Anyone know the fastest way to retrieve ITC docket alerts? I set up alerts using ITC's EDIS alerts as well as Bloomberg Law but I hear there are sources out there that are faster. Does not appear to involve Lexis/Courtlink, Westlaw, Docket Navigator or CourtHouse News.


Mike W.

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  1. My experience is that Docket Navigator alerts on ITC cases and has a setting for "intra-daily". Not sure how frequently that is, but more than once a day. Have you found this not to be true? How fast are you looking to get?

  2. Mike Willens AUTHOR

    As soon as possible. ITC's alerts are inconsistent. Bloomberg seemed to be the best overall, though also not consistent. I always got Docket Navigator well after Bloomberg. A vendor said they know of a 3 or 4 alternative sources to EDIS but did not say what they were so I was curious if anyone had a reliable source used for getting complaints ASAP. Thanks for responding Anne. I really appreciate it.

  3. I can't tell whether Docket Alarm's alerting services cover ITC filings, as does their database, but it's probably worth looking into.