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Comment: Information on online patent search course [IT Kharagpur (India), 2019] has been added.

This page includes information on recently recorded forthcoming online training/courses related to patent information research. Everybody is encouraged to edit this page and add additional events.

Patent/Patent Information Online Courses

DateOrganizer, FacultyTitle, Course SummaryNotes

Jul 29, 2019-

Sep. 20, 2019

NPTEL/IIT Kharagpur (India)

Prof. Shreya Matilal & Prof. M Padmavati, Rajiv Gandhi School of IP Law, IIT Kharagpur) 

Patent Search for Engineers and Lawyers

8 week, 40 lectures course (~30-45' each video) covering basics of (Indian) patent law (lect. 3-5): novelty, non-obviousness;  how to read patent document (lect. 6-7); intro and different types of patent searches (lect. 08-22)validity, invalidity, FTO; sequence search and search on emerging technologies  and, extensively, patent landscapes (lect. 23-30) and analytical tools for patent search and analysis (lect. 31-35), etc.

A course web-page: (also include 10 assignments and links to videos' .mp4 files). (Note: All videos are posted on Youtube (with no a playlist); some lectures are linked to Youtube videos above)

See past (usually unrecorded) events at the page Schedules of Past Online Patent & Patent Information Seminars