PIUG Participation

I am currently the PIUG Immediate Past-Chair (2012-2014) after serving as PIUG Chair (2010-2012).

As a member of PIUG I have also accomplished the following:

  • Chaired the Executive Director Task Force
  • Participated as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee
  • Was one of three individuals responsible for the incorporation of PIUG
  • Suggested the creation of the Brian Stockdale Award and have participated in the committee to select the award winner since the inception of the award


I am Director of IP Analytics at 3LP Advisors where I work with clients to help them realize their business goals through the strategic use of IP. 3LP can be thought of as an organization that provides corporate strategic advisory services with the intention of engaging in patent brokerage transactions. We have been in the center of efforts to create a global IP Marketplace where patent assets in particular can be freely traded, sold and licensed.

If you are interested in 3LP and the business, please see the web site at www.3lpadvisors.com.

I am also one of the instructors for the PERI course on Patent Information, recently transferred to PIUG, where I teach on the subject of Patent Analysis.

While at Chemical Abstracts I was fortunate to work with some very talent people and have three products that I was associated with:


As a bit of whimsy but for a practical purpose, I also created the term Patinformatics, a term that is still widely used today; see Patinformatics Group Created on LinkedIn.

Some links to some of my papers and presentations on the web are below:

Contact Information

Email: tony at piug dot org

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tonytrippe

Twitter handle: @atripper

Google profile: www.google.com/profiles/tonytrippe

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