You are invited to participate in the CINF symposium for the American Chemical Society National Meeting to be held in Boston, Fall, 2018: August 19-23, 2018 entitled, “Chemical structure searching for patent information”.


Chemical structure searching is a technique which can be used to search for chemically-related patent information based on chemical structures. A variety of databases exist which can be searched by structure to retrieve chemically-related patent information based on exemplified compounds and/or Markush structures. This symposium will discuss topic such as:


-       features of existing databases - such as comprehensiveness and content


-       technologies used to create structure searchable patent information databases


-       comparison of existing systems


-       user experiences


-       pros and cons of the existing products


-       new techniques relating to structure searching for patent information 


-       new approaches for structure searching for patent information


If you are interested in being a speaker for this symposium, please submit an abstract via the ACS MAPS system. A direct link to the CINF sessions is below:


The deadline for abstract submission is March 20, 2018. Please contact me or one of my co-organizers, Elaine Cheeseman and Matt McBride, if you have any questions.

Edlyn S. Simmons (edlyn

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