How to post on the PIUG Blog

Use the  icon on the PIUG wiki Dashboard to post a new Blog entry in the main PIUG space. It is also possible to post blog entries in other spaces. However, only a few other PIUG teams or committees have asked wiki administrators to create a  icon on the home pages of their spaces to facilitate use of a blog for their committee members. Previous Blog posts are available from the icon at the bottom of each Blog post.

Creating and editing a PIUG Blog post isn't much different than posting other wiki pages and forum topics as described on Help - Create and Edit PIUG Wiki Pages.

The blog editor page has a subject line ("Page title"), text entry area, a restriction  function, and the important Preview button just like other wiki pages. There is a Posting Date box in the lower left corner. The default date is the current date. There is also a Publish button instead of the Save button found in the wiki page editor. 

A big issue for new users seems to be that the Blog post title, which is in large font and may also be considered the subject or the page, is followed by lots of white space without clear value. You put the rest of the blog content below that top line. To get to the content entry area of the edit box, use the Enter key, the Tab key or your mouse.

For the Blog editor, the system does not automatically save a draft of your Blog post as you are working on it as it does in the wiki page editor (see Wiki Tip - Saving your Work on Wiki Pages). The Close button will eliminate your work; so too will inadvertently leaving the blog editor for any reason. Be sure to complete your blog post in one continuous session. Users may edit existing Blog entries as they would wiki pages. Take advantage of the usual Preview button, Notify Watchers option, and complete the "What did you change?" box. 

When to post on the PIUG Blog

Guidance is given as follows on the main PIUG Space page and background is provided in Wiki Tip - What Differentiates Blog Posts, PIUG-DF and Other Discussion Forum Topics, and Other Content Pages?. 

    • Post on the PIUG blog to share press release-type information, simple announcements and news items with the PIUG community.
    • Use the PIUG Discussion Forum (PIUG-DF) to discuss developments in patent information and other matters with the patent community.

The same guidance would apply to any blog and discussion forum in other team or committee spaces.

Choose carefully in advance where to post based on the type of information being shared.

Blog posts may look like other wiki pages but are treated differently from them by Confluence. Blog posts and other pages, including PIUG-DF topics, are not interconvertible. Even wiki administrators cannot move entries from one to the other. The only way to "move" content would be to copy the contents of one to the other and then optionally delete the original one. 

Enhance your community

Users may support each other with  or continue the conversation by writing a comment. The alerting email message makes this easy with the links at the bottom:


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