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World Patent Information journal has been published regularly since 1978 and is now issued four times a year. At its core are peer-reviewed articles on topics of interest to people working professionally in the field of Industrial Property information and documentation. Topics covered include: patent retrieval and visualisation, patent classification, patent office developments and databases from countries around the world, chemical and pharmaceutical searching, biotechnology patents, patent statistics, the patent information profession (see for example articles on PIUG's impact on patent information, PIUG history and the PIUG wiki ), patent libraries and dissemination, trademarks and designs. More...

Aside from the core papers other regular features include new regulations pertinent to Industrial Property information and documentation; short reports on relevant meetings and conferences; bibliographies, together with book and literature reviews.

The Journal is available in paper format as well as online on ScienceDirect. A free sample issue can be seen online. A reduced rate World Patent Information subscription is available to PIUG members (see the members-only offer).

Editors and the Editorial Advisory Board

The Editors and Advisory Board members welcome contact on all matters related to the Journal.

Details of the Editors and the list of members of the Editorial Advisory Board can be found on the inside cover of the Journal (see for example the latest sample issue).

Writing a paper for the Journal

Our authors come from industry, research organisations, patent offices, patent agencies, information services, academia and elsewhere. Articles can be of any reasonable size and there is the option of submitting a short communication. The peer-review process, in which articles are sent for comment to referees, enables authors to improve and fine-tune their papers so as to make them accessible to a wide range of readers. If you have an idea for an article the Editors can advise on suitability and requirements at an early stage if needed. The Guide for authors provides detailed information on the process of writing and getting your paper into the Journal.

Publication of a paper not only gives kudos to the author but also helps provide skills and knowledge to future and present searchers, and IP information analysts raising the level of the profession.

The Editors also welcome ideas for Opinion papers from individuals with a high standing in the profession.


We are entirely dependent on our reviewers who review articles and help to improve the papers. The task is unpaid and largely unseen because the names of reviewers are not given to the authors but the process does allow these reviewers an opportunity to use and develop their own expertise in a number of significant ways. We acknowledge the work that these people have done for World Patent Information by publishing a list of those who agree to be included. We would like to widen the pool of reviewers and encourage you to volunteer. Please contact the Editors with your name and area of intellectual property or search expertise if you think you can help. It is unusual for any reviewer to be asked to help more than once every year or so, we are particularly keen to add more reviewers who have expertise in macro-level statistical patent analysis.

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