Peter Drucker identified the information that executives truly need more than twenty years ago. Knowing that this type of information is available in patents is the easy part. Extracting the information in a usable format and reporting it in a timely manner is completely another story. It is often easier said than done.

You are invited to attend the upcoming Riser IP workshop @ the 2018 Annual PIUG conference to discuss best practices in extracting the four types of information that Senior Management really wants from patents. Briefly they are 1) Internal data and scarce resource allocation information 2) Productivity measurements (external benchmarking) 3) Competence assessments and 4) Information on potential opportunities, risk mitigation and emerging technologies.

Peter Drucker was absolutely right about his definition of information: "What is important is not the tools. It is the concepts behind them. ..... That is a new and radically different view of the meaning and purpose of information: as a measurement on which to base future action rather than as a postmortem and a record of what has already happened."

Details of the upcoming Riser IP Workshop:

Mark your calendar and register now for the new upcoming IP competitive intelligence workshop on May 5th, 2018 at the PIUG annual conference in Westin, 400 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, VA 22314. Prerequisites include an interest in transitioning to or enhancing your team’s competitive intelligence capabilities. Whether you are a Patent Professional, Industry or Academic Scientist, Manager, CI professional or an Executive, learn how you can integrate information from patents with your broader competitive intelligence efforts. Note that you do have the flexibility to register and only attend the workshop. Understand how you can leverage innovation indicators for designing early warning systems, competitive advantage and accelerated innovation. In-depth knowledge of patents is NOT required. Seating is limited, so register now to take advantage of this unique training. Remember to share the workshop information with your colleagues. 

Limited Seating. For more information and registration visit: event-2888886 

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