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  • Intellectual Property Forum - On the Intellectual Property Law Server since March 1997. The top patent topics are "Becoming a Patent Agent/Lawyer," " Patent Filing and Prosecution," "Patent Agent/Lawyer Careers," and " I have an Invention ... Now What?".
  • Intellogist Discussion Forum - Discussion forum focused on patent search tools and techniques.  Also includes a careers section.

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Online Patent Blog Search Rankings - 4 March 2009


Patently-O (Dennis Crouch) (1)

Patent Baristas (2)

IPWatchdog (3)

Against Monopoly (4)

Patently Silly (5)

Chicago IP Litigation Blog (6)

PHOSITA *(7)*Spicy IP *(8)*

PLI Patent Practice Center (9)

Duncan Bucknell Company's IP Think Tank (10)

Patent Prospector (11)

Securing Innovation (12)

Peter Zura's 271 Patent Blog (13)

The Invent Blog (14)

Promote the Progress (15)

BlawgIT (16)

I/P Updates (17)

IP NewsFlash (18)

Orange Book Blog (19)

The IP Factor (20)

Philip Brook's Patent Infringement Updates (21)

Patent Docs (22)

Anticipate This! (23)

Patent Fools (now operated by (24)

IPJUR (25)

Patentably Defined

Steve van Dulken's Patent Blog

IP Spotlight