Take advantage of right (secondary) mouse clicks to open new target pages in new tabs or new windows while keeping the current page open. This works on the main wiki navigation tabs and each item under them, for items in wiki drop-down menus, and for almost all other links on wiki pages.

Here's how it would look to open Wiki Tips in the header drop-down menu from any wiki page. The first left (regular) click is on in the header menu, Then right click on PIUG Wiki Tips:

Select one of the options with a regular click to open the link in a new tab or new window or copy the link address to the clipboard to post in another browser tab or window without closing the wiki page you are current viewing.* 

Use a right click on the PIUG Discussion Forum (PIUG-DF) link in the PIUG Space navigation tab or on a link in the Blog posts summary on the Dashboard. You would open the PIUG-DF or a Blog post while keeping open the Dashboard or whatever page you were currently viewing for further consideration.* 


* Some browsers have a setting that determines whether the new tab is opened immediately or not. For example, in the general options of Firefox, you may check: "When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately." The Tabbed Browsing Settings of Internet Explorer offers "Always switch to new tabs when they are created." Chrome does not offer any such options. Chrome just retains the view of the current tab while creating a new tab that you may open manually. 

The wiki editor in Edit mode actually facilitates this navigation to a new page and eliminates the need to right click to check a link that you are inserting into your content. While editing a page, forum topic, blog post, or comment, do a regular left click on a link to bring up this menu:

Click on Go to link with a regular left click to open the destination page in a new tab or window without closing the current page that you are editing.

This is not how it works in Preview mode. In that case you would need to right click to stay on the same wiki page. If you accidentally leave the page you are editing, use the Back button to return to the page. Don't worry, Confluence saves your work every 30 seconds so you can always get back to the draft you were working on. For more information, see Wiki Tip - Saving your Work on Wiki Pages and Wiki Tip - Creating and Editing Links.  

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