Dear fellow members of PIUG,

At the conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of CEPIUG in Milan, Italy last week there were two announcements made concerning the ISBQPIP. Here the first one:

Dear PIUG, CEPIUG and PDG community,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the official launch of the International Standards Board for Qualified Patent Information Professionals (hereinafter the “ISBQPIP”). The ISBQPIP was officially established on 31 August 2018 in accordance with Dutch law at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. The ISBQPIP is the organization that will be administering the examination, certification and registration of QPIPs. As you may recall, several volunteers from the PDG, CEPIUG and the PIUG have worked together since 2009 to establish a voluntary certification process for the international patent information community. It is envisioned that certification will help to raise the profile of the profession by providing a formal qualification as a QPIP. One of the hallmarks of any accredited profession is a consistent method by which to assess core competencies and to uphold and maintain professional standards in order to serve in the best interest of employers or clients. The initiative underwent two rounds of public consultation in 2015 and 2017 and we have summarised our responses to the comments and suggestions provided by the public for your reference.

We once again thank everyone who participated in shaping the certification of patent information professionals by providing their comments and suggestions. We are also indebted to Ms. Susan Helliwell, who was a steadfast and incredibly valuable volunteer of the certification initiative from the very start and who contributed enormously to the foundation of the ISBQPIP. It is so unfortunate that she passed away earlier this year before the ISBQPIP could be established, but her spirit will live on for many generations of QPIPs to come!

With kind regards,

Members of the first Supervisory Council of the ISBQPIP:

Ms Bettina de Jong (Chair)
Ms Susanne Hantos (Vice-Chair)
Mr Bernd Wolter (Secretary)
Mr Bart van Wezenbeek (Treasurer)
Mr Linus Wretblad
Mr Michele Fattori
Mr Frederic Baudour
Mr Colin Mc Carney

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