You may have noticed many wiki pages recently that have been edited by an Anonymous User. It started a couple of weeks ago. There have been more than two dozen such occurrences in the past two days. Each page seems to have had no actual page content changed. All were in the principal PIUG space. That space may be viewed by anybody but it requires login for editing. All pages in any team or committee spaces require login for viewing and none have been edited by “Anonymous,” Most of the PIUG space pages were old wiki pages, some dating back to the early days of the PIUG wiki.

Your wiki administrators regret the inconvenience of the resulting alerting email messages and inclusion in the daily update messages. We are trying to stop this from happening. We are asking for our help and your patience.

First, this is not supposed to be possible. We allow all on the internet to view most content in the PIUG space and restrict edit access to logged-in users. There is no user called “Anonymous” and no user should be identified without an actual user name. It would be like blocking your telephone number from the one you are calling, but there is not supposed to be any way to do that with your username in Confluence. We have put in a ticket with Atlassian, the developer of Confluence, and Contegix, our Confluence host. They have asked for activity logs and other supporting information and are working for an answer for how this is happening and a solution to stop it.

Second, we are asking for your help. It is possible that one of our users is doing this inadvertently. That would be ok with us as long as we could get that user’s cooperation. If you think you may have viewed the affected pages, please sent a message to your PIUG Wikimaster at wikimaster at piug dot org. We will keep your identification confidential, but we really need to know who you are to help us fix the opening that you may have inadvertently used. The edited pages are listed below in order to spur your memory.

Finally, please be patient with us. We don’t really don’t know what is causing this issue. We will resolve this annoying situation as soon as we can. That might involve restricting access to the PIUG Space to PIUG Registrants only or shutting down the alerting email system. I am looking to Contegix for advice.

Your loyal Wikimaster

These were all “edited” by “Anonymous” recently, although it appears that I can't keep up with them. You can also see them listed on the Dashboard in the PIUG wiki activity stream listed under Anonymous:

(CLOSED) Job Posting - Intellectual Asset Analyst - Corning, NY - July 28, 2015 (PIUG Space)

(Closed) Job Posting - Chemical Patent Searcher - Abbott Laboratories - November 22, 2015 (PIUG Space)

Reading Neil Gorsuch - Selected Cases and Writings (PIUG Space)

Non-compete and Trade Secret Agreement Awareness (PIUG Space)

Job Posting - Patent Analyst (Patent Searcher) - CPA Global - Feb 7 2017 (PIUG Space)

Patent Analysis, Mapping, and Visualization Tools (PIUG Space)

PIUG 2013 Annual Conference Call for Papers (PIUG Space)

Wiki Tip - Saving your Work on Wiki Pages (PIUG Space)

Wiki Tip - Saving your Work on Wiki Pages (PIUG Space)

World Patent Information journal (PIUG Space)

The 2nd Beijing IP Forum (PIUG Space)

Help - Personal Spaces (PIUG Space)

Bibliography - Top Ten Publications by Edlyn Simmons (PIUG Space)

Bibliography - Top Ten Publications by Stephen Adams (PIUG Space)

Bibliography - Other (PIUG Space)

Bibliography - Articles (PIUG Space)

Patent Information Bibliography (PIUG Space)

PIUG 2013 Annual Conference Presentations are online in the Members-only Section (PIUG Space)

2016 Stu Kaback Business Impact Award (PIUG Space)

Wiki Tip - Posting on the PIUG Blog (PIUG Space)

World Patent Information - Volume 32, Issue 2 (PIUG Space)

USPTO-EPO CPC Annual Meeting Immediately Prior to PIUG 2015 Annual Conference (PIUG Space)

Wiki Tip - Watches and Alerting Email Notifications (PIUG Space)

PIUG 2017 Biotechnology Conference Open Space Discussion Topics (PIUG Space)

Full-Day Workshop on Patent Translation - August 30, 2009 in Ottawa, Ontario (PIUG Space) yesterday at 01:42 PM

CLOSED -- Job Posting - Information Scientist Eastman Chemical Co. (Feb. 4, 2013) (PIUG Space) yesterday at 05:24 AM

Wiki Tip - Bringing Posts or Comments to the Attention of Colleagues (PIUG Space) Feb 07, 2017

Help - Initial Signup and Next Steps (PIUG Space) Feb 07, 2017

Bibliography - Books (PIUG Space) Feb 07, 2017

Austrian Legal Status question (PIUG Space) Feb 01, 2017

China Native Patent Databases (PIUG Space) Feb 01, 2017

Brazilian legal status (PIUG Space) Feb 01, 2017

World Patent Information Hottest Articles - April - June 2013 (PIUG Space) Feb 01, 2017

Patent Databases (PIUG Space) Jan 23, 2017


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