Announcing PIUG Patent Searching Courses

October 31, 2017 Introduction to Patent Searching

November 1, 2017 PIUG Freedom to Operate Fundamentals

Hosted at the Genentech site
South San Francisco, CA

Take both courses and save over 20% each!

Introduction to Patent Searching

The PIUG Introduction to Patent Searching provides a fast-paced interactive learning environment that builds a strong foundation for searching patent information. Discover patent searching tips from a faculty of long-time PIUG members with decades of patent information experience. Learn the basics of patent law, patent information resources, and searching techniques.

Key topics covered:

  • Why search patents?
    ·     US patent law
    ·     International patent law
    ·     Patent Information resources (free and fee-based)
    ·     Searching techniques and approaches
    ·    Reporting search results
    ·     Keeping up to date with patent resources

The PIUG Introduction to Patent Searching course is being offered October 31, 2017.

PIUG Freedom to Operate Fundamentals

A patent search to discover Freedom to Operate (FTO) or Freedom to Practice is one of the fundamental searches an Intellectual Property searcher must learn to master. FTO searches provide details on what is legally protected and can yield insight into making informed business decisions.

Freedom to Operate Fundamentals is taught by highly experienced PIUG members with many years of searching and training experience. The course will build understanding of the fundamental concepts of FTO, and develop general techniques based on current patent law into focused strategies for performing FTO searches in the engineering, chemical, and biotech areas. It will demonstrate best practices for searching in each area and case studies of complete searches.

Discover additional approaches that will help you be more effective by saving time and providing more accurate results. Learn how to utilize freely accessible resources for searching claimed content and to determine what is legally in-force, including INPADOC, national patent office registers, and vendor offerings. This lecture-based course will include slide presentations, live examples of focused searches, and a printed handout.

Whether you are new to performing FTO searches or more experienced, this course will provide techniques to take your FTO research skills to the next level, and help advance your career

The PIUG Freedom to Operate Fundamentals course is being offered November 1, 2017.

For more information on the Introduction to Patent Searching click HERE.

For more information on the Freedom to Operate Fundamentals click HERE.

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