World Patent Information

Volume 32, Issue 2,  Pages 91-184 (June 2010)


Editorial advisory board
Page IFC


Pages 91-93 Michael Blackman

Patent image retrieval



Towards content-based patent image retrieval: A framework perspective
Pages 94-106 Stefanos Vrochidis, Symeon Papadopoulos, Anastasia Moumtzidou, Panagiotis Sidiropoulos, Emanuelle Pianta, Ioannis Kompatsiaris

Catalyst searching



Mirror, mirror on the wall, squishy and soggy, 2 nanos tall: Strategies, methods and tools for searching homogeneous catalysts - An EPO perspective (Part 2. Non-patent literature and conclusions)
Pages 107-119 Matthias W.E. Goebel

Full text searching



The text, the full text and nothing but the text: Part 2 - The main specification, searching challenges and survey of availability
Pages 120-128 Stephen Adams

IP and PI dissemination



Conjoint analysis for intellectual property education
Pages 129-134 Min Seok Mok, So Young Sohn, Yong Han Ju

Short communications



Analysis of patenting trends of antifungal drugs in the product patent regime in India
Pages 135-140 Rupsa Gupta, Padmavati Manchikanti


The Patent Information Users Group - Collaborating via the PIUG wiki and discussion forums
Pages 141-144 Thomas E. Wolff (Full text available on the PIUG web site by permission from Elsevier Ltd.)


CFIB, the French Speaking Patent Information User Group
Pages 145-146 Anne-Gaëlle Darmont, Colette Hedon


Towards a definitive catalogue of the patents of Nikola Tesla
Pages 147-149 Vladimir Jelenković


Other short communications
Pages 150-153 Michael Blackman

Peer review



Peer Review Policy for World Patent Information
Page 154




Charles Oppenheim Retires, 2009
Pages 155-157

Conference and meeting reports



ICIC - The International Conference for Science and Business Information, October 2009, Sitges, Spain
Pages 158-159 Michael Blackman


EPO Patent Information Conference, Biarritz, November 2009
Page 160 Jane List


The first WIPO Annual Symposium of Intellectual Property Authorities, Geneva, September 2009
Pages 161-162 Jane List

News columns



News on patent, trademark and design databases on the Internet
Pages 163-164


News from PR China
Pages 165-166


Pages 167-169


News from Australia and New Zealand
Pages 170-172


News from Latin America
Pages 173-174

Literature listing and selective diary



Literature listing
Pages 175-181


Selective diary of conferences, exhibitions, and courses
Pages 182-183