Location:  ICIC Conference Vienna

Date & Time:  Sunday 13th October 2013


This workshop aims to provide attendees with confidence to choose the most appropriate database for the search and analysis of patents from China, Japan and Korea. 

This workshop is ideal for those with some knowledge of patent searching, and who need to extend their knowledge and search skills of Asian IP.  The course will provide an overview of patents of invention and utility model publications from China, Japan, and Korea, and will then focus on sources, including a review of the vendor and patent office databases, and follow with hints and tips on searching, legal status availability and interpretation, understanding the results and obtaining translations. 

Key Topics   

Which database?

Choosing the best source for your needs for China, Korea, and Japan patents. Considering search, timeliness, machine translation quality, availability of legal status information, and access to original language documents of the major providers. 

Types of publication at the Asian offices

Understanding how publication events of patents and utility models, publication stages, publication dates, important legal status events, impact on patent lifetime and our analysis. 

Patent searching hints and tips:

Searching Asian patents is a compromise, with limited knowledge of the language, we need to rely on translated versions of the data.  We  will look at how to approach name searching for inventors, applicants and agents.  How to approach your search, should you search original language or machine translation?   Do you need the full text , or is searching the claims or abstract  sufficient for subject based searching?  Using language independent tools, such as classifications and citations, as part of your search strategy.   Setting up alerts and handling alert results. 

Questions and Answers                                                                                                                                                                          

About the Workshop Presenter

Jane List is an experienced information analyst, who runs her own business, Extract Information, providing consultancy, search services, and training.   Jane studied chemistry, information science and intellectual property law, and has worked as a patent searcher and analyst for twelve years in industry, before joining the information provider community where she led the successful launch of a Chinese patent database and specialised in Asian IP data sourcing and machine translation development.   Jane contributes to the professional organisations PATMG, and PIUG and is on the editorial advisory board of World Patent Information. www.extractinfo.info


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