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Patent Office  [Link]Search InterfacePortals and Quick Guides
Canadian Intellectual Property Office  [CIPO]Canadian Patents DatabaseQuick guide provided by Michael White

China National Intellectual Property Administration [CNIPA (Chinese)]  [CNIPA (English)]

CNIPA (Chinese)

CNIPA (English)

EPO Searching in databases - China
European Patent Office  [EPO]EspacenetEPO Helpful Resources

German Patent and Trade Mark Office  [DPMA (German)

                                                               [DPMA (English)]

DMPAregister (German)

DMPAregister (English) 

Quick guide provided by Michael White
Gulf Cooperation Council, Patent Office of Cooperation   [GCC Patent Office]Patent Gazettes - Granted PatentsEPO FAQ for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
Intellectual Property India  [IP India] inPASSEPO FAQ for India

Japan Patent Office  [JPO (Japanese)]

                                 [JPO (English)]

J-PlatPat (For English, click on English in top right) 

EPO Searching in databases - Japan
Korean Intellectual Property Office  [KIPO]KIPRISEPO Searching in databases - Korea

Russian Federation, Federal Institute of Industrial Property  [FIPS (Russian)]    [FIPS (English)]

RUPAT (For English, click on EN in top middle)

EPO Searching in databases - Russia
Saudi Patent Office  [SPO]SPO Patents SearchEPO FAQ for Saudi Arabia (SA) 

Taiwan Intellectual Property Office   [TIPO (Chinese)]

                                                          [TIPO (English)]

TWPAT (Chinese)

TWPAT (English)

EPO Searching in databases - Chinese Taipei (TW)
United States Patent and Trademark Office  [USPTO]US Public PairUSPTO Full-Text Databases
World Intellectual Property Organization  [WIPO]PATENTSCOPEWIPO Patent Register Portal

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