Dear all,

The WON website runs in a different main skeleton now (friendly to touch devices).  The url stayed the same <>, but the deeplinks to the individual pages have changed.  Since quite some people use our page that lists a collection of public patent information sources and probably have bookmarks to this page I would like to inform you about the new url for this page:

In the dutch language section the new url is <>, in the english language section, it is <>.

In case you have bookmarked the page, please update your bookmark.

In case you have included a link to this page on your website, or know of a website that has included a link to this page, please update such a link or request the webmaster of the linking website to do so.

Please note that, to make this page work in the new environment, I had to make some changes to the page.  It is no longer displayed as a table of listboxes, the current display is split in sections for the regions each containing a set of tabbed boxes listing the subject links (an empty tab being displayed by default).

The pages in the old url have been replaced by pages informing users of this change and offer links to the new page and to backup copies of the old page for those who still need the information as formatted in the old pages.  Should anyone have systems that automatically extract information from the old pages, please contact me.  In principle these old pages will no longer be maintained and will not be available indefinitely, but if it takes some time to adjust your internal systems to match the new pages, I can maintain the backup pages of the old system for a limited time period to give you some time to adjust your internal systems.



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