Attention all GenomeQuest and LifeQuest users and other IP professionals in the biotech area!  GQ Life Sciences is excited to announce the FIRST GQ LIFE SCIENCES USER MEETING, to be held February 22, 2018 (immediately after the 2018 PIUG Biotechnology Conference) at the same hotel (the Kimpton Marlowe in Cambridge). 

The purpose of the meeting is for us and our user community to have a chance to get to know each other, network, share knowledge, and learn from each other.  As a side benefit, we might even have some fun, and there is going to be a surprise contest (no skill required)!  You'll also have a chance to get to know some of the GQ Life Sciences staff that you may have spoken with many times, but have never met!

We're in the middle of our Call for Papers, so the agenda is still being finalized.  Some of the topics we are considering include the list below - which do YOU want to see? 

  • Use of Fragment algorithm for repeating sequences;
  • GenomeQuest 101 for new users;
  • GenomeQuest master class;
  • GenomeQuest quick tips & tricks
    • Finding groups of CDRs
    • Viewing claims and alignments together
    • Saving templates, filters & views
    • GenomeQuest data post-processing in Excel
    • any other requests?  We'll add those to the list! 
  • Roundtable:  Challenges in Sequence Searching (YOU tell US what your challenges are!)
  • GQ staff "Office Hours" for questions or brief consultations

 Please click here to register!  There is no charge to attend the meeting, other than, of course, your own travel & hotel expenses. 

I’m looking forward to your responses and to meeting everyone!

Ellen Sherin
Sr. Product Manager
GQ Life Sciences

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the research-based pharmaceutical industry today launched a new partnership to promote the accessibility of patent information for health agencies tasked with procurement of medicines.

Looks sort of like the Orange Book for multiple countries.

Martha Yates

My congratulations goes out to a Portuguese national, Antonio Campinos, on being elected as the next President of the EPO.  

Lucy Antunes

PIUG's partner organization has issued a call for proposals for its 2018 conference, scheduled for April 18-22 in Minneapolis. 

Here is the Link:


2018 AIIP Conference in Minneapolis: Thriving in the New Normal

Today’s complex and fast-changing world drives culture, politics, and business to new normals – and abnormals too! Our clients are recalibrating to keep up with new business models, leadership styles, and identities. Our businesses are uniquely qualified to help our clients thrive as they do so - we must all know how to target, approach, and win opportunities within this New Normal.

Research by the Agile Talent Collaborative via Harvard Business Review found that organizations are using independent resources for other reasons too: They are looking for “difficult-to-find technical or functional expertise, speed, flexibility, and innovation” to help them succeed.

The AIIP Conference Committee invites proposals from AIIP members and others for presentations at the 32nd Annual Conference held April 18-23, 2018 at the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

The AIIP Annual Conference is the premier event for entrepreneurial and info-centric independent professionals. The 2018 conference focuses on immediately actionable knowledge. Your proposal should offer dynamic, practical, and innovative content.

Palo Alto, CA – ClearstoneIP is pleased to announce the release of a tiered pricing structure for our comprehensive freedom-to-operate and patent risk management platform, Clearstone FTO. Starting with a completely free version, the platform enables users to perform, share, and archive patent reviews in an intuitive, purpose-built environment that has been described as "addictive." The premium level versions, Professional and Team, allow unlimited active reviews and provide additional features for managing reviews relative to extensive product lines, multi-product patent reviews, and team workflow aspects.

ClearstoneIP is a champion of innovation, and we believe in breaking down barriers that inhibit creativity and the innovation process. Patent infringement risk is a significant one of those barriers, but the problem is exacerbated when best practices for managing that risk are murky at best. We developed Clearstone FTO to bring clarity and efficiency to the way that freedom-to-operate activities are performed, while remaining mindful of the sensitivity of the information and analysis involved (we are patent attorneys, after all). After the Supreme Court's decision regarding willfulness and enhanced damages in Halo v. Pulse, it has become increasingly important for companies to begin to consider and competently investigate third party patent risk at an early stage of a product's development cycle and continuously throughout.

There is no one-size-fits-all product that will address the needs of all those to whom patent risk assessment is critical. We've differentiated our product offerings so that anyone, in any size organization or no organization at all, can take advantage of tools that will make their work better. We fully expect that the free version will meet the needs of most patent analysts, and we gladly welcome them. Others may wish to take advantage of premium features. Still others may take a hybrid approach where one user in an organization uses the advanced features of a premium account while colleagues remain with free accounts (all while collaborating on shared work product). There are a multitude of approaches to meet any set of needs.

About Clearstone FTO

The Clearstone FTO platform is designed to manage patent analyses where the focus is on the claims. This is primarily infringement-based activities like product clearance, freedom-to-operate, risk assessment, competitive intelligence, evidence of use, third-party patent analysis, patent monetization or enforcement, licensing assessment, portfolio management, etc. "Patent Reviews" are the principal commodities of the platform and represent an interactive and inter-connected collection of patent data, product information, claim-by-claim determinations, and additional work product such as analyst comments and multi-level tagging. Patent Reviews can be shared through the platform with team members, outside counsel, in-house counsel, engineers, or anyone, even those using a free account.

Here is a quick screenshot of the patent review interface:

Visit to learn more and to register instantly for a free account, or contact us directly at info @ (no spaces). We hope you join us.

STN e-Seminars in October 2017

Hi everyone,

STN is running the following e-Seminars in October  –


Title: The CPC as a Search Tool – Mind the Gap(s)


Abstract: The Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) has been established as a high precision search tool for accessing world-wide patent literature since its launch in 2013. However, expert users need to be aware of the less obvious limitations related to coverage gaps, timeliness and reclassification issues (invalid codes). This session will highlight the most important gaps, will provide some guidelines how to overcome these limitations in the various STN databases such as CAplus, DWPI and INPADOC, and how to make the most of the CPC.


Date: October 26, 2017

3:00 pm Europe Summer Time (Berlin, GMT+02.00)

2:00 pm GMT Summer Time (London, GMT+01:00)

9:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

8:00 am Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00)

6:30 pm India Time (Mumbai, GMT+05:30)


Date: October 26, 2017

8:00 pm Europe Summer Time (Berlin, GMT+02.00)

7:00 pm GMT Summer Time (London, GMT+01:00)

2:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

1:00 pm Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00)

11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)

11:30 pm India Time (Mumbai, GMT+05:30)


To register for these events, please visit –


Best regards,


Jim Brown

FIZ Karlsruhe, Inc.


Betreff: IPI-ConfEx 2018: Date, Venue and Call for Speakers


Save the Date for IPI-ConfEx 2018

4-7 March 2018 – Lisbon, Portugal

The next International Patent Information Conference & Exposition, IPI-ConfEx, will be held 4 to 7 March 2018 at the Altis Grand Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. The 15th annual conference will feature a strong programme and is the ideal forum for continuing education, professional development, networking, and the sharing and benchmarking of best practice in the patent information industry.

Special Announcement for 2018

We are delighted to announce that Lucy Antunes (formerly Lucy Akers) will be leading the planning and development of the 2018 IPI-ConfEx conference programme.  Lucy is well known and widely respected for her extensive experience and knowledge of the patent information arena and for her past contributions and current involvement with patent information professionals and user groups.  For example, among other accomplishments, Lucy has served as a former Chair of the Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) for two consecutive terms.   
This background, together with her visionary perspectives and passion for the industry, makes Lucy the ideal person to compile a stimulating, practical and educational line-up of sessions and speakers for the forthcoming IPI-ConfEx.  Lucy is excited to be taking on the responsibility of this role and is looking forward to working with a wide range of contributors in addressing the key challenges and opportunities that exist for patent information managers and search professionals in the current technical and business climate.  

Call for Topics and Speakers

Call for Topics
What topics/issues would you like to see covered in 2018? Please take a minute now to provide your topic ideas for the 2018 conference. Please email your ideas to by 31 October (please list broad topics and specific aspects of those topics). 

Speaking Opportunities
Are you interested in a speaking opportunity at the 2018 conference? If so, we want to hear from you! IPI-ConfEx will continue to highlight best practices utilized by corporate patent information professionals with respect to searching, analysis and management of patent information.          

  • Can you share some best practices and time-efficient techniques for search and analysis for maximum impact and cost-effectiveness?
  • Do you have expertise in a particular search area that you could share with your patent information peers? Are you developing experiences in patent landscaping, text mining or other areas?  What’s working, what’s not working, and how are these technologies impacting your work?
  • What are you doing to deal with the aftermath of downsizing and outsourcing (rebuilding corporate libraries, etc.)?
  • What experiences do you have with legal status data (international standardisation, developing integrated systems, finding accurate information, etc.)?
  • IP policies and trends – what impact is Industry 4.0, the Unitary patent, IPR and post-grant challenges, etc., having on your department?
  • What are the considerations for the emerging markets?

Download the Call for Papers for IPI-ConfEx 2018

To submit your interest in speaking, send the following information to by 31 October 2017:

  • Name and contact details
  • Proposed presentation/poster title
  • Initial abstract (80 - 120 words)
  • Biography (2 or 3 paragraphs)

Vendors/suppliers/service providers should contact the conference organisers at for details on participation, speaking and exhibit opportunities.

Further details regarding the 2018 conference will be posted to the conference website ( in due course.

To stay more connected, join us on LinkedIn:

We look forward to seeing you in Lisbon!

To each and every person that helped to make the NE Conference such a success this year - thank you!  From the program/planning committee members, to the sponsors, to the speakers and to all that attended - what a great day!  If you'd like to share any feedback, we would love to hear it - please consider filling out the evaluation form:

Shelley Pavlek

Dear Colleagues

We are happy to announce that the final programme for the First Patent Information Conference in Bangalore is published. We have speakers from the European Patent Office, Shell, DowChemicals, Lighthouse, minesoft, Gridlogics and and and ... Please find the final Programme at

 I would like to invite you or your colleagues in your organization to attend my next conference in Bangalore (II-PIC - 1st International Indian Patent Information Conference for Patent Searchers).

The Early Bird Registration is only open until 30. September: 5,999 INR (85 EUR) for Indian residents only and 9,990 INR (140 EUR) for Non-resident Indian.

If you like to exhibit or to sponsor this event please do not hesitate to contact me.

More information about conferences in Nice (II-SDV April 2018), Heidelberg (ICIC October 2017) and Bangalore (II-PIC November 2017) can be found at

Kind regards from Heidelberg and I am looking forward to seeing you in Bangalore, Heidelberg or Nice.


Date: October 11th at 11am EDT

In many companies the patent department is seen as a cost center, managed by attorneys, and seen as a necessary evil by corporate executives. In truly innovative companies the patent function is seen as a profit center, and is imperative for the delivering maximum shareholder value for the organization. These companies use patent analytics to understand the technology environment they operate in, and make certain that they are taking maximum advantage of the investment they make in research and development and the patenting process.

These organizations also have highly engaged corporate executives that are actively involved in the development of the company’s patent portfolio. Patent professionals in these organizations use the principles of diversification, and risk management, concepts that are well understood by senior management to bring these critical participants into the development of the company’s patent strategy. 

We will be joined by Anthony Trippe, Managing Director at Patinformatics, who was also recently named as one of the Top 300 IP Strategists by IAM Magazine. He will be sharing examples of how patent analytics can be used to understand technology environments, and competitors will be combined with a discussion on risk and diversification as a framework for building patent portfolios that enable corporate objectives and financial goals.

You can register for the webinar at:

The workshop is open to the public and will be held in the Madison Auditorium on the USPTO campus in Alexandria, VA. 

The full day's activities will be webcast live at and we will take questions from the remote audience. We do strongly encourage in-person atttendance, for participation in the breakout session.

USPTO will officially launch at the workshop the PatentsView Community Site, updated data visualization with export functionality, and new data fields that can be accessed across PatentsView tools. This year’s updates are based on feedback gathered by the user community at the 2016 PatentsView workshop. The new Community Site includes a moderated forum for user inquiries and a Data in Action page for sharing analyses, visualizations, and publications.  

The goals of the workshop are (1) to launch the new Community Site and Data Visualization features; (2) to present newly parsed and available patent data fields; and (3) to gather feedback from patent data and analytics user communities in order to set priorities for future PatentsView open data products.

Registration can be found at:

Los Altos, California - We are pleased to announce that MaxVal will be a sponsor for the International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA) Annual Meeting in Silicon Valley on October 9th and 10th, 2017. The IIPLA Annual Meeting is one of the leading events for IP experts, law firms, owners, and investors from all over the world. Every year the IIPLA identifies the focus points of the IP community and becomes a dedicated forum for anyone managing IP-related challenges to learn and share best practices.

“IIPLA shares our continued dedication to  helping IP professionals manage ever-changing business and technology challenges by leveraging human intelligence and tech-enabled solutions. We are proud to sponsor this event to further discussions and discovery in IP management,” said D. Bommi Bommannan, Founder and CEO of MaxVal Group.

MaxVal, a fast-growing IP management company, helps companies and law firms across the globe manage their intellectual assets efficiently and effectively. MaxVal recently launched SymphonyTM, a data-driven IP management solution that integrates all aspects of IP management into a single platform that handles invention management, docketing, portfolio management, annuity payments, and more.

This year, the IIPLA will host speakers from some of the world’s largest organizations to share their experiences, viewpoints, and solutions for the emerging challenges in the world of intellectual property.

If you are attending this event and would like to know how you can improve your IP management in an easy and cost-effective way, contact to schedule a meeting with the MaxVal team.

About MaxVal Group, Inc.
MaxVal is a Silicon Valley-based tech-enabled managed solutions provider known for its cutting edge products and automated solutions. Since 2004, MaxVal has provided technology-enabled solutions and expert services by partnering with patent counsel and patent operations teams to optimize patent lifecycle management with high levels of customer service. MaxVal’s clients range from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, top U.S. pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, and the leading technology-focused patent law firms worldwide.

Contact: Bala Krishnan, 650-472-2290,

Dear Information Professional Friends:


IPI-Award Call for Nominations 


Nominations are now being accepted for the prestigious International Patent Information (IPI) Award, established to honor the outstanding professionals of the patent information industry worldwide.  The Award, established and sponsored by Technology & Patent Research, TPR International, consists of a plaque and an honorarium of $3000, or other currency equivalent.  

Is there someone who you would like to see recognized for their dedication and achievements in patent information?  That person could be the next IPI-Award honoree if you act now and submit a nomination before the October 20, 2017 deadline.


Eligible candidates must be from the worldwide patent information industry, and have made a significant contribution to the advancement of patent information.  The IPI-Award is aimed at recognizing individual contributions towards the advancement of patent information and to the patent information world in general, and is not limited to producers or service providers.  Nominations from industry, patent offices, and academia are encouraged to recognize those individuals who have made a significant impact on the community.


Please share this news with your colleagues, and take the opportunity to nominate the person who you consider to be most deserving of this tribute.  The deadline for receipt of nominations is October 20, 2017.  All nominations will be reviewed by an International Selection Board and the name of the IPI-Award recipient for 2018 will be announced in the coming Spring at the International Patent Information Conference & Exposition, IPI-ConfEx, -- see

It is important to remember that nominations come from within the patent information community itself, and that the International Selection Board makes their selection based solely on nominations that have been received.  Nominations should clearly describe the nominee's contribution to the field of patent information, and each submission should include any material in support of the nomination.  Support materials could include a biography and a list of any publications and presentations by the individual.  The nominating person should also ensure that at least two seconding nominations are submitted.  Nominations have the potential to be considered in multiple years.  

All nominations and seconding nominations should be submitted to the Chair of the Selection Board at the address shown below by October 20, 2017.

IPI-Award Nominations
Attn:  Lucy Antunes, International Selection Board Chair
c/o Technology & Patent Research International
17055 Via Del Campo, Ste 200, San Diego, CA 92127
Tel: +1 858 592 9084
Fax: +1 858 592 0045
or email to:  

We are pleased to announce that MaxVal has partnered with Unified Patents to provide a Lite version of MaxVal’s SymphonyTM intellectual property management platform to Unified members at no additional cost.

Symphony is a data-driven IP management solution that integrates all aspects of IP management into a single platform that handles invention management, docketing, portfolio management, annuity payments, and more. Unified Patents tracks the activity of non-practicing entities (NPEs), commonly known as patent trolls, and challenges patents it believes to be invalid in order to reduce the risk of patent litigation for its members.

“Unified Patents shares MaxVal’s commitment to improving the IP landscape for innovative companies, which is why we are proud to offer Symphony Lite to Unified members,” said D. Bommi Bommannan, Founder and CEO of MaxVal Group. “The combination of Symphony’s data-driven patent lifecycle management and Unified’s proactive approach to NPE litigation will help operating companies protect their valuable IP more effectively and efficiently.”

The offer is available to all Unified members, starting immediately. The members will have access to Symphony Lite for as long as they remain Unified members. To learn more and inquire about Symphony and/or a Unified membership, please visit

About MaxVal Group, Inc.
MaxVal is a Silicon Valley-based technology-enabled IP solutions provider known for its cutting edge products and automated solutions. Since 2004, MaxVal has provided technology-enabled solutions and expert services by partnering with patent counsel and patent operations teams to optimize patent lifecycle management with high levels of customer service. MaxVal’s clients range from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, top U.S. pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, and the leading technology-focused patent law firms worldwide.

About Unified Patents
Unified Patents Inc. was founded in 2012 to give operating companies an alternative means to deter NPE patent litigation. Unified addresses the risk of NPE litigation by strategically protecting areas of technology, such as Cloud Storage, Content Delivery, Wireless, Automotive, and Electronic Payments. Unified's unique solution draws on the shared need of large companies, SMEs and startups to proactively deter NPE activity together.

Contact: Bala Krishnan, 650-472-2290,

We are preparing to send out a conference survey the first week of October.  Our conference surveys are usually for the participants of the conferences to tell us what they liked or disliked about a particular conference.  The idea of this one is to survey even those people who don't come to the conferences to see if we can make the conferences more appealing.  We will be sending out an email to everyone on our mailing list to take the survey.  Please be thinking about what changes you would like to see in the conferences.  There are plenty of open ended questions.  Your feedback is very important, so thank you in advance.

In the meantime, the Northeast Conference is next week.  I will be there again this year and I am looking forward to a great program and a chance to see everyone.  Thank you to all the volunteers.

Martha Yates