meeting!

On December 5th, the USPTO is hosting the Software Partnership Meeting with a focus on prior art searching. PIUG member Lincoln Khan (LincolnIP) will represent us at the meeting and will be an active participant in a free-for-all Q and A session following his presentation. The meeting is open to all and will be broadcast via WebEx. For additional information or to register, please follow this LINK.

As an aside, we Americans have watched in mild jealousy as the EPO and WIPO have interacted with the private sector for years in the matter of prior art searching. I’m very excited that we are getting our chance and wish Lincoln the best of luck. Between the CPC user day last year (LINK), USPTO training sessions at our Annual meetings, keynote presentations from USPTO Directors, and this software partnership meeting, the knowledge sharing relationship between the USPTO and the PIUG has really improved.

Edit (Dec. 9): Unfortunately, Lincoln was unable to present and as a last minute substitute, I was inserted into the line up. The meeting went very well and I was happy to see a number of PIUG members in the live audience.

Here are the all the slides (All and just the PIUG slides 77-94 DeMarco):

Dominic DeMarco (DeMarcoIP)