Dear colleagues,

I am proud to announce that two PIUG members recently participated at the first PSGp International Section in Tokyo.

To promote the PSGp activities to the world and also to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Industrial Property Cooperation Center (IPCC) who hosted the PSGp, the first PSGp "International Section" was held on a trial basis concurrently with the regular (domestic) PSGp 2015.

Andrea Davis, the PIUG 2015 Stu Kaback Business Impact Award recipient, and Ron Kaminecki, PIUG Director-at-Large, were the two US participants chosen for competition.

As Andrea expressed to me, "It was an amazing opportunity!"

Please join me in congratulating our two members on their achievement.

Best regards,


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  1. Nicely done Ron, and Andrea. Hope you enjoyed the trip, and thank you for representing PIUG.

  2. Congratulation on participating and representing PIUG in this event. Sounds like an awesome experience!

  3. Congratulations to both.  Bon chance.

  4. Thank you all! It was indeed amazing. The competition in itself was challenging, but the most interesting part was the review session the following day between the  international participants and the IPCC committee members. It was eye opening to both sides to talk about the differences in wide spread search strategies in our countries of origin. There was also lively discussion about what should and should not be tested in this kind of setting.

    Hundreds of Japanese searchers are certified through this Grand Prix competition each year and the IPCC is actively trying to recruit more participants. It is worth taking that into consideration when forming an opinion about the certification issue on our side.

  5. Congratulations, Andrea, Ron!!  Thank you for representing PIUG.

    Great to see PIUG participation in this international competition. We can also learn from such events.