We are very pleased to announce that the PIUG Discussion List is transitioning to a new platform, effective February 1st, 2009! We encourage you to join the new PIUG Discussion Forum which is available now and explore all of the wonderful capabilities within the next few weeks. Check it out!

The new platform has all the capabilities of the current PIUG-L discussion list, plus much more! The new platform allows for attachments, comes with its own archive, and is connected directly with other discussion forums for PIUG committees and task forces. In addition, the discussion forums share a virtual space with a wiki that allows for easy addition and editing of shared knowledge base by discussion list participants.

The current PIUG-L discussion list will stop accepting postings at midnight on January 31,2009. To continue receiving PIUG discussion postings, please register immediately on the new PIUG Discussion Forum. We recognize the learning curve in using this new platform. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to join the new PIUG Discussion Forum now. It is already available and operating.

Please sign up from the login page using the "Signup for an account" link if you are a first-timer. Details are provided in the Initial Signup Quick Reference Guide. As it says, do not use your email address as your username even though there is a totally obvious and inviting check box for using your email address as your username. Please use your name or a recognizable alias as your username. People who use their email address as USERNAME will have their registration removed and will have to register again.

Please provide your feedback and share your learnings via the Electronic Communications Committee Forum, or for assistance, please send inquiries to piugwikimaster@gmail.com.

Let's stay connected! Make it your New Year's resolution to register and join us on our new discussion platform in 2009! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Wishing you and your family a Wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!!!

PIUG Board

(posted on PIUG-L by Cynthia S. Barcelon-Yang on December 24, 2008)