CEPIUG, the Confederacy of European Patent Information User Groups, established in 2008 and now counting 12 User Groups and more than 1.000 members throughout Europe, is happy to announce

the CEPIUG 10° Year Anniversary Conference

Milano, Italy, 9-11 September 2018

The CEPIUG 10°YAC is a no-profit, sponsor-free event, completely organised by patent information professionals volunteers, members of the European User Groups, for patent information professionals, in collaboration with the prestigious Politecnico di Milano. Your chance to learn & discuss the current state and future of our profession in Europe.

A three days full programme including 6 main sessions, more than 40 speakers involved in presentations and panels, a fascinating story of the profession, an exposition of professional tools, a unique networking opportunity, an exciting search trial, a celebration party in the wonderful city center, and much more!


Welcome to patent searchers and analysts, patent offices information specialists and examiners, IP attorneys and lawyers, academic researchers and innovation managers!

A full immersion in the patent information world which offers a special opportunity to learn and discuss with experts and colleagues how to:

- begin searching, improve your search skills, provide tutoring

- organise your job and let your company get the most from the information

- face hard cases, old and new search issues

- make a better use of professional tools and automatic search systems

- have more and up-to-date training & education opportunities

- get the QPIP Certification (announcements to be made!)

- help your User Group to play an active role in improving the profession


The participation fee will be limited to cover the costs with a safety margin, the possible revenues will be used to create a fund for the future activity of CEPIUG.

Don't miss it, register in time to be able to say, then: I was there!

Programme details and accommodation suggestions will be provided in the following weeks. Participants' registration to be opened in April.

To be kept informed about the organisation developments, to propose a paper or a workshop or for any question please send an email to secretary@cepiug.org and keep checked the CEPIUG website and the CEPIUG Linkedin Group.

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  1. Congratulations on this accomplishment! Sounds like it will be an excellent event.