Another topic that came up during the networking portion of the PIUG NE meeting was the availability of the discussion list to anyone who signs up, not just PIUG members.  Currently ~1400 subscribers to the discussion list and ~700 PIUG members.  Participation in the discussion by members of peer organizations does enrich and add value to the list, so there loss should be avoided, but what about the other lurkers on the list?

What's your opinion?  Open source/free consulting and that's okay, or a resource that could be leveraged to add value to PIUG membership by restricting access?



  1. Brian -- Again, thanks for your interest. 
    Non-members and other lurkers will still be able to lurk, but to be able to contribute they will have to log in to the wiki. To get log-in access and other limited functions in the wiki, they will have to register and therefore identify themselves.  Registration is open to all individuals worldwide, but further benefits are available to dues-paying members of PIUG. (Refer to the wiki home page for details.)  So, as it stands today, we're really talking about a hybrid of the open-source and value-added functions and content you referred to at the end of your message.  Of course, these access policies are always subject to recurring review by the PIUG Board, so they could change.


    A.J. D'Ambra
    Co-moderator, PIUG Discussion List
    Member, ECC

  2. PIUG has a longstanding agreement with the PATMG group of CILIP in the UK to share the PIUG discussion list with them.  Replacing the open email discussion list with closed access to this wiki would leave our UK colleagues out in the cold if we limited access to dues-paying members of PIUG. Checking on the membership status of PATMG members would be a lot more complicated than checking PIUG membership with our 123Signup registry.

    We've allowed non-members to join the discussion list since our founding, and PIUG members have learned a lot from non-member discussion list members.  Aside from that, disucssion list lurkers are a great pool of new PIUG members.   What we need is a good mixture of open-access information and value-added information that justifies the cost of membership.