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Good afternoon,

I'm hoping someone would be able to confirm or correct my understanding of grant dates for Japanese patents. The face of a published granted JP patent has two dates that are relevant to this question on it: INID code 24 - Date from which industrial property rights may have effect; and INID code 45 - Date of making available to the public by printing or similar process of a patent document on which grant has taken place on or before the said date (emphasis mine).

Am I correct in thinking that the grant date for a JP patent coincides with the INID code 24 date (aka Certificate of Patent), and NOT the publication date of the granted patent?

I notice Korean granted patents also have different dates in the INID codes 24 and 45. Is this similarly interpreted?

Are there any other jurisdictions that have different dates for the official grant date (INID 24) and the publication date of the grant (INID 45).

Many thanks in advance!

Definition of INID codes from