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When is Save not Save? When you are creating or editing a PIUG wiki page*, pressing Save actually publishes your page and does not simply save your page for additional work. If you press Save before you are done, simply edit your page again and continue filling in the content area in the editor box. Do not add a comment to your page instead, as explained on Wiki Tip - Use Comments for Conversation

If you really wanted to save your work before it was ready to be published, don't worry. Confluence saves your work every 30 seconds as a draft. To quit editing the page without publishing it, just press Close. You may resume editing the draft (see below) later. Similarly, if you get distracted, go away from the page that you are editing unintentionally, or get bumped off, you will be asked if you want to resume your editing when you come back to the same topic/page. Even if you can't remember what you were calling a new page, you can find it later in your Drafts.

Open the drop-down menu next to your photo (or avatar) in the upper-right corner of every wiki page after login. 

Click on Drafts to pull up a full listing of all your draft documents. You can just resume editing pages via each saved draft.

* This does not apply to creating new blog posts or comments The Blog editor offers Publish rather than Save. Drafts of blog posts are not automatically saved in your drafts or anywhere else. Either you remember to Publish your blog post or you lose it. The same is true for comments. Only changes to wiki pages are actually saved as drafts for your convenience.