When you visit the PIUG wiki, how do you get here?

Two thirds of our traffic is arriving from the main PIUG.ORG site. Just wondering if people if people are routinely visiting the main site on the way to the wiki. You must login to vote or to see the results to date.

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1. Type PIUG into Google/Yahoo search or otherwise go to PIUG.org, then click on the wiki button?
2. Use a bookmark/favorite?
3. Type http://wiki.piug.org into the URL box of your browser?
4. Click on a link from alerting or Daily Update email messages?
5. Something else? (please comment if others haven't already mentioned your mode of access.)

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David Gange
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  1. Nearly 100% of time, I link from email notice of updates or new messages. Going to wiki directly seems to be just as slow to load pages.