PIUG is co-sponsoring a symposium at the 2019 Fall American Chemical Society National Conference in San Diego.  This session will be part of the ACS's Chemical Information Division program, and will be called Nothing New Under the Sun: The Practical Challenges of Patent Novelty Searching.”  This symposium will explore the issue of universal novelty particularly for the US inventor who is used to a grace period.  There will be a discussion of all the forms of non-patent literature which fall within the scope of this, such as conventional or open access journals, preprints, conference proceedings, collected works/secondary and tertiary literature, grey literature, social media, non-text media such as images and video. 

The format of the symposium will be 20 to 30 minute talks (including time for questions and answers).

Please let Stephen Adams or me know if  you’re interested in speaking, and we will provide you with all the necessary details and hints on preparing a talk, and answer any questions you may have.

While there is plenty of time to prepare your talk, the deadline for submission of abstracts is March 18th. So if you are interested please let one of us know as soon as possible.

In case you are curious, the full CINF program is summarized at https://callforpapers.acs.org/sandiego2019/CINF

Abstracts can be submitted at https://callforpapers.acs.org/sandiego2019/CINF.  As members of PIUG, you should mark your submission to be an invited paper.

Please be aware that ACS requires speakers to register for at least one day of the conference - registration fees are not waived for speakers.  

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  1. Edlyn Simmons AUTHOR

    A few more thoughts about the ACS symposium on Nothing New Under the Sun: The Practical Challenges of Patent Novelty Searching.” 

    First, if  you're not a chemist and would still like to give a paper in San Diego, there's a chance you can have your registration for the day of the presentation covered by the Chemical Information Division.  Just let us know before the end of the discounted registration period.

    Second, remember that only one co-author needs to be present at the symposium.  If you've worked with a colleague or client on a patent invalidity or patentability case, you can work together on the talk.  If you're aware of cases resting on prior art, you can easily prepare a review of such cases to show how different types of prior art can be effective.  

    If you live outside the USA, the ACS can arrange to have a personalized visa letter prepared.  We can get in touch with the Chemical Information Division program chair to get one for downloading before abstract submission closes.  Your request should include the Control ID (from Maps abstract), title, and presenting author for the paper. More details: https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/global/international/travel.html

  2. Edlyn Simmons AUTHOR

    Just a reminder that the deadline for submitting abstracts for the ACS symposium on Nothing New Under the Sun: The Practical Challenges of Patent Novelty Searching” is Monday, March 18 at 11:59 EDT.

  3. Edlyn Simmons AUTHOR

    Good news for procrastinators!  The timeline for submitting abstracts for Nothing New Under the Sun: The Practical Challenges of Patent Novelty Searching” has been extended.  You can still submit your abstracts until Friday, March 22!