Dear fellow members of PIUG,

At the conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of CEPIUG in Milan, Italy last week there were two announcements made concerning ISBQPIP. Here the second one:

Dear PDG, CEPIUG, PIUG community,


As you have already been notified the ISBQPIP has been formally incorporated on August 31. This was announced at the conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of the CEPIUG in Milan. At the same occasion the Supervisory Council also announced the opening of the 3 month window for application for Prior Experience Recognition (Grandparenting). This window of opportunity will be open for applicants from Europe and the US as outlined in the Rules. We distribute this announcement message as a separate message to avoid one announcement obscuring the other.

As indicated in the Rules the announcement would be made 3 months in advance of the opening of the application window. Consequently the application period will start on December 10, 2018 and will last until March 11, 2019.

We would like to refer any interested party to our website at where they can find information on the procedure in the Articles and Rules (see especially Rule 18 and 19), as well as a draft of the application form (which will be replaced by the official form at the start of said period) under 'Prior Experience Recognition' in the navigation bar. We are confident that this announcement will give everyone ample time to decide whether they will want to apply and also to prepare their applications and gather the requested documents.

Please help us to disseminate this information to your constituencies. Regular updates and reminders will be sent.


With kind regard

On behalf of the Supervisory Council of ISBQPIP

Bernd Wolter (secretary)

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