Toggle the watch/icon to get full-text alerting email messages about new or changed content, thereby reducing your reliance on the brief daily update messages.

After login, you will see the watch icon among those at the top of most pages and blog posts:

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The recommended approach is to click on "Watch all content in this space" in order to receiving alerting email messages covering forum topics, blog posts and informational pages. Space administrators set the default to "watch" for all committee and team members in the corresponding spaces, but the default is " not watch" for the main PIUG Space. You may watch or unwatch individual pages and spaces by toggling the "Watch page" box.

There is seldom so much new content that you would be inundated with alerting email from the PIUG wiki. In addition, the newly upgraded Confluence significantly reduces the amount of unwanted, often near duplicate email, by restricting such alerting email messages to one every 10 minutes per page or blog post regardless of the number of times it is edited or content attached. Users should also help by unchecking the "Notify watchers" box before they save page content with edits of relatively little critical importance as explained on Wiki Tip - Working with Page/Blog/Comment Editor:

If you missed recent alerting email notifications or daily update email messages, you can still catch new information via the activity stream on the PIUG wiki Dashboard or via the dropdown menu  next to the search box in the main header area. The Activity stream provides a handly listing of recently added or updated content.

Controlling other alerting notifications

Use your settings after login to control which alerting notifications (other than new or changed content) are sent to you.

Click on your photo (or default avatar) in the upper right corner, then on Settings >> Email.


You can also get there from the Manage notifications link that appears at the bottom of alerting email messages: 

Here are our recommendations:


Pages and blog posts that you create, edit or comment on will automatically be watched for future changes.
You will receive a daily email report summarising all changes that you have permission to view.
You will receive an email when any blog post is added, even if it is in a space you aren’t watching. You won’t receive emails for comments on those blog posts, or changes to them.
You will receive an email when anyone you are following adds or changes content.
You will receive an email when anyone chooses to follow you.
You will receive notifications for changes you make, in addition to other people's changes.
Check this option to see changes made in Edit notification emails.
You will receive an email with recommended items based on comments and likes
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