Does anyone know if there are patent registers in Argentina, Brazil, Japan and Mexico?  I'm looking for information similar to what is found in public US PAIR. I have specific patent numbers to search.

  I've used WON - Working Group for Patent Patent Information Dutch website, that lists international patent offices and registers amongst other useful listings:


  I found patent registers for Argentina, Brazil, Japan and Mexico, but I'm not sure what section of these websites contain the US PAIR like information.  I've also emailed the patent offices in Argentina and Brazil and am awaiting a response.

Thank you,

Ruben Diaz

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  1. Dear Ruben,

    Our company (www.unumbio.com) is focused on developing IP databases and reports from almost any country in the world. Actually, we have patent databases for MX, AR, BR. These countries are not offering something like the US PAIR. However, you may get basic status information. If you are interested in get more detailed data or custom reports we can build using our data, please email me at erc@equerioncorp.com.

    We are already providing to pharma companies with IP custom intelligence reports.

    My best regards,

    Erwin Cortagerena
    Managing Director

    Web: www.equerioncorp.com
    Web: www.unumbio.com

    Equerion | Unumbio
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  2. Dear Ruben,

    About Japan, you can have a look at the EPO page dedicated to Asian patent information 


    then http://www.epo.org/searching/asian/japan/search.html.

    They have a specific PDF document about wading through the Japanese pages, with some useful information : http://documents.epo.org/projects/babylon/eponet.nsf/0/1980A39A6A10700EC125727D0055D05F/$File/detailed_japanese_legal_status_information_from_ipdl_new20083_en.pdf.

    If you do not make a frequent usage of these pages, I reckon that it can be tedious as again these pages are in Japanese and you have to find a way to translate (but the EPO document gives some useful tips).

    About this translation issue, if you use Firefox, I recently heard about Foxlingo, a Firefox add-on which has the ability to translate web pages "on the fly". I have never tried, and I am not sure as to whether Foxlingo speaks "patent", but it might help.

    Kind regards.

    Philippe Borne

  3. Argentina

    For Argentina a search by criteria will result in a list of hits (if any) that link to the overview pages for the individual records. At the bottom of that overview page are four links. These links will bring you to the annuities, claims, abstract and a list of actions.
    Unfortunately not all this information is actually available for all cases. You have to use this register with one of the most important principles in science and many other fields in mind: "Do not conclude based upon the absence of data".
    This register is available for several years now. But it was quite recent that I found a patent case in Argentina that actually had data in this list of actions.

    The last time we checked, the Argentinian register was not complete for the period 1986-1999. Not complete in the context of, not all cases being present in the system. Because of this known incompleteness, it is important to have a local attorney run a backup search in the Argentinian patent office's paper files.


    In Brazil de detail page obtained after clicking the entry of interest in the hitlist contains all information available. At the bottom is a list of office actions. One of the columns list the numerical codes for that office action. Hover your mouse over that code to see the full description of what that code means. For full details, you'll have to ask for a copy of the file wrapper.
    I haven't tried yet, so I cannot tell you how long it takes, or how much it costs.


    For Mexico you will have to search in the SIGA system. But for details of the procedure, file wrappers are available. In the overview as available in the WON page you quoted, the column doc images contains a link to the Mexican file wrappers site.

  4. Thank you so much! Just yesterday I was asked about the status of applications in a family, and needed info for MX, NO, and EG. Found most of what I needed in WON. (The EG is just an assupmtion (not granted - yet) since I found no information at all.)