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When you create any content in the PIUG wiki (Confluence) – whether it's creating a meeting agenda or documenting its minutes, asking a question of your committee member or the larger community, announcing a decision or policy of a patent office – you'll be creating it either as a page(usually a discussion forum topic) or a blog post. You may not realize that this page you're reading now is, in fact, a Confluence page, unless you are reading this via the handy alerting email message!

Pages and blog posts are the two principal means for capturing and sharing information in Confluence, and which one you use depends on what you want to do with your content.

If you want the information to last, and possibly evolve over time, and encourage responses and discussion, then you likely want to create a page (discussion forum topic). Use the  button on every forum summary page, including the PIUG-DF and every committee discussion forum summary page or the button on the wiki Dashboard.

If the information is specific mainly to the current time-frame, and isn't going to change over time, and is more an announcement than request for response then you'll most likely want to create it as a blog post. Use button on the wiki Dashboard

These aren't hard-and-fast rules; they're just pointers to give you a place to start. Check out the introduction to PIUG-DF page for more information. 

There are also other content pages that are generally created by wiki administrators via the button on the wiki Dashboard. All wiki users are invited to edit these information pages as appropriate. Here are examples of these pages as listed in the PIUG Space via the left-side navigation panel:

All pages and blogs may have comments
. Technically, comments aren't stored as part of the page or blog, but the comments are associated with them. Comments are great for conversation. However, all significant content should be written within the wiki page or blog post itself for clarity and future reference. It is best practice for users to edit page and blog content with significant additional information whether is comes from wiki comments or other outside sources.

See the Create and Edit PIUG Wiki Pages help page for much more information.