It might be interesting for patent searchers to review patent  attorneys' view on  requirement of  patent searches which they commission to us and how they analyze patent search results.

Conducting and Analyzing Patent Searches

Strategies for Validity, Patentability, Infringement, FTO and State-of-the-Art Searches

A live 90-minute premium CLE webinar with interactive Q&A

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

1:00pm-2:30pm EST, 10:00am-11:30am PST

Early Registration Discount Deadline, Friday, February 1, 2019  ($297)


"Counsel must formulate a strategic approach for the different type of searches recited above. Whether designing or commissioning a search, patent counsel needs to evaluate the scope and timing of the patent search given the ultimate objective. There should be a plan in place to tackle the issues of what, when and where for effecting validity or freedom to operate searches, among others.

Further, counsel must be able to analyze and assess the search results to take the proper steps for a successful patent application, patent challenges and due diligence.

Listen as our authoritative panel of patent attorneys examines when, how, where and why to conduct various patent searches, including validity, patentability, infringement, ownership, and FTO. The panel will discuss the differences and nuances in the different searches. The panel will also discuss the analysis and reporting of search results and offer best practices for conducting and analyzing patent searches to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your patent objectives....

See Outline in the original post. Faculty includes Thomas L. Irving,  Partner of Finnegan Henderson and 2 other attorneys, one with hand-on experience in patent searching.

While I am not expect that many PIUG members (or their employee) would be paying for this webinar, it would interesting to have more such attorney's presentations at PIUG meetings.

There are links for presentations of the 2015 and 2916 webinars on the same subject (with Thomas L. Irving  and different panelists).

Materials of this 2019 seminar is expected to be posted on Stafford web-site after seminar completion

Note: It is worthwhile to review at Stafford web-site materials of some other of 194 patent-law related webinars (2007-2019) which are related to patent searching:  Program materials of past seminars are searchable at Google, use, for example, the following query: search OR searches patent OR FTO OR "prior art"

See also information on another pending webinar: Blocking Patents: Impact of Acorda Therapeutics on Obviousness Analysis. Non-Obviousness and Commercial Success, Cross Licensing, Searches (Jan. 31, 2019) ...The panel will also address how the decision impacts the obviousness analyses, licensing, and invalidity/validity/opposition searches (no materials have posted yet)

Best Regards,

Aleksandr Belinskiy,

Arlington, VA

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  1. Thanks Alex! It's amazing how little actual "nuts and bolts" of searching the patent attorneys get into these days. Our patent information industry, whether searching to support opinions or for business analysis, is really a "black box" to the folks at the top of the food chain. And yet, their opinions and decisions are 100% based on the filtered and curated information we provide them.

  2. Very interesting, Aleksandr Belinskiy, thanks for sharing it!