Old timers will remember that the American Chemical Society Joint Board-Council Committee on Patents and Related Matters (CPRM) has long published a primer on patent law basics.  The 3rd edition, published in 2002, was available in print and later online, but changes in United States patent law and procedures limited its usefulness.

 We are now happy to announce that the fourth edition is now available on the CPRM website, https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/about/governance/committees/patents.html

 This is an updated version of the 3rd edition, which is still available on the website, with a glossary of patent terms and hyperlinks to a limited number of patent resources available as of late 2018.  You are welcome to use it for reference and instruction,

 The CPRM website includes links to additional patent law and information resources and the CPRM Education and Outreach subcommittee anticipates provided expanded resources in the near future. 

Edlyn S. Simmons

Chair, CPRM Education and Outreach subcommittee

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