** Just published is a Supplementary issue devoted to 'The Best of Search Matters'  . It derives from workshops and presentations from the EPO's Search Matters two day training events held from 2012-2016.   The 15 articles are all 'open access' and freely available to all courtesy of the EPO.  We hope that these papers will provide a very useful theoretical training resource for those engaged with patentability searching, and a useful reference for those filing patents at the EPO, and / or opposing patents at the EPO!    https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/world-patent-information/vol/54/suppl/S

** The second special issue entitled ' Advanced Analytics of Intellectual Property Information for TechMining' stems from the 2017 Global Tech Mining Conference held in Atlanta and is co-edited with Alan Porter and Denise Chiavetta:


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