Is my invention management solution rational?

As an IP Counsel, you already know from experience how crucial the invention disclosure is, as is having a scalable and future-ready Invention Management Solution (IMS) in place, because the destiny of a patent starts right from its conception.


You probably have a system in place, whether internally developed or a third-party application, to manage your invention disclosure cycle.

Gone are those days when the complete disclosure process was managed through emails, spreadsheets, Kanban boards and other methods. There are many good web-based applications out there that enable management of  your entire disclosure process; even the complete IP lifecycle, right from your desk.

If you already have one, when was the last time you took stock of your current IMS to see if it is missing any essentials?

A complete invention management solution must at least meet all your early stage needs such as idea disclosure, reviews and approvals, inventor rewards, evaluating patentability and commercial viability.

But, this is not all.

reliable IMS has to constantly evolve and adapt over time to meet the ever-growing needs of your innovation ecosystem. Precisely, it should make the lives of your innovators easier.

Here are some signs that your IMS is possibly strained and not letting your team perform to its fullest potential. SHOW MORE